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  1. Wait, am I missing something? We hit the bar 3 times, missed an open goal and a 1 on 1. We weren’t vintage but some people need to get a grip
  2. Created enough chances to win 10 games, just one of those nights with a couple of sloppy errors. Can’t say I’m particularly fussed about the Trophy this season
  3. Furlough could be a problem though. It’s currently only due to run out at the end of April. So you could end the season, furlough and then have a full wage bill for 2 months after.
  4. Ah ok, that makes slightly more sense.
  5. What a massive cock up by the National League. Clubs played this season on the promise of grants, which the National League assured were being provided. Appears they didn’t get anything cast iron agreed and now Sport England have pulled the rug from under it.
  6. I don‘t think Sheff Utd let a regular for their U23s come to us without assurances he’s starting. Potential that he sees pushing forward King in to a 3 behind the striker as a better option than the forwards available in the market?
  7. Well you can cancel or terminate, but 99% of the time that’s because a club has agreed to pay a large proportion (if not all) of their remaining wages. The key being the player has to agree to it. In very rare circumstances a player will agree to rip up their contract and go sign for someone else, but why would Dom Tear do that?
  8. You do realise that you can’t just cancel a player’s contract?
  9. Yeah I’d say she got it right and that it was shoulder
  10. Notts County get 2000 streams out of 5000 attendance, we’ve got a pretty decent uptake as % of home crowd
  11. That’s a pretty good stream attendance, we were never going to be raking in the thousands some thought
  12. Agree, find it completely bizarre that Johnson was the one to get the blame there. Cross too easy, Danny Williams goes completely to sleep and gives the lad a tap in, yet it’s Sam that gets all the stick. He probably should do better, but it’s so so hard to go back the way you’ve come from, he’ll be disappointed but it’s hardly a clanger.
  13. Battled well when absolutely knackered against a good side. Hope Bell is ashamed watching that today
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