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  1. For anyone who watched BT’s coverage of PSG Bayern last night, our commentators are absolute lightyears better than Dempsey and Keown were
  2. He literally said “Allen should have done better, but that’s an amazing challenge” He then went on to describe how Allen should have found Hyde or Obiero. Which is probably a fair summary of that situation...
  3. It’s almost almost like there are two teams playing a football match. The one losing tends to flood loads of bodies forward and have chances..
  4. He could basically reach the 6 yard box from the half way line, where else are you meant to defend other than deep to that
  5. I think that’s a bit harsh. Poor defending under set pieces and we had a couple of good chances. I don’t think they overran us at any point, we just failed to stand up to the aerial bombardment
  6. No, you misunderstand my point. I’m on about the bits before he went to Torquay. Furlough is for industries that have had to close due to the pandemic and are unable to work. It is not for football clubs to decide a player isn’t good enough, furlough them at the taxpayers expense and sign another player.
  7. That is absolutely shocking and just robbery from taxpayers
  8. No, not at all. Just interesting on how it will filter down, in the context of having to offset £40k a year in loan payments
  9. Be interesting to see the pandemic adjustment of player wage demands. McClelland already suggested that wages offered were dropping from £1,500 to £900 a week in league two..
  10. Whether you agree with it or not, think it’s absolutely clear as day that the club will go with the conservative £299 season ticket to try and bank as much as possible and in their eyes protect the club. They’re generally unwilling to take pricing gambles (again rightly or wrongly) when times are good, never mind when there’s a potential £400k loan round the club’s neck.
  11. It’s the hold up play that’s under appreciated for me. When I’d seen him for Woking I’d just assumed he was a fox in the box, but his all round hold up play has been excellent.
  12. I assumed he was - it seemed bizarre to put King at LWB and Allen at RWB if he wasn’t. Although the switch again 15 mins later when Campbell came on to go to a back 4 with King at right back and Bradbury at left back made us much better
  13. Allen the pressing machine has been a massive part of that excellent first half for Town..
  14. I know it’s only £2 more but it does really put me off buying the stream. Anyone else or am I just tight?
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