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  1. That’s a cracking following
  2. Courier article with Wild says it’s a signing til January
  3. Duckworth was excellent. Hanson was solid considering he’s so rusty. Personally I’d continue with that full back pairing. Given how embarrassing we’d been definding set pieces on Saturday, got to give credit to Staunton and Clarke for getting their head on pretty much everything in the box. Nolan played well and Earing just made such a difference. He was good on the ball, excellent set piece delivery, but the biggest thing is he got close to and beyond Sho Silva! Chasing the flick ons, taking defenders away etc. It still wasn’t great overall (Cooper had an absolute mare and couldn’t find an orange shirt first half), but it stops the rot. Get a result Saturday and then it’s 2 weeks to get on the training ground and get a couple of bodies in.
  4. We look better for it. He’s getting far closer to Sho Silva and running beyond him.
  5. Looks like Earing coming on at half time
  6. So far so “ok”. Look much more solid than last week. We’ve even won a few headers from set pieces!
  7. If you can’t win a header in your own box it doesn’t matter how bad they are. Watching us get the basics so wrong whilst stood in the pissing rain was so depressing.
  8. Didn’t realise you paid a licence in Malta?
  9. TSS needs a break, his confidence looks shot. But, it doesn’t matter what the team is tomorrow - if we defend set pieces as shamefully badly as Saturday then we’re going to get beat.
  10. It’s the lack of/poor movement I find so frustrating. As you say, we’ve got 2 players sat in front of the back 4, yet we still look like we’ve got no options! Everyone either stands still or runs away from the ball. So many times it was put in to Cooper, he got on the half turn and there was just absolutely nothing for him. It’s a similar problem we had under Fullarton, no link play between defence and attack. So we pass it around a few times going nowhere and then hit a terrible and predictable long diagonal (Nathan Clarke I’m looking at you). Still in a good position and got to believe it will come good - but this side needs some pace and movement. A player like a certain Matty Kosylo...
  11. How does it if you don’t create them any chances?
  12. If you don’t create chances, you don’t score goals. No matter how many strikers
  13. Pointless having an extra striker on the pitch if it means you have to sacrifice the only player who can actually create anything. Look devoid of pace.
  14. thank you! Our local BBC are so poor at publishing these. I looked yesterday and our game wasn’t listed on this page and all the other games were.
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