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  1. As a pessimist who just wants to stay in the play offs, will take that Barrow result all day.
  2. Wait, people actually believed a footballer saying the club he’s just signed for is the club he loves the most? Hahahahaha
  3. People wanting the pitch ripped up need to be careful what they wish for... The only surface which makes sense for the council to put down in that scenario is 3G
  4. All because of the FAs elite player performance programme (EPPP). It was set up as part of the plan to improve England’s fortunes. Effectively means anyone with a category A academy can hoover up all the best talent for nothing. The idea being the best players are at the best academies and are developing. The issue is it makes it very difficult for anyone else to make money off an academy, and as such means less players are brought through. In principle it was a good idea, but it’s pretty flawed
  5. Did Scott Spencer come in as well? Or was that earlier on in the season?
  6. We have had 3 home games and a local away game inside 2 weeks and it’s January. People aren’t made of brass, was always going to have an impact on the crowd.
  7. Can you rely on Cam King being fit for everyone game left this season? No one else in the squad can do what he does.
  8. This is what makes me nervous if we do make the play offs - our record against decent sides is terrible! Correct me if I’m wrong, but believe that’s our first win against a Top 7 side (as it stands today) since beating Barrow back in August!
  9. Jeff King’s cross won us the Chorley game
  10. Another big, slow centre half is not what we need
  11. For balance, I thought he had his best game in a Town shirt on Saturday.
  12. It really makes me uncomfortable when it turns in to a pissing contest of who can be the most respectful and do the “best act of remembrance”. This should be about a moment of reflection and celebrating Jordan’s life. It’s not about Halifax Town, it’s not about Alfreton, etc. It’s about Jordan and his family.
  13. If King’s suspended then Duckworth comes in. RWB is our biggest area of depth
  14. The other 9 were stupid, but I’ll forgive him for this one. We were completely disorganised and he made the decision to stop the throw. Right one to take for the team.
  15. Yep - Maher, Clarke and JBW warming up as a 3
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