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  1. Glad we’ve got a date - makes it feel more real! Confirmed that we can use 5 subs and straight to penalties after 90 mins
  2. Seems bizarre that we’re at longer odds than Barnet. we’re both the massive outsiders, but should be similar you’d have thought
  3. My other half’s been tested. Drive through test and had results back pretty quick. a surprising sign of competence in a sea of ineptitude.
  4. Imagine it’s very unlikely that any emergency loan keeper would have been training? Unless they go all out for a league 2 play offs keeper
  5. I find it interesting how the lens of football turns people’s views on their head. The thought of a wage cap in any other profession would be seen as a horrific thing for workers.. You can probably directly link premier league wage increases with the fact that non league football now pays people a wage they can live on as opposed to a hobby on the side. I think there are better ways of controlling money in football than going at players.
  6. Would assume that with the rules being 1m + it would have to be mandatory face masks
  7. Moral and legal are two different things, but would agree with you.
  8. Unfortunately you’re wrong there. The wording of the legislation states that you can volunteer or undertake training for your employer, as long as it does not provide a service or generate profit. So some fitness work at the training ground is absolutely allowed. Edit: what Hoddie said
  9. Death, taxes and Greggs being a throbber.
  10. Article suggests we can’t get one...
  11. And no players you didn’t have registered before 16th March... So if we don’t get Redshaw it’s all hopes on TSS
  12. Of course! Complete blank on that for some reason
  13. Surely you’re better off picking a ground of a team who are in the play offs in the league? They’ll have already disinfected, had it all ready etc. Oxford would work quite well. Forest assuming they make the championship play offs. Or St George’s Park would work
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