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  1. They decided today to extend the current suspension which expired this weekend. Makes sense to play it by ear until they know more. One we thing we have in abundance right now is time
  2. The clubs were part of the decision I believe - they can’t afford wages indefinitely
  3. First 15 minutes we zipped it about quite nicely. Then Clarke played 3 hopeless attempts, few moans in the crowd and we fell to bits.
  4. He is a dreadful dreadful footballer. People give TSS stick, but Binnom Willilams isn’t fit to lace his boots.
  5. Appalling. Jeff King ok, Redshaw had a decent first half and Cooper at least put a shift in. The rest should be ashamed. Rodney disinterested. What is the point in Staunton? He’s not a midfielder and a complete headless chicken. What a waste of a trip.
  6. This shows how good Cameron King is in my opinion. This side is so lacking in creativity and he has carried that on his own all season. Pay Danny Gardner whatever he wants.
  7. It’s the inability of any of our centre halves to pass that kills us. Nolan and Cooper showing for the ball and they can’t pass 10 yards. Either that or Clarke with shite long balls that are completely telegraphed by the fact he takes longer than Johnny Wilkinson to line them up.
  8. Binnom Williams - terrible Clarke - had a great career, time to retire Rodney - needs to up his movement and stop trying to cream it in from 40 yards
  9. I’m not coming up with a solution because I’m not a global expert in epidemiology. Most major banks have already announced mortgage holidays for those self isolating. It’s the role of the government to now protect people (zero hours workers, renters) who are following the policy they’re being asked to.
  10. They literally followed government advice on what to do in the situation. But you know better because you visit Radiology units?! Jesus wept. I’ve been in a lot of cars, that doesn’t make me a qualified mechanic!
  11. The EFL have nothing to do with the National League
  12. Those that think that the current course of action is a sign that this isn’t serious are absolutely deluded. This is serious and the UK are going out on their own to pursue a different strategy. Trying to take all the hit in wave 1 to avoid a disastrous wave 2 come next winter (as we had with Spanish Flu). But that’s all it is, a different strategy based on the information available. Follow the advice and listen to the experts. It’s not project fear, it’s not scaremongering.
  13. Good to see you living up to your name.
  14. 4 points inside the play offs with 2 games in hand! Cracking turn around given our terrible run in November and December. You’d think 5 wins(?) would get us in the play offs, but we’ve got to be trying to get a top 3 slot now!
  15. And you claim others know nothing about football?
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