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  1. Have you seen the average age of our fan base?
  2. But if they’d reviewed it properly they’d have seen Lindelof foul Gross before Maguire heads it and Maupay handballs it. More piss poor use of VAR
  3. Let’s wait and see on this one to be honest. a) will we have a season? b) will NLN/NLS be cancelled and a good option be freed up? I really would rather be cautious at this point.
  4. The championship is even worse. Majority are betting companies and a lot of them shady ones not operating in the UK
  5. Whilst I tend to agree with you, this feels harsh on people who have really stretched for a season ticket to ask them to fork out further for streaming. Really no easy answers
  6. Has been suggested that it will be weighted based on lost crowds compared to average, as per your last suggestion Which seems the most fair way to do it
  7. So probably about 800k plus to be found through the season... On that basis and a £10 stream cost (assuming no tax or costs) that’s 3,300 streams a game required to meet that. It just isn’t going to happen. Gonna need to be a big bailout by the govt..
  8. For those that can remember the latest accounts, what was the most recent annual expenditure for the club?
  9. I think Colchester got 450 paid streams for their last game, which would suggest you’re right (This time it’s actually responding to your post )
  10. Despite their obvious incompetence, I really do feel for them. Despite their grand title, it really is a small outfit that was not set up in any way to deal with issues as big as this. Ollie Holt suggesting that it’s a massive split between NL and NLN/NLS with most NLN/NLS not having the infrastructure to stream and having old school contracts which start when the season starts which they think they can loophole out of.
  11. Not going to engage on the rest, but who exactly do you think looks after the vulnerable in care homes, hospitals and in their own homes? Also those who live with those vulnerable people. I’m not saying there’s an easy answer, but to say crack on and cut off the vulnerable is not as easy and clear cut as you say, without even getting in to the morals of it.
  12. What relevance has this got to absolutely anything? Corbyn isn’t in charge. Boris “is” and it’s a shambles. Would you happy with a Town season because “would Paul Bracewell have done better?!?” This is a matter of people’s lives, both directly and as a result of the virus response. Do you explain to those who’s loved ones have died “well at least they didn’t die with Corbyn in charge?” We should demand competence and leadership, regardless of opinion of the alternative at the last general election.
  13. Would be illegal, can’t just summarily sack the players. Could go into redundancy proceedings potentially but that is a bleak can of worms
  14. The revisionism that Brown wasn’t that good anyway is out IMO he was a good, not great, National League defender and an excellent servant to the club who will be missed. I do find it interesting though that whilst he’s rightly given credit for sticking around when we got relegated. He’s not given any stick for him and Bencherif turning up like Mr Blobby at the start of the season being one of the reasons behind us going down..!
  15. Bayliss saying that National League have reiterated to clubs that no fans = no start to season. Although it appears non-elite sport will be allowed to continue with fans. That push to categorise as elite and get the play offs continued looks more and more short sighted by the day
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