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  1. To be honest I think some people are still bitter about not getting a fan run club however many years ago it was. The current board of directors have done a fantastic job of running the club. Here we are having just progressed from part time to hybrid model, consistent use of good training facilities, in the playoffs for a return to football league, excellent communication with fans (Wild and Milly answering Q&A's etc), track record of developing players who move on to better things, financially stable (and that has been the case for the longest period of time in my living memory as a Halifax town fan). AND PEOPLE ARE STILL MOANING! Laughable sometimes but there you go that Halifax Town fans for you - I for one am very pleased with the current state of affairs.
  2. Scarily the same Stockport fan that told me they were signing McAlinden before it was on here has just said he's heard that Salford are recalling Rodney and selling him to them!? He sent me of a screenshot from a whatsapp message he got - hope its bollocks!
  3. We had better be able to get a bloody pint in the club house if it is segregated. Well done to all those calling for it, been to chorley loads of times before and never any trouble with no segregation. Enjoyed being able to move around the ground
  4. Mate who is a Stockport fan just messaged me saying that apparently they are signing McAlinden Would be poetic justice if he left us for a FL club and ended up on same wages at a club in same position as us. Still baffles me why he wouldn't continue on non contract terms until an offer came in. The more I think about it the more I'm glad he left, absolutely stinks of prima donner personality.
  5. What's happened to Jamie Allen? Did I miss him getting injured?
  6. With the club sitting second in the conference, debt free and with crowds pushing 2000 in the home end alone, is it not time to give DB some credit? Even the last two managers, although not playing the best football, did fulfil their objectives in getting us promoted or keeping us up. Look at Chester who were fan owned and ended up back in trouble, similar story at York. We finally have a manager who looks able to adapt his tactics on a game by game basis and is going the extra mile to engage with the fans - were these not the two biggest complaints about Fullerton and Heath? Would that not suggest that DB listened to the fans and made these high priorities when recruiting a new manager? Let's take a step back and just take a look at this objectively. I for one am very enthused about this season and will be at Chesterfield tomorrow cheering the boys on!
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