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  1. Josh Staunton signs for Yeovil
  2. PRS

    Footy Quiz

    Brian Labone ?
  3. PRS

    Retained list

    I have faith in Pete Wild and therefore support his retained list, watching Harrogate v BHW yesterday highlighted in my opinion that the level of fitness was better than displayed by Town when we played BHW , to lose Brown is a pity but at his age and ability level his commitments outside football appear to take precedence, certainly I can understand that a fitter Town is required. It has been stated that Town have played some dire football “ last “ season but the football at town’s level is dire , just look at yesterday’s game where the only “ class “ was shown by a 20 year old on loan f
  4. I have watched Town since 1957 and over the years the player who I enjoyed watching the most was Rick Holden , played with a smile on his face and when he got the ball and set off down the left wing the “crowd” used to sense something good was about to happen and often it did !
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    Kosylo, Rodney, Morgan don’t get a crick in your neck looking backwards
  6. Is it Lee Gregory on a 3 week special loan ?
  7. PRS

    Our Squad

    I suppose if you’re the Borehamwood Manager and read this forum you will have learnt the following. 1/. we’ve lost our best striker 2/. TSS is useless 3/. We’re not sure about Redshaw 4/. JBW won’t be fit 5/. our best fullback isn’t match fit 6/. Which Cam K will turn up ? All in a days comment for your super supportive FCHT fan !
  8. Happy to contribute , can we please have a statement from the club re which is the best place to contribute following Flea’s intervention.
  9. Think Don Lang came from Pelion , had a big hit with a record called “ Witch Doctor “, don’t think he would have appeared at The Plebs .
  10. I think sometimes we over complicate things a contract is a two way negotiation, Redshaw obviously and from his point of view sensibly turned down the first offer , a further offer has been made and agreement reached “ simples “
  11. and tell me how do car washes make any money, £5 a car , price not changed for years, 5 or 6 employees managing say 10 cars an hour maximum but not at that rate for all of the day ?
  12. I think it’s about time they bought National Service back, so all of these young drivers can go on manoeuvres, preferably a long way away and leave the roads of Calderdale to the responsible older driver.
  13. 15 young players on £25K per year plus 5 experienced on £40 K per year is £575 K per year plus on costs of say £100 k per year for NI etc. Management / physio / kit man/ Office staff £180K per year Travel £50 K per year Rent £40k per year Insurance covering public liability, medical , health and safety etc 50K per year. Stewarding for games £20K per year This is fag packet accounting and already were on over £1Million per year and I am sure the accountants among us would add a few more realistic costs. So with gates averaging 1500 @ say £12 a head, after VA
  14. Please do your arithmetic , we can’t afford to go full time in this league unless we find somebody who’s prepared to put in £750K a year and every year until we get promotion. Once in the sunny uplands of Division 2 , league money kicks in and you can survive just like Accrington on gates like ours, without the massive investment our current league requires, Yes I know, romantics that we did it with Mulhall but , I believe, those days have gone. Can DB afford the investment ?, I don’t think so, in which case we have to find other investors or hope that JF can keep us up and sell
  15. I think we have to accept that Town as currently financed are in the just scraping through level in this division. The only way forward to try and be successful is for the board to either sell the club or find investment that can support a full time side and sustain that for a period of several years, you can't get promotion from this league as a part time side. So you can sack Billy and talk about the Armstrongs and anybody else you come up with, it won't make any meaningful difference . So I would say to the Board , you've done a great job in making us solvent and getting us b
  16. PRS


    Morgan , lots of talent/ ability but there's something not quite right with the lad , sorry but I don't think he's long term for us. Mc Donald , not enough courage, too nice , oh wish he had a bit of Kosylo feistiness, time to move on. Kosylo Can't stand in the lads way if we get a good offer, the lads 25/26 so he's in the last chance saloon. Town this season, BH doing an above average job as I've said before on this forum, unless DB , who by the way has done a fantastic job in steadying the ship, decides to sell the club to somebody who is prepared to bankroll the club for seve
  17. So Guys we are FCHT we have just got promoted to the premier league , so for today think Huddersfield v Tottenham or Liverpool, we were up against a better team, IF we would have had a lot of luck we COULD have got away with a draw but hey ho we didn't. BH picked the team, perhaps it was the ones who'd shown the most desire in training ? Personally thought Hotte was out of his depth , difficult for our new right back making his debut, presumably only just having met his new team mates ? Give the guy ( BH) a break judge him after 6 plus games, but not after 90 minutes.
  18. It's a sad state of affairs when the main topic on the FC Halifax fans forum is putting the boot in to Halifax RLFC. I am a town fan and have been for fifty years although brought up in my formative years by a father who took me to Thrum Hall in the days of Palmer, Dean and Kielty etc. My overriding support is for the town of Halifax and have long thought that there should be an overall company that runs professional sport in Halifax maximising the potential of both soccer and rugby and adding other opportunities as they arise or are feasible, underneath this umbrella would be the bo
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