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  1. As one swallow doesn’t make a summer , today’s performance doesn’t make PW a bad manager , move on to the next game because that is the reality of the situation like it or not

    .We are in the top half of the league , play off position territory, support your team and keep the faith.

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  2. I think that this was a good point well earned and as many have said without the currently injured H&S up front we aren’t seeing PWs preferred selection.

    Allen is an enigma, plays on the shoulder, has the speed , can beat a man , but little end product hope PW can find the answer to that particular riddle.

    Just one concern was the amount of ground/ possession we conceded in the second half as I thought we also did against Dagenham , didn’t see the Stockport match, and at 0-0 and with awkward beggars like Rhead around it’s a dangerous game , having said that comparing  yesterday’s defence with the last time we were at BW does give me more confidence .

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  3. 20 minutes ago, Wilder Bollox said:

    Due to the power of the big clubs we got sod all and will continue to get sod all 

    That’s not really an answer , the Club have usually been business like with our contracted players, does anybody have a factual answer 

  4. Just a question on Carl Rushworth , who has signed a three year contract with Brighton and appears to be highly thought of, did we receive a fee for him  and/ or a sell on clause and if not why not ?

    My question is without malice , just interested .

  5. An impressive display and pleased with our improved fitness so much better than the levels we showed last season which culminated when we literally ran out of puff against Boreham Wood , so we’ll done to PW in highlighting that as an issue.

    A little disappointed with the amount of possession we surrendered to D&R in the second half so pleased we had what appears to be a much more mobile defence this year.

    So a satisfactory start and with a proven goal scorer to return it looks as though we’re in for an interesting season.

    Now it’s on to Stockport which promises to be a real test particularly after their defeat at Torquay !

  6. Sounds as thought most of our “ fans” are just waiting to criticise, how sad but then again I’ve always said if you can please the people of Halifax you can please anybody.

    i.e. OK is Halifax speak for excellent   

         Not bad is Halifax speak for very good

         Good is rarely used but if it was it would be Halifax speak for fantastic.



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  7. I understand that Sally Wainwright, Sarah Lancashire and Suranne Jones are seeking to help FC Halifax by making a blockbuster movie entitled Happy Gentleman Jack tangos for the Shaymen , well I can dream can’t I ?

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  8. As an already paid up season ticket holder I would be happy to pay to watch streamed away games , I do this on the basis that  Town need all the help they can get at the moment, how they are coping with all the current extra expense on Covid related issues, etc is admirable and credit to the Board as I am sure MrB has plenty on keeping his German paymasters happy by selling enough cars !


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  9. Please remember that Brown and Hanson are a transaction between Unknown FC and FCHT and then a transaction between said players and their potential new employer.

    PW as our manager has unfortunately had to concede that Brown can no longer play for us on our new contract of employment and in the case of Hanson , for whatever reason,no longer wants him in the building.

    Why then would either party wish to currently play for FCHT as the risk of injury would be a problem for both parties.

    I am sure there are many conversations going on with prospective employers for B & H and ultimately deals will be done.

    They are the past , thank them for their contribution and move on.

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  10. I think the issue about Hanson is a very interesting one , I like many town supporters was very impressed by him imagining that one day he may have progressed to playing in midfield yet both Fullarton and Wild don’t appear to support that view.

    I would like to understand, as professionals, what led them to this conclusion this is not a criticism of them it’s just a fan trying to understand.




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