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    I understand that Sally Wainwright, Sarah Lancashire and Suranne Jones are seeking to help FC Halifax by making a blockbuster movie entitled Happy Gentleman Jack tangos for the Shaymen , well I can dream can’t I ?
  2. As an already paid up season ticket holder I would be happy to pay to watch streamed away games , I do this on the basis that Town need all the help they can get at the moment, how they are coping with all the current extra expense on Covid related issues, etc is admirable and credit to the Board as I am sure MrB has plenty on keeping his German paymasters happy by selling enough cars !
  3. PRS


    I think some people have “ short “ memories , when PW arrived at the Shay as I recall one of his early decisions was to give MB an extended contract. We do not and probably will never know what the point of principle is , suffice to say that MB is no longer our player and that our future is in PWs hands in whom I have faith. Managers are employed to manage and that’s what PW has done.
  4. PRS

    Roy Lorenson

    In old money ( ie 1235 line up ) Harrison, Lawrenson, Large was a formidable line
  5. Please remember that Brown and Hanson are a transaction between Unknown FC and FCHT and then a transaction between said players and their potential new employer. PW as our manager has unfortunately had to concede that Brown can no longer play for us on our new contract of employment and in the case of Hanson , for whatever reason,no longer wants him in the building. Why then would either party wish to currently play for FCHT as the risk of injury would be a problem for both parties. I am sure there are many conversations going on with prospective employers for B & H and ulti
  6. Looking forward to seeing him tearing down the wing ! Isn't it sad that without Football, as we know it, the sort of things you resort to !
  7. I think the issue about Hanson is a very interesting one , I like many town supporters was very impressed by him imagining that one day he may have progressed to playing in midfield yet both Fullarton and Wild don’t appear to support that view. I would like to understand, as professionals, what led them to this conclusion this is not a criticism of them it’s just a fan trying to understand.
  8. I would like to know the professional opinion as to why neither Fullerton or Wilde don’t rate Hanson , I am a fan not a football manager and I would appreciate their reasonings .
  9. Josh Staunton signs for Yeovil
  10. PRS

    Footy Quiz

    Brian Labone ?
  11. PRS

    Retained list

    I have faith in Pete Wild and therefore support his retained list, watching Harrogate v BHW yesterday highlighted in my opinion that the level of fitness was better than displayed by Town when we played BHW , to lose Brown is a pity but at his age and ability level his commitments outside football appear to take precedence, certainly I can understand that a fitter Town is required. It has been stated that Town have played some dire football “ last “ season but the football at town’s level is dire , just look at yesterday’s game where the only “ class “ was shown by a 20 year old on loan f
  12. I have watched Town since 1957 and over the years the player who I enjoyed watching the most was Rick Holden , played with a smile on his face and when he got the ball and set off down the left wing the “crowd” used to sense something good was about to happen and often it did !
  13. PRS


    Kosylo, Rodney, Morgan don’t get a crick in your neck looking backwards
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