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  1. I think sometimes we over complicate things a contract is a two way negotiation, Redshaw obviously and from his point of view sensibly turned down the first offer , a further offer has been made and agreement reached “ simples “
  2. and tell me how do car washes make any money, £5 a car , price not changed for years, 5 or 6 employees managing say 10 cars an hour maximum but not at that rate for all of the day ?
  3. It’s about sound financial management without a sugar daddy investor. Rochdale and Accrington are good examples close to us. Macclesfield and Bury are bad examples.
  4. I think it’s about time they bought National Service back, so all of these young drivers can go on manoeuvres, preferably a long way away and leave the roads of Calderdale to the responsible older driver.
  5. Well that’s an irrelevant comment!
  6. One could argue that by selling less season tickets and having a better season so far than expected, crowd wise , the club is in fact better off financially. However I welcome the Boards call for further investment and it appears from the Courier article that the sort of investment that DB is looking for is around £200 K to fund extra playing staff for the remainder of this season to give Town a fighting chance of promotion. If Town did achieve promotion the League 2 financial support package would enable us , with sound financial management , to survive on Accrington/ Rochdale level gates. Yes I have read about the current and ongoing Macclesfield situation but I suspect there is more going on there than we know about. Certainly we could survive in the lower divisions of the football by following the model of Accrington and Rochdale ,both clubs with owners similar to ours cutting their cloth accordingly.
  7. PRS

    Josh MacDonald

    I think Josh M is a ship that has already sailed.
  8. Good luck to the Crowley’s that’s a big challenge for them , in my dreams in 2021 Our Chairman will be thanking Pete Wild as he leaves to manage a Championship club , with Town sitting pretty in 7th place in Division 1 Impossible ? well if you’d said the same thing to a Lincoln fan 3/4 years ago ...................... !!!
  9. Now that’s a Chairman who has got more money than sense , perhaps he’d like to adopt a little northern club I know that has a Chairman whose got more sense than money ?
  10. PRS


    7This just goes to show what b**l Sh*tters most footballers are , they love the football club they’ve just signed for and they’re basically unfit but working hard to get up to speed ! Hope our left back is an exception.
  11. PRS

    J B W

    Needs to get fit quickly.
  12. Very pleased with our start to the season the group I sit with have remarked that our tactics have some similarities with last season, the sitting back and soaking up pressure but definitely our outlet play is better and I believe that PW’s people skills have brought benefits I have concerns about “Sho” , can’t fault his application but he is not a goal scorer and also will be glad when full back Williams gets fit , King has certainly quality but would like to see him become a 90 minute player and also toughen up. However so far so good and when Fylde come to town and subject to next weeks performances I feel we will have a good idea of what the season may hold for us.
  13. We have good player connections with Oldham , our local lad Craig Fleming and a player who gave us all much pleasure Rick Holden. i recall seeing Town lose at Oldham despite a fighting comeback with I think John Wilkie scoring ?
  14. DB is no worse than most other Football club Chairmen when it comes to picking managers just look at the statistics for managers departed since the start of last season out of 92 league clubs the figure is 59 with the vast majority being sacked , in Steve. Bruce’s case you’ve been sacked and resigned ! On the subject of Nathan C , I agree that the “ fans favourite “ notion is tempting but would like to know if NC has any coaching qualifications ? does he intend to have SN as his assistant and if so what are his qualities? Subject to a good interview my vote would be for NC but would like to see a mentor for NC for say a six month period to help him settle in and to “ Dad” him so to speak.
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