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  1. I'd rather we weren't on TV for any of these games. People will then have to go the matches to watch.
  2. Understatement... ****ing dreadful.
  3. The raid on the North Yorkshire off-licence was a sight to behold.
  4. Totally agree Nick. It would be a kick in the teeth for those who bought one by the deadline.
  5. The Zoo Bar has its own wiki page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zoo_Bar_(Halifax,_West_Yorkshire)
  6. One adult ST and one sulky bastard teenager ST purchased.
  7. 10000+ vs Dog Botherers in 79/80 season.
  8. Fax could swop their place in the division with Oxford, in return for a new scoreboard.
  9. if you come down to The Shay you'll see a lot more. Imagine what kind of day you'd have then.
  10. Tony? It is Tony isn't it? How's married life?
  11. Smashing example of irony. Well done sir.
  12. Agreed mate. Exactly my situation.
  13. Mark & Yvonne booked on mate, plus 2 kids. George also coming with us.

  14. They've gone to Huddersfield....sorry Chadders....
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