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  1. Yes the second penalty came after Danny had put us ahead.
  2. Just been down to the Funky vaults and played the vidio back and why while not in good condition, Tom Baker took the first hitting the crossbar and that was in the first half, Danny Holland scored the only goal from in the area, looks like it was Danny who also took the second but could not be sure, Danny treated us to some crafty back heels in the last five mins and then got flattened by a sup who had just come on and as usual just got up and smiled but it was to much for the number two who squared up to Danny calling him a F''''''''''''' poser, how dare he, heads were now touching with Danny
  3. Wow where did that come from and so good to see the stars of yesterday and great quality, when i saw Large and Roscoe i was looking for the legend Whitelaw but the game must have been before he came.
  4. When your very good you don't need anybody giving you advice and would be better spent on a player.
  5. Think some people are envious when people Express their emotions , it means happiness, had the same problem when i worked for a well known insurance company, i won a holiday in Madeira and the bosses said i let the company down by not looking smart round the pool ie not wearing a tie, then upset them by going on the famous sledge ride when the others went to a glass factory for a boring two hours, i was told later that night by one of the bosses who had too much to drink told me that my days were numbered because i did not fit the company's image so i said i don't give a dam and they will ne
  6. Think a lot of it started about the suit for Wembley and how he was treated and why he was not aloud to take the cup up for Jack Hamer for a photo who was very ill.
  7. Where do i sign, people like Helli who lived and breathed our club and was well liked by the players are hard to replace.
  8. Yes i think it was because the keeper was having banter with Gregory and Danny most of the game.
  9. Danny was a great guy to have on the field and in the dressing room and always played with a smile on his face remember that cup match at Lancaster when all hell broke lose and Danny who was a sub that day just went into the crowd with that big beaming smile asking the thugs what's going on which seemed to confuse them, then at Harrogate when a player who had been having a battle with him got injured who helped him off the field but Danny, not sure which game it was but we won 2 0 with Lee Gregory scoring one of the goals but it was the one with the laughing keeper, a sub had just come on and
  10. Seeing we have not played Dover it will be interesting what happens to the clubs that have took points off them, ie could we move up a couple of places.
  11. Wow well done and makes the weekend great and should be a happy coach on the way back.
  12. Told you to. stick to the dosage on the bottle for the Happy Pills
  13. Have they got a new reserve side ? but understand it must be difficult to only have 31 players to choose from and will need another 6 at least to finish the season.
  14. Big Sam has been one of the best keepers in our division but seems strange his form as dipped since we got another goal keeping coach.
  15. A lot of bets will have gone down tonight but which punter would back us at 4/6, somebody who as not seen us play.
  16. Not good odds tonight 4/6, seems strange and away from home so what could go wrong.
  17. Before this game they had played 12 at home 8 away and still have to visit the mighty Shaymen.
  18. My old Friend scores for Derby 7/1 not bad for a fiver.
  19. dj funky

    Ho hum.

    Cutting the lawn today and getting some funny looks which makes it more interesting.
  20. Saw my Consultant Tuesday to discuss the results of the MRI, PSA, SCANS and was over the moon to find that the dreaded C was the same as it was in October so now i just have to have blood tests every three months and will visit my Consultant in July I would like to thank Pete Wild, the lovely Louisa, Chadders,Pete Lassey,Speg,Lanzo, Vinnyeknuts, Collin Canberri for taking time out and helping me through this dreadful year, a little club with a big heart, and not forgetting all the messages of support to myself from everybody on the forum. THANK YOU.
  21. Nobody would ever stash money in my biscuits tin.
  22. Thanks Colin and looking forward to climbing the steps in the South Stand in the Theatre Of Dreams for Season 2021/2022.
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