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  1. dj funky


    Wow what a great start to Sunday, FRONT PAGE NLP, picture of Jamie after scoring captured by Edmund Boyden.
  2. A match in the 60's a black dog decided to show what a winger should do and invaded the pitch but none of the players could catch it and then our man on the tannoy in a very serious tone bellowed out, Will that dog remove itself from the pitch thank you and it did.
  3. Scary times and good luck with the test and as Lammie said its the selfish idiots who don't care for anybody but themselves who have ruined it for all of us,yesterday four people from Burnley asking where the path led too outside my back garden none of them waring masks, one walked towards me and i told him to back off, he looked gobsmacked and said err i'm in the fresh air so why come from Burnley have they run out ? he muttered something walking off and these are the idiots who we see everyday selfish idiots who do not care what the NHS are having to deal with .
  4. Knew that Frank was not well and so sad after all the memories we shared playing on Shelf Hall Park which was always like a swamp, them leather balls soaked up the water and remember once heading the ball and next i was flat out but nobody had fouled, it was the concrete ball which had done the damage, tried to contact Frank a couple of years ago with some Elvis cd's when he lived at Outlane but to no avail.What a worry for so many footballers who played with these balls in the past.
  5. Happy New Year everyone and just looking forward to climbing the steps to the top of the South Stand.
  6. Merry Christmas to all Shaymen and hope to see you all next year.
  7. Donated, hope you get the Batmobile soon.
  8. DJ would like me ( Mrs Funky) to say a big thank you to the guys on The Forum for their amusing and good luck messages. He'd also like to thank Pete Wild,the lovely Louisa,Chadders,and Steve Lanzo for taking time out for DJ, it was greatly appreciated. I have just been packing his his bag for the hospital and guess what i've found,? you've guessed it, a large stash of Digestive biscuits, old habits die hard. I now know what this club means to DJ and you, the loyal fans,so GOOD LUCK for Saturday!!
  9. Not this season, want to make sure ok for 21/22.
  10. Been told two weeks ago my op was brought forward to September and now being told the consultant will ring me in October with the op in December or Jan, looking forward to season21/22 oh happy days but thanks for the vote of confidence.
  11. Have not felt so nervous since my two wedding days.
  12. What a long day that was, started at 5 30 with a top notch breakfast and filmed the crowd scenes after 9 30, i think i upset the guy who was directing the incident after the foul who asked us all to boo when he put his arm up, told him that we don't do it like that and then he had a hissy fit gave me his megaphone and stormed off but had 5 secounds of fame getting filmed near the tunnel, was talking to Mr Frost having our lunch and he said 14 hours of filming our normal for making these episodes. We had to do a crowd scene in the afternoon where frost jumps onto the coach which was just leavi
  13. When I received this mysterious envelope Friday I was gobsmacked at the contents and just stared at what was in it to the amusement of Mrs Funky, what a lovely gesture from our club and really cheered me up. The contents consisted of a get well soon card and great looking FC Halifax Town Face Mask from Pete ,Louisa Chadders and all at the club and will wear with pride at my next visit to the hospital. I could not wait to get on the phone and tell other fans from Blackpool; Fleetwood, and Afc Fylde what our club had done and got many strange comments asking what I had been smoking or lockdown w
  14. Not a chance Vinny, she will always be mine.
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