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  1. Does anybody think we will beat the 1,000 we took to Whitby.
  2. dj funky


    Some bad mannered people at the brits like snatching the mike from the girls without a smile or thank you and don't mention that idiot Dave and just wish the mike which he lobbed on the piano had rolled off and smatched.
  3. Got a guitar but never learnt to play it which I now regret but my next project is a concert of my favourite singers and bands live put into a concert which will keep me happy on my journeys to the Shay.
  4. 1 The Wonder Of You Elvis Presley,2 She Was Just Seventeen ,John Lennon,Elton John,Live, 3 I Got A Feelin, Black Eyed Peas,4 Power Zone, Time Frequncey, 5 Your Song, Lady Ga Ga Live,6 Sweet Caroline, Neil Diamond Live, 7 Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now Starship, 8 I Love You Climax Blues Band ,Our Song Ahh
  5. Two weeks before the season started and JF walks and just a few players signed , Mr B got to make a big decision so he signed up Pete Wild and now 3rd in the league which in short is a miracle so this could turn out to be quite a season.
  6. Was at Lancaster when Ross got that bad injury, this was the player who we would build the team round and what's strange nobody seems to have any info of what happened to him.
  7. That's interesting and look forward for a explanation of why that is the case.
  8. How very sad but does not surprise me.
  9. Nothing's gonna stop us now, that song saved my life.
  10. Yes thanks, the eagle got to Australia quicker.
  11. Harrogate winning at Barnet 1 0.
  12. Mother Funky did want me to go that day and my dad got a load of aggro for taking me but it was to late because the seed had been sown and no turning back unless you went to live in Lanzo land or like Colin Canberra in Australia.
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