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  1. A certain prime minister had a saying the lady is not for turning and can think of a manager will do that Saturday so no need to buy a programme.
  2. dj funky

    Jim Smith

    Nice tribute in Mail for Jim Smith but not a mention over the teams he played for only the teams he managed starting at Boston Utd 1969/1972.
  3. dj funky

    Jim Smith

    Another Halifax legend who gave so many memories to our club, RIP BIG JIM.
  4. dj funky

    Pete Wild

    Yeah what, the fans have been very good to Wild but were getting frustrated over what happened Saturday when he refused to sort the strikers out so a lot more needed before he becomes the greatest ever in fact a lot more.
  5. dj funky

    Pete Wild

    Would not have to kick advertising hoardings if he had brought on the subs which could have won us the game so its is own fault he has got a sore toe.
  6. dj funky

    Pete Wild

    Still favourite 6/4 for the Grimsby manager after the weekend Pete Wild.
  7. What a joy to watch seeing Duncan Ferguson and his team yesterday playing giving 100% playing with a smile and a will to win.
  8. Now I understand what cost us the game yesterday, its called negative blindness said Wild and I feel much better for knowing that.
  9. dj funky


    How to upset fans, sign a striker and get the fans exited then play the TJS who never scores or who looks the part, oops sorry I'll give him 6 mins yours confused Funky.
  10. Good question Roy and wonder if Wild could explain why the ten men scored again late in the game or was it his orders to defend,can be no excuses after that dreadful display.
  11. dj funky


    Wonder what our subs were thinking watching that rubbish.
  12. Wonder if any Grimsby fans will be looking at our forum tonight seeing they lost 3 0 at home to Swindon.
  13. Had your Christmas present so don't be greedy.
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