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  1. dj funky

    DJ Funky

    When I received this mysterious envelope Friday I was gobsmacked at the contents and just stared at what was in it to the amusement of Mrs Funky, what a lovely gesture from our club and really cheered me up. The contents consisted of a get well soon card and great looking FC Halifax Town Face Mask from Pete ,Louisa Chadders and all at the club and will wear with pride at my next visit to the hospital. I could not wait to get on the phone and tell other fans from Blackpool; Fleetwood, and Afc Fylde what our club had done and got many strange comments asking what I had been smoking or lockdown was getting to me but boy did it feel good. My favourite nurse is a Fleetwood fan so we always have a good natter over Vardy in fact just done her a DVD of Jamie's goals at Halifax which I will take next time I go. The reason I did not put anything on the forum because it felt like I was bragging, I did ring the club to thank them but Louisa was not there but I did leave a message and will ring tomorrow because this girl is going to get a hell of a Funky Hug.Well I have had all the tests including CT Scan, ECG ,Blood tests, Lung tests and been assured I could last 90 mins if needed. At this moment Covid 19 is not good in Blackpool so could be in for a long wait as operations have not started so looks like Boxing day could be the day, so once again a big thank you to all of you for your good wishes and to my special caring. friend Mr Lanzo for always being there .PROUD TO BE A SHAYMAN.
  2. Not a chance Vinny, she will always be mine.
  3. One thing for sure he does the club and the fans, the answer to your question Yes.
  4. Well what can I say but thanks to Louisa, Chadders ,and Pete Wild, thought it was somebody having me on but what a lovely thought and once again ill say I now know why I follow the Shaymen, spent the rest of the day ringing people up and the first thing they all said no way, my Blackpool mate could not believe it and the Afc Fylde fan said I should change the tablets. We had a long chat and it was just like talking to an old friend and even Mrs Funky had a chat with him when a delivery man came to deliver a big box of biscuits which my daughters had ordered,got back in the house and Mrs Funky said who was that ? the Halifax manager Pete Wild got a yeah right and it seem to amuse her and did not believe me as I tell a lot of porkies .Thanks for all the good wishes and the banter and a big hug for Louisa when we all get back to normal ok then one for Chadders.
  5. Picked the right song today, just had the doctor on the phone asking me all kinds of questions and his sending a nurse down to do more tests which as just floored me so that's it for me while I find out what's going on. thanks dj.
  6. What kept ya but great to hear that, but what was Herman's Hermits taking the lead singers role.
  7. Can only be one song today and is ,,,,Just another Manic Monday The Bangles.
  8. We all played together on Shelf Hall Park straight after school but sad that Frank is not well, heading that piece of concrete on the park which was always muddy and many a time knocked you sideways which is something now always worries me. Would had like to see Dave and Bob at the match they attended recently and the last time I saw Bob when I was doing a Disco at the North Bridge and Bob was doing a keep fit class.
  9. Yes so far ahead of his time it was untrue and can remember the scouts coming to watch him and I at that time thought it was me oh well.
  10. Played with Frank at Shelf Utd and like to think was my tips that helped him to progress in his career .
  11. Two couples come out everyday who I have never seen before talking to everybody, I call them the living dead because they look so grim so I shouted out to them why are you doing this and the reply we are trying to remain cheerful to which I replied your spreading the virus to which they walked off muttering, feel like I want to deck these lunatics but you cant because getting near to them could infect you and that's why they have got us.
  12. Did not realise it was Rita Hayworth so cant blame him.
  13. These are so tragic times and thanks for the memories RIP.
  14. Thanks were ok but missing the banter in the village with Fylde and Blackpool fans and everybody else for that, even missing the M62.
  15. That's how rock should look like and another 6 months and I could be a ZZ Top lookalike with my beard.
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