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  1. A sad day but he served his country well for many years and just hope the queen will find strength to get through this sad time.RIP.
  2. remember that well when the bobby's hat got knocked off by banana and a certain town fan was escorted out along with this weapon of mass destruction a 5 foot yellow banana.
  3. A certain Super Super Geoffrey Horsfield does not fall into that category.
  4. I remember Jack Hamer asking me to do the commentary on a game at the Shay which i said i would never do because so many things which you could say and regret afterwards to which Jack said just say what you see and that makes it easy, mmm do you remember the match where Lyons got sent off and Jack said about the ref he is just a skinhead so its not a easy job these lads are doing.It took Shaymen Player many years to get the filming right when it looked like it was being filmed in 3D so its not as easy as some fans think to do the filming and the commentary.
  5. Was only reading about pain in his shoulder two weeks ago which turned out to be something serious but he was still training with the team, very sad news RIP and sincere condolences to his family.
  6. Charlie on the road again with the brand new wheels, nice one.
  7. Good luck to Connor and with having the injury at least was a blessing in disguise, my consultant told me having the stone in the bladder was my lucky day because i would have never known i had you know what, that gave me a good start to fight it.
  8. Good tribute to Frank in the Daily Mail today.
  9. How sad and would stop them coming to the shay in our promotion final.
  10. Remember at a supporters night that Mrs Funky was singing we had Lee Gregory which Kit said are you sure she was singing i had Lee Gregory, that was a great night when Lee and Danny Lowe gave their time to chat with fans.
  11. Had some vidio of Frank who turned out in a benefit game for Dave Longhirst which Jack Hamer had arranged, not sure but i think Nobby Stiles played and Jack scored with a penalty.
  12. Another great lad who also played for Shelf Utd.
  13. Shed a tear when i read this terrible news, going to work in Bradford we always seemed to be on the same bus and it was good to chat about football, then all the times he turned out for Shelf Utd on that famous muddy pitch ,used to go to Shelf variety club Sunday lunch and Frank showed me all the scars on his legs after playing against Leeds Utd, tried many times to see Frank and take him some Elvis Cds because like me he was a big fan but it was obvious he was not well for a long time, thanks for all the memories and Heaven FC have just got a hell of a CF RIP
  14. dj funky


    Three managers in seven months so come on Gary show them how to do it.
  15. After getting Mrs Funky another April 1st prank was driving through Blackpool outside the North Pier when the phone went off, Mrs Funky took the call and said its Lee Gregory for you, ha ha nice try but he does not no my number so did not get answered, five minutes later the call came back saying it was Lee who wanted a DVD which i had given him for his mother , Porky's have a bad habit of getting egg on your face.
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