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  1. Will our Aussie fans be watching the game from the Executive Suite?.
  2. Was fed up of the grub that they force the players to eat so what clinched it was the wonderful food that the team eat in the South Stand after the game.
  3. Reckon I've sold to you.
  4. Great shot from Tom who got quite a few goals with us over the years, last heard he was manager at Ashton.
  5. The South Stand for me because its easy to move if somebody annoys you and for the record they gave a great reception to the lads after the game.
  6. Think Kossy could get a red card against the Yeovil thugs this Saturday.
  7. Err did score a belter at the Shay.
  8. Was lucky enough to capture the rocket of a goal at BPA from the Hat.
  9. Salford could not raise a team?
  10. Happy Birthday Steve from the funkster and as you say we aint got time to sleep and a big thank you to Marie for you know what and a big hug from me.
  11. Remember that morning when I woke up and could not believe that the Shaymen were at Wembley, great feeling and even better when we won.
  12. Time is running out for some of us so I will have to agree to get into Div 2 which will happen this season, just a few pieces of the jigsaw missing and everything will be ok.
  13. dj funky

    Big sam

    After being neglected for years at Port Vale and then Gateshead who did not know what a good keeper they had its no wonder he has got the fans and the club where he feels he belongs.
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