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  1. Started to film that match until a steward took a dislike to me and said I should buy the Stevenage video so I had to stop, then said I was blocking a exit but they had put up a temporary stand as they were playing Newcastle in the cup next week, asked him where was this so called exit so he went and got 3 bobbies who agreed with me he was being stupid but really enjoyed having a word with him when the match had finished, town fans might remember this uncle fester lookalike because they gave him some stick through the match.
  2. So that's where my happy pills have gone.
  3. dj funky


    Still having problems with J19 M62 my fine and then you put that on which means I wont sleep tonight.
  4. Thanks Stats playing a sweeper keeper but what a static defence they had, love the keepers attempt to save for our second goal.
  5. 3rd chuckle of the day on WhatsApp A man complains about his BMW which will not drive at night, this is a real belly laugh and even Mr B might like it or maybe not.
  6. Just be told by my carer police at the Coop were shouting out at a man Step away from that egg.
  7. Now cold turkey because finished my last Tiffin bar last night, really sad because they have only just started making it and been looking for it for the last 60 years.
  8. Fame indeed, at my 60 birthday bash hired the full vegas jump suit for my stage 8 min medley of hits, lots of Shaymen were there to witness this once in a lifetime event, the only thing I found hard was getting mobbed kissing all the girls as I was ending going round the room too Can't help Falling in love with you.
  9. First chuckle of the day Icke.
  10. Scotland but this guy is good pleading for one more to the police saying thanks boss, my son sent it to Mrs Funky so not up to all this telephone teckno, are you a Elvis fan?.
  11. Wow you got to see this, live on a council flat the king singing Burning Love from the top floor with the Police trying to get in and stop him and he sounded good, got to keep the humour going, think it will be on face book now.
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