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  1. Good away point.still think we have more to come from this team once we start scoring the confidence will come .we do seem to have had a tough start another strong team to play next Saturday .
  2. Watched first half but can’t do with all this passing sideways then backwards stuff so turned it off . I expect more the money they get paid.
  3. Watched the first half in a bar in Brighton thought we were rubbish is rashford supposed to be a winger because I never saw Him try to take The defenders on he just passed it ever so slowly sideways or backwards and just slowed the play down. Sorry but I expect more dint watch the second half it’s just so boring watching England .
  4. I thought we would lose today though I did dream we won 2.0 last night . Not able to watch the match due to work but well done town and sure we can only get better.
  5. Away win for me think it will take time for the team to gel .hope I’m wrong.
  6. My glass is always half empty in the hope someone fills it up for me.
  7. I’d be happy to pay £8 to stream a match I would feel a lot of overseas town fans like myself would agree..
  8. Like I said .wild talks too much bigging up the players he has brought in now you all think we are world beaters. It’s going to take time for this team to gel and I do think we will struggle early on .mid table team at best.
  9. Agree too small for c/b. Dave Evans was 5’11 and considered small but was a cracking player and good in the air.
  10. Sorry that was to luckybounce
  11. You have your opinion I have mine . Hope you enjoyed your rant don’t see way you threw religion into the mix I was simply saying what I thought we will see how the season goes . Do I not have a opinion because I wear a collar.you of little faith dare I say.”
  12. I thought the first half we seemed to have plan up front the movement was there and I could see how we want to play then we seemed to start playing aimless balls and balls to no one and with that we lost the momentum.second half was just awful. First game out the way we can only improve.
  13. Well I’m not sharpening the pitch fork i just think he goes on and he is putting himself up to be shot at think he needs to curb his ego a bit. I wish him nothing but the best I just think it might be harder this year then he thinks . We will see.
  14. Going to get shot down here but I just want wild to get on with managing we had enough of Fullerton waffling on .i just think he talks too much and puts himself on a pedestal.Town fans are well known to soon knock them down when the going gets tough and he has yet to get that (he will ) this is his team now so he stands or falls by it.he said we are the lowest payers but have attracted some very good players. Then after losing on Tuesday he was saying other team had spent a lot of money..? Not true. Hope we are not going to get that sort of comment every time we lose. Yes I like him and yes he
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