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  1. Bolton for me I will do bank transfer send details please.
  2. The past and the present.
  3. Some town fans and fax fans mostly town fans I must say live in the dark ages . Never to forgive forever living in the past always wanting to hang the same person twice .for gods sake go sulk in a cave by yourself . Times are about to get harder we all need to stand together both clubs are blue and white both play at the shay .back them . We have some real dinosaurs on this site.
  4. Great player Paterson gave everything every game .
  5. Not friends with any of these but Remember a few of these at the Ipswich away game and also the Halifax rlfc match against Leeds at odsal when town fans took the bus .what happened others will tell but we had some handy lads in them days.
  6. thevicar

    Gary Wilby

    .Gary wilby remember him from around town in the 70s saw him down shay a couple of times but think he was Leeds fan really bit of a wide boy .last I heard he was up for stealing that was a few years ago though.
  7. Remember a few faces here but can't put names to them.the lad Standing up against the van was a gobby sod always singing the aggro songs .remember Hartlepool game and they brought a good few one of there fans ran across the pitch towards the skircoat .that town fan was giving it loads till he reached halfway Then he was off running to the back of the shed I can still see the scared look On his face.
  8. at least if we lose it will stop the day dreamers thinking we were ever good enough to go up this season.
  9. remember graham from the old pheasant very good player. Time flys.
  10. thevicar


    I am led to believe we would make a offer for him if available and that he does not want to go back to county .i also understand another county are looking at him as are a number of clubs .but also money talks so discount nothing.
  11. thevicar

    Man City

    That’s a shame.
  12. A wins a win .thats all we need at this stage.
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