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  1. Coupon down with that . But it’s a good point away .
  2. We need to get something from this game if we aspire to get in the play offs. Then we scored.
  3. Might be better choice I can’t see a thing.
  4. Town best in that half .wind in our favour second half go for it boys three points on the way.
  5. Not surprised with the changes .then again I dint like the starting line up either.
  6. Agree I don’t like our set up tonight seems a strange line up.
  7. Going for away win and a nibble at 3/1.
  8. Not sure if this has anything to do with rugby team but it’s certainly brought the rugby haters attention again. I for one think town get far more info in the courier these days then the rugby team. And yes I support the fax also but then I like union as well . But it’s true rugby league is in a mess and seems to be far less popular these days and the stupid franchise system did a lot of damage . Blue sox never caught on so hope they don’t go down that road again .but there’s a bit of optimism going round for next year add to that some very good recruits and I like the coach who doesn’t
  9. Like I said less yap.and add less crap .
  10. thevicar


    I can confirm he has arrived. Rip
  11. Does not look a good signing but I suppose it is what it is .then again he might just click with us .
  12. Wild will tell you we can adapt to every situation and change play .but can we .? I do think we are not a bad side but our tactics and formation is wrong . I like wild but is this a step too far too soon for him .he needs to take the shackles off and let this team play .we are far too defensive and looking not to lose then going for a win.
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