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  1. Have you eddie, what do you think about it?
  2. Sha ykeh ands is a sl ap hea d
  3. Harrogate need to go up . 1 Nottingham is too good a supping oyl. 2 I want to see if ripping an artificial surface up and relaying a grass one can be done in a month.
  4. He signed in July last year before Tamplin buggered off.
  5. Signed in February from Billericay.
  6. Once, twice, three times a quotation!
  7. Just an ickle bit of advice, ask google the question, then if you do wish put it on here for me to read.
  8. A true giant of the game..... literally and metaphorically. Plus, he’s the only man who looks better in a baseball hat than Robert Mugabe.
  9. No! I think the main reason is to make even more brass.
  10. Just wondering if there's any news about Michael Duckworth. Is he available for the playoffs?
  11. I’ll provisionally book the 17th and half off then.
  12. Birmingham please. Can you send me the payment details.
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