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  1. Two months? June and July. I would put his purple patch to be about 2 minutes. I’m not his biggest fan. His best moment was when he forgot his shin pads at Wembley, absolutely summed him up.
  2. Cameron King is the key for us. If he can put a shift in each of the three games we have a chance. I’m hoping he will be rested and stronger and mentally right. Our other key players in key positions at keeper, two centre backs, centre midfield will have the right attitude, no problems there. But King aside what will our strike force look like. As Lanzo points out who will want to play for us when their futures could be elsewhere?
  3. Would Hardy be instead of Cameron King? It would be a flimsy looking midfield with both in there.
  4. Here is the minute from the SAGE Meeting on the 18th March: 29. Transport measures such as restricting public transport, taxis and private hire would have minimal impact on reducing transmission. and on the 13th March ( ten days before lockdown) 24. SAGE was unanimous that measures seeking to completely suppress spread of Covid 19 will cause a second peak. With scientific advice like that it’s a bit hard to blame the govt. We are supposed to have world class experts from Oxford Cambridge London School of Health etc, with hindsight it doesn’t look that way. Odd how our media haven’t reported on these and other gems in the Sage minutes, it seems it doesn’t fit their narrative.
  5. Prof Ferguson was working on it. I think that’s what he said when he left. BTW World Health Organisation are now recommending use of face masks, so it’s not a HMG volte face.
  6. The one that played for us had a full head of hair.
  7. He signed for us on a short term contract to theNew Year. I am a bit confused if he only signed another short contract with Stockport. Would have expected him to be on at least 18 months so have they paid him off or is he made available but still under contract.
  8. Wheeler dealer sticky fingers. He makes me cringe every time I see him on tv, wouldn’t trust him at all. If he walks in I walk out. Only felt this way before when the IRA man walked in, Kelly. I stayed put as I quickly realised he was short term.
  9. Good point. My son’s girlfriend’s brother (!!!) is a professional footballer. He has had a good career at League 1 mainly and at 33 his contract ran out at the end of April. He got married last year and has a nice house on a nice mortgage. Not asking for sympathy just pointing that his prospects now are to find a job and not hope for a new contract, reality has hit him and I’m sure many others. This reluctance to find ways of operating in a new Covid world really has to stop, a new mindset is needed in so many places, otherwise the cure is worse than the disease. Both my sons have worked throughout this crisis I’m proud to say.
  10. Regional football could also see a reduction in standard of football, or at least the competitiveness of games. At the risk of opening up the debate on what is a strong League. Many on here have said that the National League this season didn’t have an outstanding team and so was a weak league. As any team can beat any other I would say it was a competitive league and therefore a strong league. The Scottish Premiership has one outstanding team Celtic and most results involving them are predictable, for me the Scottish Premiership is a weak league with too many games unequal. The fear of a regional set up would be too many mis matches Swindon v Ebbsfleet for instance, Bradford City v Chorley etc. Such games are generally not attractive, and therefore selling such a league to tv and other sponsors might be difficult. As I have said before I can see the advantages but it’s not the panacea many may think.
  11. Ultimately the Championship clubs may well do their own Premiership style breakaway, and grab all the money. I think they often threaten this. At that point then a regionalised set up. While I can see the advantages of regional set ups I am also a little wary that there may be some disadvantages too. Presumably when Divisions Three and Four were created out of Three North and South there were some sound reasons for doing so, probably improving the standard of play and a better promotion and relegation system.
  12. I think my comment “regional tv” deal, perhaps a little different thinking is needed. I can see that Halifax v Ebbsfleet holds no interest outside of the two home towns and so has limited appeal for a national broadcaster, and therefore low revenue. Where I am hoping is that maybe ITV would gain from being able to televise a number of games simultaneously to more local audiences. Those of you old enough to remember Yorkshire Television and their Yorksport offering will get the idea, except these matches would be live with maybe highlights of the rest following in the style of BT’s National League programme. I would think that the BT’s production costs are low for National League, fewer cameras and inexpensive hosts and pundits. In fact there may be a different platform to tv that then allows a more interactive viewing such as viewers selecting MoM awards and so much more.
  13. Could regional football be sold as a separate tv deal? At present Conference has a BT deal that pays them tuppence compared to the League Two clubs. The League clubs would be asked to include a further 24 clubs into their present tv deal share out so all would get less While I appreciate there are cost savings in less travel and potentially more travelling support, I’m not sure if they would ever vote for less money. Without another lucrative tv deal for the regional set up I can’t see it happening.
  14. I like this partnership. I watched Millie as the Gaffer answer the questions and his body language and general demeanour is spot on. There is real respect for each other and a good bond. Doubt you would have seen that in the Kelly /Harvey partnership.
  15. Riders of Rohan


    Just been announced on Football Focus that Stevenage have been reprieved. Nothing said about promotion from National League. But FL will promote 3 teams to L1 with Swindon as champions.
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