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  1. Surely the question is how many Town fans will stream away games of which there are 23 (or22) in a season. If the limit is 300 for the home club providing the stream and the away team gets the rest wouldn’t we be better off with that model? We could have 500 x £10 every away game. £5k x 22 = £110k.
  2. Seven staff is the point I’m making. Of course we had to sign players but we have never had so many non playing staff.
  3. And on another thread I have just read we are starting the season with a boot room team of seven for seventeen players. We have a restricted ground capacity and uncertainty how long that level of capacity will continue in the event of a worsening pandemic. Not a very smart move.
  4. Back room staff of seven for seventeen players. Has anyone told Bosomworth? What on earth will they all do with their time? Think a bit of belt tightening in order, what will Sargison do that Millington can’t do and vice versa? No excuse for not having a plan B when games aren’t going well under plan A.
  5. Sorry I’ve been a bit slow to reply to this. I too am a big Browny fan, but sadly I don’t think he will play for us again. Two weeks ago at a family gathering before the rule of six, I had a conversation with a League player who knew PW but had no connection with FCHT. He knew my support for Town and told me he had met PW at a golf club the previous week. PW told him he wanted rid of his captain. He said to me “ is he any good?”. I said that PW had given Brown a new contract around Christmas and I didn’t understand it. He shrugged his shoulders and said well he doesn’t want him now but di
  6. I would expect that Browny is a big influence around the club, in the dressing room etc. He was club captain after all. Great when he is with you on side, not so great when he isn’t. In normal workplaces sometimes managers or supervisors are put on gardening leave and this is the footballing equivalent.. Browny would be a fool to himself if he isn’t training somewhere, but I can’t see anything wrong with putting him on gardening leave to avoid risking dressing room dissent. With regard to no plan b when games are not going well under plan a. I agree with you there. I am hoping that h
  7. Was Brown overweight on his return for the playoffs? I think I read on here that he looked so. If so you can't have your captaino letting the side down. I know that PW was wanting rid of him at the time of the playoffs, I had it from someone who knows PW. When you've decided to part with someone you might still pay them but you wouldn't want them around the place. Just hope Browny is training somewhere otherwise it may take some time to move him on.
  8. Most European countries are in the same boat so there is no magic wand available to any government. There’s no saying whether this set of rules works any better than any other. Key is social distancing staying outside buildings and washing hands regularly. All of which are possible at the Shay with sensible measures.
  9. I thought Wood is left sided, why does everyone keep playing him on the right side.
  10. Is it possible things have stalled generally due to concerns regarding Covid crowd capacities and season start dates. I thought it very brave of the club to commit to players contracts when season ticket sales are low and the possibility of capacity reductions, are other clubs recruiting and have they announced as many signings as we have. If clubs are reluctant or slow to commit, and who can blame them, then there will be a lot of players still available. Would it be wise to see the reaction to the announcements last week and how season ticket sales have gone. I bought mine yesterday aft
  11. There was a problem with the terracing. The stand was built with the possibility of seating so with double width and double height, then to make into a standing terrace a layer of precast concrete blocks were added. The blocks would be able to be removed for seating but some started to move themselves and have now been fixed back in place. I think that’s the problem you’re referring to.
  12. If that’s what you believe.
  13. Aggressive, young, tall, left footed and pacy. Sounds ideal.
  14. Ah good old Browny. Designed us a bus depot in Leeds which was all very well until it came to my office and he put all the electrical sockets and computer whatsits at one end of the office. I had to threaten coming in one Sunday and ripping it out before it got put right. Never trust a footballer.
  15. Is he related to previous Seniors who have played for us (and the poodles)?
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