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  1. On occasions we have used a mobile advertising board on the back of a flat bed transit, driving round town with adverts for matches etc. Perhaps it would be a good idea to spec one that could live on a trailer for use inside the Shay on match days and also be towed by a car ahead of match-days. I make no commitment regarding rent but presumably we have previously paid rent for the Transit one.
  2. Given the first six months they could only be referred to as “the consortium”, should anyone dare to publicly utter their names they threatened to walk away. Even the Courier couldn’t muster the courage to out them. DB has finally opened up and we have a much improved comms this season so far.
  3. Wonder if it came as a shock to Rangers when they found they had qualified for this prestigious fixture. I'm sure there must be a UEFA rule somewhere that prohibits a Welsh team representing an English league.
  4. That is what I was saying. Good movement and better passing in a rapid counter attack style.
  5. Tobi is the only centre forward we have if you are playing with a big man at the top of the field on his own. Southwell isn't strong enough and Redshaw is a midget, just can't see McAlinden enjoying the physical contact either. Interesting in his first interview on Shaymen Player Redshaw says he prefers No10 role but can play up top too. Presumably punting high balls up to him against a centre back a foot higher than him would be pointless, but it is now with TSS there. Maybe Woking away is the place to re-invent our rapid counter attack style and rely on good movement and better passing to hit them on the break, with Redshaw and McAlinden up top and MacDonald and Allen in the wide roles. However I am still seething at Allen's lack of effort on their 4th goal, and I doubt I would pick him again for a while. Cooper, our best midfielder, and Maher must also start in the centre of midfield.
  6. Ah yes your right. Just not sure about TSS. Maybe the two Macs can work either side and Redshaw get into the near post and TSS make a presence at the back stick. Anyone know what Redshaw has been doing since July?
  7. Remember Bobby Ham being the Grab part of Smash and Grab. Are we still missing Smash? Seriously, he gets himself in the box. Perhaps he might make runs to the near post, we haven’t had anyone willing to do that for a while.
  8. Michel Stahl on the gate. Nothing like 35,000. Nearer the 10,000 we took to Whitby.
  9. £100 per week? Which slave labour gang are you with? Break free Erik and hand yourself into the police.
  10. Is the Horse called Eric? Is the Horse a Manic Depressive? Does the Horse support FC Halifax Town? Can’t be certain but probably.
  11. Horse goes into pub. Barman: Why the long face?
  12. I always felt he would start scoring goals and his confidence would soar and he’d be the player we hoped he would be. Sadly it never happened for him. The offside goal at Morecambe might have been that turning point if it had stood. I still wish well.
  13. It won’t be so easy , it never is.
  14. Saw him make his home debut for Man City v Wolves, he was my favourite non HTFC player for many years. Tuesday night Freddie Hill would have been my choice. Lee and Hill were team mates at Bolton, and I read somewhere that Lee went to Joe Mercer and said you can’t leave a man like Hill playing for Halifax Town, hence them signing him. Yes best player to ever play for Halifax Town, England International Freddie Hill. Sorry nostalgic waffle alert.
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