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  1. Slightly off topic. But could you recommend which companies you were thinking of. There are many of us with pension funds that would benefit by buying shares in these companies.
  2. The advantage of straw is that it would require an army of straw clearers, who would have to hang around while the match was being played in case a strong wind blew it all back on.
  3. My eldest son’s girlfriends brother is a professional footballer in the FL. He has a wife, a new born baby, Mum & Dad and Grandmother. In other words he has a family like everyone else, most people who go to work are socially distanced and or with ppe , his place of work is a bubble and there is no social distancing or ppe. Makes you wonder.
  4. Aye, that can be frustrating right enough. But at least you were sat at home rather than clinging onto a drainpipe.😊
  5. Send me your carrot diet and I’ll be able to see the same as you.
  6. Some people on here must have been eating carrots all week. I couldn’t even see the ball most of the time let alone who was actually playing it. We didn’t win so some people have to dig out a player or two. Keeps them happy I suppose.
  7. Heacham is next to Hunstanton so possibly true.. looking at Google maps. North Beach, Heacham is due west whereas Hunstanton maybe just curves away slightly. ????
  8. Nice work if you can get it.
  9. Heacham beach is the only beach on the East coast that faces West. Not a lot of people know that. Most of the Norfolk coastal resorts face North so if you are lucky enough to catch a sunny day beware of sun stroke with the sun shine on the back of your head, neck and back.
  10. Shock horror Cameron King failing to complete 90 minutes.
  11. I saw somewhere that Wild and Bosomworth were meeting up to discuss who they needed to keep or replace, then it was said that Gevaro was leaving. So presumably this meeting has happened and hopefully Wild knew the situation on loanees beforehand and the loss of Bell was factored in.
  12. If a white ball is ever used on a snow covered Shay pitch our automated camera will be unable to pick it up and will spend all 90 minutes focused on our goalkeeper, as whenever it loses the ball now it seems to suspect him of hiding it about his person.
  13. As a kid had a few holidays in the area. I liked Kings Lynn. Used to try to go round the docks, just nosy and interested in any form of transport!! Once went to the ground and found an open door, for a non league ground at the time it seem quite well proportioned. Thats not to say they still play there, I don't know. Also went to the Speedway there but a different ground a bit of a dump. No idea on the beer consumption of the farming community, I was far too young to be interested. I think its one I would like to go to, so will probably cough up £12 to see if its anything like my mem
  14. Sage minutes tell a different story to some of the narrative of decisions made “too late”. Minutes of 13th March: 24. SAGE was unanimous that measures seeking to completely suppress spread of Covid 19 will cause a second peak. SAGE advises it is near certainty that countries such as China, where heavy suppression is underway, will experience a second peak once measures are relaxed. Minutes of 18 March: 1. ..SAGE considers that the U.K. is 2 to 4 weeks behind Italy 3. Measures already announced should have significant effect provided compliance rates are in line with a
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