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  1. We kept possession so much better that season and perhaps slightly ahead of the time we pressed high and won back possession high up the field. Without possession and without pressing it is inevitable that we will end up with a back five. On Saturday we had periods where we were pushed back and played a long ball out of defence, usually losing it and remained under pressure. Our attacking options are so much better now since Redshaw and Rodney arrived, they have movement and pace. Making the 3-5-2 work will be the key to the season, we really have to look at how we are losing possession. Johnson's kick outs were an obvious one, which I think on Saturday he threw the ball out more and therefore more accurately. We now have to cut out the long ball to Rodney down the middle and try and use the channels more to benefit from his pace, (all of which we saw on Saturday just need to do it more and more).
  2. Someone bawled that out yesterday, about a minute before he scored with a screamer into the top corner. Don't you just love it when that happens? Well I do anyway. Yesterday he had his best game for us, he was everywhere and MOM contender. He always starts with a wonky first pass but got into a stride after that. He will look a better player now because there is more movement ahead of him and if the wing backs can get up the field he will have more options.
  3. I have it as 5 in 15, or 3 in last 12, or 0 in last 5. The tactical change has improved results. We still are unable to dominant possession but our counter attacking has improved and maybe ball retention will do so as the new system is worked better. Well done to Big Sam, ( who has been a cause of lost possession with his kick outs) he only found touch once I think and chose to throw the ball out instead, one of which resulted in a goal.
  4. Thanks Kit. These things happen. I though he looked like Vernon Allatt but thought he wasn’t with us at that time, Goodman I would never have got and I originally guessed at Dave Evans but then decided he doesn’t look tall enough to be a centre back. Is it too early to book the 50th Anniversary, and how many of us will still be bobbing about?
  5. Hadn't realised that. Andy Stafford, Dave Harris, ?, Paul Hendrie, Geoff Hutt, ?, ?, ?.
  6. OK here goes. From the above pitch photo (thanks WB) Andy Stafford, Dave Harris, ?, Paul Hendrie, Geoff Hutt, ?, Franny Firth, ?.
  7. Yes but indeed well done for organising it, and I liked the fact that both George Kirby and Mick Kennedy were represented by their family. Also I’m genuinely pleased those on the lunch had a great day.
  8. That I didn’t join the lunch celebration of the 40th anniversary of the FA Cup win. I hope those that did thoroughly enjoyed the day. I had hoped to be able to see them on the pitch but.. I was looking forward to seeing the players from that day but I think the way they were presented to the crowd was shambolic. I have to admit I was struggling to recognise my erstwhile heroes, I took a few photos but I still don’t properly know who is who. Does anyone have a team photo from today so that, despite their new identities, the feeble minded like me might be able to place names against them?
  9. A N Other - A N Other - A N Other. Your right, bang average.
  10. Well done to County, I’d rather see them progress than the hobby clubs, although I am supportive of some of the hobby clubs who have invested in great facilities for their fans. Having said that I’m not sure on how sustainable a football club outside the riches of the Premier League truly is.
  11. Mr Lanzo you are showing true management potential with your team selections. On match day how would it work, first one to tie their boots? Draw lots? Paper, Scissors, Stone? Why not go for the 3rd winger plan and play him there alongside Staunton and Cam King.
  12. Perhaps the board will now realise the money making potential of recognising the club that existed before 2008.
  13. I’m not into revisionism. He wasn’t selected because his performances were poor when he was. The left side of midfield position was his if he wanted it enough. I don’t doubt his ability. He is just another in a long line of footballers who down tools and go through the motions near the end of their contract when they think they deserve better. Maynard and Kosylo to name two.
  14. McAlindon stopped playing for us a couple of months ago, didn't want to risk injury and miss out on a FL contract, he thought he had done enough for us to land one. What went wrong Liam? He is a player above this level, so well done Stockport. Just at what point will he decide he needs a new contract somewhere else, and lose interest. See you in the play offs (without him).
  15. We lost most of our Salty Sea Dogs after that trip to Whitby when most of the 10,000 never found their way home again. Oh for the pull of the sea.
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