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  1. I can’t see any politician taking the restrictions off any time soon, it’s going to be extremely difficult. Boris had started out without a lock down, but many wanted an immediate lock down. When one of the Egg Heads alongside him uttered the words “herd immunity” all hell broke loose and lock down was inevitable. A number of posts seem to be supporting the herd immunity plan now but it’s too late to go back to that and too dangerous. However given there is no vaccine herd immunity is all we’ve got as an alternative to lock down to stop the spread. Fact is we have a virus that modern medicine can do little about, your chance of survival appears to depend on how good your own body is at fighting it. What is crucial about this virus is that 20% of victims seem to need hospital help via oxygen pumped to your lungs, allowing it run rampant quickly overcomes any and every health system. No country can have a spare healthcare capacity sufficient to take 20% of the population.
  2. Agree. But they couldn’t stop packets of drugs coming in, guess an invisible virus is well beyond them. As for the muppets who are deliberately flouting the regulations perhaps a Covid-19 infested Armley is what they deserve.
  3. A large number of the Prison population will be released soon as they jails aren’t safe for neither prisoners nor prison officers, a sense of panic is setting in across the prison network. We might need a curfew in place if they do. I speak as someone who had two attempted break- ins in the same day (12th March). makes me feel very uneasy.
  4. 46 pages already and 5 months and 2 weeks 6 days to go. Oh Joy.
  5. We are a long way from Martial Law. If you want to see that in action look at India or our new friends China. In India the police walk down the street hitting anyone near enough. In England we have youths gathering together taunting the Police.
  6. Is it because you put under occupation: Football Manager ChiefAdvisor?
  7. Fact is we are in a national emergency, nay worldwide emergency. No other U.K. government has had to deal with this particular emergency. No other U.K. government has stopped the economy and tried to pay everyone 80% of their earnings, at the same time keep parts of the economy going and other parts going at full steam to keep us safe. Achieving all those things all at the same time when they have never been done before will not be 100% successful, it’s impossible to expect that. There has been some pretty remarkable things done, not least of all the 80% wage funding, that’s amazing. How normality is achieved and how quickly will be the next massive challenge. Then how the state pays for it, or really how we pay for it will be biggest challenge. But that is all to come, we have to live with the virus as best can now, there is no cure or vaccine for it so is here to stay for now.
  8. If it’s just a block of ice. Why is it called Greenland? Were the Vikings taking the p!ss?
  9. What a lump of wood the Boreham Wood chairman is. He thinks he is so clever and writes as though he thinks the rest of us are as dumb as donkeys.
  10. Agree no one knows. I wasn’t referring to the over 60’s. I was referring to the 1.5 million people on the Covid 19 at risk register due to health issues ( many are elderly) and I pointed out that project fear targeted them with horror predictions regarding the supply of their medicines, you would expect these people to have been spooked by project fear and they would more likely have been Remain voters as a result (regardless of their age). So it’s pretty foolish (and unpleasant) to consider whether Covid 19 will target Remain or Leavers voters the most. Let’s leave this subject there.
  11. How everybody knows who voted for what is intriguing. Given Project Fear played heavily on pharmaceutical supplies surely anyone in the most at risk may have been feared into voting remain. Negotiations have stopped because of Covid19 so it may be harder to negotiate in a reduced timescale. However, our services based economy might recover faster than a manufacturing based economy. As the manufacturers are hit by both supply and demand side reductions, ie can’t get parts and can’t sell what they’ve made. It could be that remaining in the EU would be unwise if the Eurozone slides into a big recession. All very much unknowns and not something I would bet on.
  12. I am happy to follow Shaytrev’s lead. No refund on season ticket for me. My Club, My Love.
  13. Nonsense. The table is determined by the number of points awarded, highest points towards the top, lowest towards the bottom. You are not deducted points for inconsistencies, therefore we have better results than those below us.
  14. This is the consistency we have been striving for all season.
  15. Dog of the Canine variety that is.
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