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  1. I kept pointing out last season he wasn’t interested his body language said it all. The only games he played for us were the televised ones. Is he still working full time and playing for Flyde. No doubt it. His only concern was he thought he was denied a big contract from them or Salford by our taking up his option. He will be looking to punish us on Saturday.
  2. Watched it again and I’m pleased to say you are correct. Good goal. Var to the rescue.
  3. Clear foul on their keeper. Ball In play at the time.
  4. Too many shots did not hit the goal, which is one of Wilds mantras to make the keeper push it out for a potential tap in. King’s second half free kick went over. He only needed to hit the target and make the keeper work. A lot less power and the keeper has to do something. I hope they have some shooting practice before Saturday.
  5. JBW had a tough first half at Wrexham. As they walked off at HT Browny was chatting to him. Obviously worked as much better 2nd half. Looked good pressing forward with McAlindon and I think JBW played the ball for TS2 when he was brought down.
  6. Riders of Rohan


    It’s August. Played 3 games. Last two seasons made the same sort of start but by October some of you were wanting the manager at the time sacked. Its a long season and lots can and will happen. Just try to enjoy the ride each season. I do.
  7. Of course, the opposition team may well have ideas of their own on how each of our games will be played. But at least we might start with an attacking plan. Over the last 3 seasons we have usually had less than 50% possession and played very deep. Back four sit too deep through lack of pace and we don’t keep the ball when we get it. Will be interesting to see if that changes under Wild.
  8. Was Ronnie Moore driving one of them? Two mysteries solved.
  9. Absolutely took the dog for a walk and got bitten by flying ants. What’s that all about? Eh, Wildy? The guy from the frozen North never did that. Dour and boring. His weather was as bad as his football.
  10. I have to admit to being dubious at first. However the Oldham fans rate him and are saying he is a cracking appointment. Oldham fans hated Kelly and were right, let’s hope they are right again. Fullarton came to us with Notts County fans describing him as their worst ever manager. But this fella seems to be well liked. As ever he will have my support.
  11. Yes me too. Can’t think of any appointment that took more than 3 days. Dithering Dave true to nickname.
  12. When making an appointment you start by deciding the profile of applicant you are looking for. Most people on here a week ago were saying need an experienced manager with contacts. Then Clarke says he’s interested and everyone decides the experienced bit isn’t necessary at all. You can’t make this forum up. Wild appears to have a good coaching background and very limited managerial experience. May be the profile DB is working to is different and doesn’t include the word “experienced “, but unless the 50 applicants consisted on 48 nutters from here and two others I just don’t believe we couldn’t do better.
  13. Since the formation of the new club I have purchased a season ticket, but unlike before I do not generally buy raffle tickets half time draws nor will I make donations. My relationship with FCHT is different to how it was with HTFC in that it is a transactional one the same I have with Sainsbury’s etc. I do not invest in Sainsbury’s when a buy a tin of beans from them, investment for Sainsbury’s comes from the shareholders and the 5p profit they might retain in their funds from my purchase. They are entitled to that in my opinion as they would not otherwise be in business to supply my needs, and I do not expect Sainsbury’s to consult with me on how they spend the 5p. Bosomworth wanted outright control of the new club and he has it, he must therefore accept that his customers will not be expected to provide funds over and above.
  14. That sounds quite an aggressive bid, a sort of “ have a sh*t or get off the pot” sort of bid. For Mr B to have a majority control he would need to match it with £250,000 or for outright control (75%) he would need to find £750,000. Are the resignations of Peacock and Fullarton connected to this bid? What can the bidder do now?
  15. Maybe he built that much furniture he hasn’t got room to open the door to leave.
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