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  1. Not when you want it back, and no- one at the club knows where it is now. Mattresses are much better.
  2. Hyde, Allen, Chadwick, Campbell, Obeiro.. Have we really got five quality strikers for two positions? They are all a little bit different to each other too. Good Luck getting the selection right Mr W.
  3. BT cameras usually manage to follow the ball, well at least they aren’t obsessed with Sam Johnson and when they realise he isn’t in the goal we are attacking refuse to go any further than edge of the penalty area. And incredibly they have action replays, although they do miss the live action sometimes when showing the replays. But for £25 per month you can’t have everything, so well worth the money.
  4. My Uncle Jim lived in Manchester, a City fan. He used to get the Evening News Pink Final, he’d save them up and post them onto me. They’d come wrapped in brown paper and tied with string, with a Co-op business mail on (where he worked). Obviously a month late some of them which rather lost the instant match report flavour. However I insisted he sent them, I loved the detailed inside pages on all the Manchester area League teams, Bury, Rochdale, Oldham, Stockie etc, even Crewe. I really knew my football in those days!
  5. Absolutely. I used to live two doors away from the newsagent (a business started by my grandad). After a Shay game I’d catch the bus home and sometimes the Greens travelled with me on the same bus. Otherwise I would wait half an hour and go and get one. Amazing feat of printing technology in the age of letters and telegrams. Even though I had been at the game, reading Bill Carters comments somehow confirmed what I thought about the game. That season was wonderful, what a superb side we had, we just got better as the season went on. I remember being really upset when we lost at Torqua
  6. Slightly before my time, my old fruit. First game for me 1965-66 season, 0-0 draw, should have realised that's how it is, but I thought it was great.
  7. Good to know once every 100 years or so a player signed from Bradford City turns out to be a good un. Although I did like Bobby Campbell and Barry Gallagher, but Campbell was definitely Quackers.
  8. He was ahead of his time. Donald Duck first appeared in 1934, so our Donald probably got away without too many quacks as he waddled down the wing.
  9. What? I put a lot of thought into it. I read Itman’s excellent preview, consult Mrs RoR on technical matters beyond Itmans capabilities, ask the dog his opinion, test the lawn during spells of inclement weather and breathe deeply to get a feeling from my gut. only been wrong once recently and that was down to the dog.
  10. I know as a Halifax Town fan you’re not really allowed to expect any sort of prolonged run of modest achievement let alone success, and there is always the feeling that some sort of disaster is “imminent”. But I am allowing myself to be well pleased and optimistic, as I actually trust this guy to do his best for us. I never really believed last season, it was an over achievement. I was so disappointed by our performance in the play offs and we went out without a fight. In that low moment I felt Wild and Mllington just weren’t up to it. Wild spent the last 20 minutes of the game pacin
  11. When playing for us I think he was the keeper who had his nose smashed and Tommy Graham went in goal at 0-2 down and some would say because we were without Tommy in midfield we went to win. V Swindon Town. When playing for Scotland he lived up to his dodgy Scottish keeper with some dodgy moments but can’t remember who they were playing.
  12. Thanks, I’ve been wracking my brains trying to remember his name, I had the G but too many of my grey cells have become mashed potato.
  13. What this message board coming to. Praising Referees, whatever next.
  14. It’s a good interview if a little long. He is a really honest guy, who has respect and decency. He has stayed where he has enjoyed the football and left clubs when he hasn’t.
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