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  1. Maybe your opinion would be different if you had been to the game. Their keeper could have sat in the stand and the score would be no different.
  2. Can’t understand why when they went down to 10 nowt changed. it only changed when we went 1 down and then if anything it was a stupid change and didn’t improve things.
  3. Did you watch the game Ash today ? Forget the stats so early in the season, more performances like that today and we will mirror last season
  4. Bullied again in the middle of park, Cooper sadly not the answer. Wild needs to concentrate on what’s going happening on the pitch rather than whinging at the 4th official for 90 mins.
  5. Guido

    Liam McAlinden

    Scout from FGR up on Saturday was surprised when he was benched. Didn't specifically say he was watching LM but his comment of "The Golden Boy" is on the bench Mmmmmmm and his questions about his performances to date sort of suggested it was him he was casting his eye over.
  6. Your too hard on yourself at time's Tel
  7. Picture 12 in the Courier you can make out "Dennis" ,"Cheshire/Kirby Moorside/Huddersfield Steve" & "Blackhall Paul" how many games between them have they seen over the years ? Well done Boys that is "Shaymen till i Die" stuff
  8. It could have been worse yesterday we could have had Kevin Friend as the Ref
  9. Injury to Browney after their goal
  10. Last time I saw Sam lose it is when he volleyed the Ball into Skircoat Road the game he got sent off
  11. There is a slight difference in the fact that we went bust Bury have been expelled. I don’t think they are legally bust, just technically.
  12. Well done Tel giving everyone the heads up. The Shaymen’s very own “Sally Traffic”
  13. Who’s this Kossy
  14. Not his best performance yesterday, he looked knackered
  15. We simply didn’t use or keep the ball well enough. Too many 30 yard floated balls to give away possession. Noble & J King very poor imo. Wilde Pete didn’t look best pleased at FT which I suppose is not a bad thing after picking up an away point.
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