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  1. Won’t be joining you in February Steve, Easy Jet have cancelled our Jolly
  2. Better check with Hartlepool first !
  3. Had to be called off as it was cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey. Stelling and all the Monkey hangers have been made to look absolute retards by their own manager who has confirmed that nothing could be done. What would you have done as a non league club ? Switched on your undersoil heating !!!
  4. Last I heard he was campaigning for “John KETTLEy” to be installed as chairman
  5. Major Tom Moore will get fitter quicker than Lazarus. Determination is what’s missing at times.
  6. No chance of the RL club contributing, didn't they refuse to contribute towards the roll out tunnel ?
  7. FFS people are dying in a pandemic and people are moaning because a REFEREE has deemed a pitch unplayable. Absolute F@kwits
  8. Games in hand mean nothing !! It’s points in the bag that count 😉
  9. What was the score at the time of the abandonment? and was it a cup game?
  10. After 80 mins i think the score at the time stands
  11. Who cares we are level, Team game
  12. Just tuned into the radio comms, who missed the one on one ?
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