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  1. Who’s this Kossy
  2. Not his best performance yesterday, he looked knackered
  3. We simply didn’t use or keep the ball well enough. Too many 30 yard floated balls to give away possession. Noble & J King very poor imo. Wilde Pete didn’t look best pleased at FT which I suppose is not a bad thing after picking up an away point.
  4. I think 2 of the games Steve I were on dry January
  5. Of the 5 games i saw last season in 3 of them they didn't score !! Yes his record looks impressive I am only commenting on what i saw.
  6. I think most realised that he was a much better player than those who were getting shirts. Unfortunately the man that mattered didn't
  7. I saw him several times last year whilst watching Brigus and his goal to chance ratio was not that impressive. However good luck to the lad I hope he prospers and does well, I just think at this level he would struggle.
  8. Why on earth he went down like an MFI wardrobe i don't know !! Minimal contact from Lawlor should have stayed on his feet and gone on. Bloody Chadders has more pace than Lawlor.
  9. Are there any decent watering holes near the ground ?
  10. You silly old £$%" playing at your age, you should know better !! Ducky and the Binman have nought to worry about, their positions are safe
  11. I would have said “ Well done Girl “
  12. No not at all, no cards and must of been 25 mins in before she blew for a free kick. Well done Girl
  13. A well done to the female referee who did very well.
  14. Love the "Worst Mistake Ever Seen" "When Chris Priest tried to mix it with Hulmey" My old mate Stanners told us that Priest ran straight out of the ground and hid on the team bus
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