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  1. Will have a job, my brother in law did his funeral
  2. We bought it off the Rugby club as they have no need for it now
  3. As there was no provision in the rules for a curtailed season then its played to a conclusion or scrapped.
  4. We are at a big disadvantage if that is the case. IMO the season should have been played out to a conclusion or scrapped.
  5. Bloody Wigan only beat the dog botherers 2-0
  6. We have a rich benefactor, he is rich because he is prudent or tight
  7. Can you PM the account details and then I can sort.
  8. Why would we want him !! How the hell can you get away on tax fraud with £250k in a bank account in your dogs name Sorry but don’t like him or Big Sam wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw John Parkin
  9. Would be nice if all the prize winners donated them back to auction off to raise more funds. if they do I will start the ball rolling and offer £400 for the first prize
  10. Brighton(Champions) at home. Us wanting a point to stay up with both manager's "Good Buddies" was the biggest lets say "non event"
  11. You can't be far off the 100 Club yourself now Terry
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