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  1. Refunded our money this afternoon.
  2. The offside rule needs to be changed so that if any part of your body is onside, then you are just that, onside. You celebrate a goal now only to find out that your big toe is offside so it doesn't count is absolute crazy, and It also causes havoc in the stands as it irritates the supporters.
  3. Wouldn’t say we dominated Yeovil, we may of had the better chances but they definitely had the lions share of the game and mostly dictated it.
  4. Hard to tell what was worse, our delivery from corners or the streaming picture
  5. Missing a Dan Gardner type player IMO
  6. Don’t want to tempt fate, but that Cooper is Sh1te
  7. This stream is shocking, get it sorted Wild
  8. Hope the quality of the stream improves its awful
  9. Think Chadders is spinning the half time discs, seem as there are no goalposts to get the wrong way around
  10. Won 0-1 very good performance. Must say credit to the referee who let the game flow.
  11. Attempts on Goal City 8 Harrogate 22 !!
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