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  1. Not sure you could Furlough a secondary income ?
  2. Guido

    Martial Law

    Had cause to visit a prison about 2 years ago, the prison itself was no problem, however waiting in the visitor centre to go in was the most uncomfortable and uneasy time i have ever had in my lifetime.
  3. Guido


    No advice on touching Flaps & Knockers Kit ?
  4. Guido


    That's why to protect our Post People you should make sure "You're Flaps & Knockers" are kept clean
  5. Well that squashes the rumour that the only happy hour your into involves Brown falling down water
  6. I was quite surprised on Saturday that he didn’t get any stick from the Grumpy East standers. I didn’t hear any abuse and as he didn’t turn around and tell someone to do one suggests there wasn’t any. I’m pretty sure if Billy Heath had of been in the dugout he would have got dogs abuse for that performance. one thinks Mr Wild got away with one.
  7. Keep safe Steve & Marie and look after yourselves
  8. The thing is every time he play's on the left of a back 3 he constantly gets caught out several times a game. Lets be honest if he was any good Chesterfield would not have let him go, the guy is a liability. I was critical of Danny Lowe playing left side in a defensive line up but buy eck i know which one i would prefer.
  9. That's how it looked to us too.
  10. We thought so at the time, why he completed 90 minutes i will never know
  11. Question for those who watched on TV in the 2nd half their forward challenged Bin Man for the ball which looked like a shoulder charge and took the ball off him. Was it a free kick or did the Ref get it wrong?
  12. Sorry but i really sadly think he is out of his depth. He cant read what is going on in a game, as if he could he would make changes.
  13. So why blame the people of Calderdale for doing the same ?
  14. Only trouble Steve was the excess baggage charge, them medals weighed a ton
  15. He's been hypocritical criticizing the Calderdale public for not supporting the team and has not gone himself? Problem? Sometimes you have got to let go and let your kids defend themselves.
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