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  1. What formation do we play now? Chadwick is an automatic starter with Hyde I suspect. So do we have Campbell and Allen off either flank and go ultra attacking? Or bench Campbell and Allen for later in the game.
  2. Wow that's brilliant news. Well done to the club for getting this done. Hopefully he hits it off again and we can have him for the rest of the season
  3. Given the other option (if Senior isnt fit) is to move the right back to left back and play a midfielder/centre back at right back. I'd say if that happens Tear is pretty much done here if he isnt already.
  4. Despite most having forgot about him. We do have Dom Tear. If he can't get a game this week then its even more clear he isnt in the managers plans. Hoping for a win but their below us in the table so we'll probably lose. That's the backwards way of Halifax town
  5. If it's right or wrong to have taken the loan is a different opinion to everyone. However the long term benefits of having the scout at the club outway the short term cost in my view. The amount of our former players who he scouted for the club that are now in the football league tells the story of why he may well turn out to be a very valuable asset to the club.
  6. This isnt any old scout though. He has a track record of finding players of potential and sell them on. He will hopefully be worth his weight in gold this summer.
  7. Brilliant decision to have him back at the club will be worth his weight in gold this summer when helping with recruitment. Well done to all involved for bringing him back. Hopefully he stays for the long term and starts making us some money in sell ons.
  8. However good any player is given the current financial situation. Any player we get offered a fee for should be accepted whoever it is as long as it's not a derogatory one.
  9. Wonder what they will do if we are aloud in for the last game. I mean it would be brutal of them to withhold based on being aloud to 1 game. I would hope they would stick to their word on the season ticket offer at the start of the season. If that means we have to route around the lower leagues for some players for a couple of seasons then maybe fans would prefer that than go back on their word.
  10. I pointed out on another thread that in order to move up the leagues you have to have good distribution. Everyone knows it isnt Johnsons strongest point. On Tuesday I was pleased to see he was rolling it short a lot more than he did against Torquay for instance. That's how the majority want to play these days. Isnt he contracted beyond this season though?
  11. I can see the argument from both sides here. I can have sympathy with Bosomworth in the sense that noone could have foreseen how long this situation was going to go on. Everyone was hoping fans would be back in this season. However what I can't have any sympathy with is us saying we cannot afford players because of it. How much have we spunked this season on 2 reserve keepers who haven't played a minute. A 3rd left wing back who gets 2 minutes at the end of the game if he's lucky and a attacking midfielder who's been close to a comeback for the last 4 months yet has yet to play a game fo
  12. Grimsby are Bottom. 4 points adrift of safety as things stand.
  13. I still haven't changed my stance from last night at some point very soon we have to put a run of wins together. I don't see there being the consistency to be able to do that.
  14. I wonder if anyone has ever thought about bringing Helly back to the club in some role.
  15. My concern is the table to date tells us we dont have consistency in us. The win, loss and draw columns are almost identical. We need to put a run together the form so far in the season says we are just as capable of throwing a Barnet in as we are a Torquay
  16. 8 points off the play offs. Don't think we have a run In us
  17. Disappointing cause a point really doesnt cut it.we still have to put a run of 4 wins together. I don't think we are capable of it
  18. Another team that can pass a football better than we can.
  19. Bloody hell this Hartlepool game is cursed in one way or another.
  20. Just the countdown clock. I'll refresh at kick off and see If that works.
  21. I think it looks like a 433 with Maher and Green holding in midfield.
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