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  1. He's good at what he does. He doesn't pick out the flashy pass. He protects the back 4 well though and we are lacking that at the moment. He's a better player than you make out.
  2. Next Tuesday? Didnt know we had a game. Unless you mean the Tuesday coming
  3. I always find it slightly patronising to those kind of players. Go on lad you can have a game against a much lower ranked team in the county cup. Appleyard could turn into Gordan Banks for the night and still be back on the bench for the next first team game. Your not playing for a place your literally just being played because the manager doesnt want to risk his "first teamers"
  4. Not a big fan of the county cup. When it comes to results. We either win it. Or get knocked out in the first round against the Horse and Jockey away in the arse end of nowhere with an under 12's team. Can't say i'm too bothered which one of them happens this season
  5. seen the article now. Disgusting behaviour. Hope all involved are banned for life
  6. Greggs

    Goals show

    Don't know why i bother watching it. Every single week they do everything they can to not talk about us. Same again tonight. We can talk about Bromley being brilliant and Woking being consistent but lets not bother mentioning the team inbetween them. Absolute joke it really is.
  7. Big win that. Espcecailly having efectivly having to win it twice. We kept it together enough on the pitch and in the stands during that rocky patch to allow us to regroup and go again 2nd half. Really need Brown back in that defense so so shaky back there.
  8. So so poor defensivly. Means we have to try and win this game twice. When's Brown back? Needs to be this week. Shipping goals by the bucket full.
  9. Hopefully it works and we can rest King all game
  10. King on the bench. Absolutely bizarre once again. Hope it works but he's confusing me every week at the minute
  11. Big game. They are bang in form so we won't see a walk over. Always more confident in us down the Shay though.
  12. Wouldn't that be the same if Southwell and Silva played together?
  13. Why can't Southwell and Mcalinden play together? Silva isn't a goal threat consistently enough.
  14. How many chances on goal did he have? Different strikers have different strengths. Long ball was not Southwell's strength. Whereas you could hit it over the top to Rodney and Duku as they had the pace to play that way. I personally think Southwell gets more stick than he warrents. You can't score if you don't have chances to
  15. Not turning upto games most certainly is an active form of forcing a clubs hand. I have a season ticket so i attend every home game. I can fully understand why people boycotted it last season though and i would have done the same if i hadnt already paid to go in Certain people on this forum would sooner have had Heath and Fullarton take us down than say something negative about the situation
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