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    Every week at the minute a different scenario crops up that shows the flaws in the system. This weeks would be Liverpool scoring from an attack after a potential VAR call. There was no way they were going to rule out a Liverpool goal and then give a penalty to City. Especially infront of the Kop at Anfield. We will never know if a penalty would have been given had Liverpool not scored but i really think it might well have been. Goal line technology is good. But Var has been rushed in and its not even close to fit for purpouse. There's no way they will go back from it now. Technology has to be part of the future of the game. I really am not sure how you implement it though.
  2. The rest of your message didn't appear till after for some reason. There is a lot of quality in this team at the minute and in attack. For me Tobi at the forfront if it is breaking it down far too often. Redshaw needs to come in for him after the 2 week break. I like Tobi he works hard. But the brutal honest truth of the matter is if we want to stay up here we cannot have a striker with a worse than 1 in 6 ratio leading our attack. Especially now there is a better option. Which really there wasn't before.
  3. How about you play the ball on the floor then. Our best play yesterday came when we were playing football on the deck when Redshaw was running in behind. You don't need a target man. Especially one that doesnt win a header. Torquay were a quality side who played with pace and fast running in behind. On the floor. Play the ball on the floor. It suits our players far more than trying to guess which way its going to bounce off someones head
  4. Tobi has scored 4 goals. 2 of those came in 1 game. So he has scored in 3 of our 20 matches. Thats worse than 1 in 6
  5. For some reason we do not play the best team in there best positions week in week out. Why have your top scorer on the wing when the centre forward you are playing can't hit a barn door. Why not put 2 pacey wingers on either side. Admitedly that has only been an option the last 2 games but he hasn't done it in either. Even when he did make the subs it was Mcdonald off for Allen when really performances said it should have been Tobi off. Now we have Redshaw aswell. He should be starting after our break. Mcalinden should be in behind and Mcdonald and Allen should be on either side. That is the best attack we currently have fit. But you can bet your bottom doller it won't be played and Tobi won't be dropped.
  6. Banging them in for fun at Chesterfield that lad. Move on for crying out loud, he's been gone well over a year.
  7. Now we have Mcdonald back and signed Redshaw its now obvious who the weak link is. I just hope Wild now realises it.
  8. Simple as far as i see it. Redshaw should be upfront. Mcalinden in behind. Allen on one side. Mcdonald on the other. That is the best attack. Sho silva is nowhere near our best attack. Wild surely must start to see this from now on. We looked so threatening when we had all our best strikers on the pitch at the end. Please Wild remove the problem and we have a chance
  9. We do have a good attack. Unfortuntely the forefront of it is so so poor. If Sho Silva isnt one of those who gets shown the door i'll start to question wild.
  10. What has Silva done to stay on exactly? Besides fall over and win 0 headers. About as much of a goal threat as a field mouse
  11. I think thats a terrific signing. He needs utilising in the right way now. No doubt in my mind he should be first choice with Mcalinden
  12. Seen as this player has turned us down could you tell us who it was?
  13. If we can find a way to get a win on saturday then i dont think we can not be in the play offs at the start of december. If we can still be there by the big december games then wow the attendances should be good. Make no mistake about it that was a big win to settle everyone down a little bit. Now we all need to be back with the team on saturday becuase we really can make that difference. The team has proved themselves tonight we need to prove ourselves on saturday
  14. Not stupid as Wild has said he has seen enough off all the players to make judgements on players. If he has then we have also. I wouldnt have made the topic if Wild hadnt of done that interview this evening.
  15. So Wild has said he has seen enough of the players and is willing to send some packing. Who you keeping? Who should go?
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