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  1. Tell you what Gascoigne is doing a good job to still be going at his age and what a privilege for King to be able to replace him
  2. This is Halifax Town, as Pete Wild says that's the "utopia" but we all know we will lose games that we really shouldn't be doing and win ones we think we have no chance in. Because of the position we are in we'd have to show Sutton like consistency and we haven't done that most of the year. The last 9 games is as consistent as we have been all year. Before that we'd win a couple. Then not win in 3 and so on like that.
  3. Looking at the direction the ball goes after striking it looks to be curling to the left as it hits the net there's no way King could get it to go in like that with his in step as he was going to strike it with his left foot.
  4. He's such a smart footballer though. Which is why he has a vision and can see things before anyone else and whilst we have some decent players speed of thought isn't always the best with some players. Looking forward to Summerfield to coming back in. He's got the quick thinking Hyde will really like
  5. I've enjoyed this. Both my bosses at work are Hudds fans so I'm looking forward to asking if they enjoyed the game
  6. Those creepy profile pictures just don't sit right with me at all.
  7. Yes but I hate to be a gloomy gus but we still have Chesterfield. Stockport. Wrexham and Bromley to play at home as well as Chesterfield away we ain't getting maximum points from that. I cant see us catching Hartlepool as much as we have games in hand we wont win them all
  8. Talking about the long term. Summers in the best passer in the team so when he is ready to return to the starting line up he should be straight back in. When that happens who plays at the back Clarke or Maher
  9. Be interesting to see when Summerfield is back next week if Maher moves back or Clarke stays in there.
  10. We need to consolidate that now. Every time we get into the spots we seem to go and lose the next game.
  11. This team just never does anything easy
  12. We are playing Wrexham at home next are we not? A week on Tuesday is it not? They seem to think its Kings Lynn
  13. We have been terrible since going 2 in front again. Aswell as selfish play in good positions.
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