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  1. The way i see it. Is if your going to remove 2 key goal threats directly after going a goal down and you end up losing the match, you are going to get called out on that error regardless of where the table says we are. Having said that he is a learning manager and hopefully he has learnt from those substitutions today
  2. Don't talk sense. Oops sorry not positive enough, we should be happy when we lose games. Those are the rules the head in the sand crew want us to play to
  3. You know where the block button is.
  4. The last paragraph is bang on. Literally removed any chance of scoring a goal from the pitch.
  5. Aww another one who won't ever allow anything negative against the club. Yes we have had a fantastic start. The manager has my full support. For every 4-0 win we can wax lyrical about. Theres defeats that people are going to pick the bones out of like it ir not. But there have been notable wrong decisions in the last 2 games. You choose to stick your head in the sand thats your lookout
  6. And here's the resident. Everythings rosy and bright non stop. People are entitled to there say. Positive or nevative.
  7. I don't understand when you go a goal down. You take your 2 most likely players off. Sho Silva does some things well. But he simply isn't a goal threat.
  8. I do not understand those subs at all. To remove 1 is bizarre to remove both Mcalinden and King is baffling.
  9. Think its only a loan. Says on wiki "Forest green took up the option on his contract for the 19/20 season" Unless something has changed in the last 2 months
  10. Did he play for Forest Green when they were in this league? Is this a signing or loan? doesnt say on the article
  11. If its the players who feel comfortable with doing it this way then thats fair enough. It doesnt make for comfortable viewing at times but the players have to feel comfortable to perform. I like how he kind of knew what was likely to come with some of the questions shows he's on the beat and knows what he's talking about. The football on show has been sparkling at times with a real willingness to outscore the opposition and worry about our own game and not someone elses. We can't really have any complaints.
  12. Struggle with awayers. Difficult enough convincing my boss to give me all the home games off i need without asking him to sort the awayers too.
  13. Well i'm glad someone adked the question. But just looking at the answer on here i can't understand the answer?
  14. We have. But the only way you can counter attack from it is if Johnson collects the ball. If one of our players clears it its just coming straight back
  15. A question i'd like to ask if i was able to go. Would be about defending set pieces and what his thought process is behind everyone back defending it. As it often leads to not being able to get out. Theres a lot of teams in our league use this tactic but i fail to see the benefits of it. Not a critismn just want to know why he thinks it benefits us.
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