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  1. This game won't be easy. I am confident but its important we don't get too confident and the team treat it like any other league game.
  2. Your forgetting that Cam King is out of contract in the summer. King has bags of quality but he could also be disappearing in 4 months.
  3. The shot wasnt on target. I was stood behind the shot and it was going a fair distance wide. As much as we all want him to get the goal. There's no chance he will
  4. Unfortunately I'm working. These sorts of games always make me nervous though. Everything points to an away win, but we all know how annoyingly organised Chorley can be. They need a win as much as us though so I'm hoping a football match breaks out and that should mean only 1 winner.
  5. He also said he was going to use all 4 strikers appropriately depending on the game. I just hope that means as it was on Saturday bringing others on when the games won to rest key players and not starting others.
  6. I've no issues with him coming on as a sub but that's all he should be and I wouldn't do it till the game is won. Makes me nervous Wild saying we have 4 top strikers at the club. I want to know where the other 2 are Is Rodney and Redshaw don't start every remaining league game I'd be very surprised and more than a little annoyed.
  7. This makes me as nervous as the South stand singing the town are going up 30 minutes into the 2nd game of the season. Yes we have a good chance but if anyone can mess things up it would be us
  8. I'd give it up If I was you mate. It's called blind support a lot of people on here love to adopt this policy for some reason. Let them believe Tobi is good enough. Everyone that knows the game can see the performances and results are light years better with him rooted to the bench. Thank christ Wild finally opened his eyes to that.
  9. If I had a choice I'd want to finish 3rd. That way you get the benefit of the first week off in the play offs. If you finish 2nd and didn't go up I'd be more peeved as we would have been the best team in the play offs and the highest placed and got edged out in a 1 off game by a team who did worse during the regular season
  10. When his replacement is pinging in volleys from the edge of the box I'd be surprised to see him get back in there but remember he isn't a full back, he just then becomes another option in the middle of the park
  11. Nothing against Mcalinden. But Rodney fits far better into our system. However I'm sure if you asked Mcalinden where he wanted to play I'm sure he would probably say as a striker. We didn't play him there and it seems Stockport arnt going to either.
  12. He's doing well there. He's yet to come up against a winger that's properly done him so to speak but as good as he has done sometimes you can tell it's not his natural position. He dives in a fair bit and gets very very tight to his man. Whereas say Duckworth would probably pick and choose when to get tight and when to back off. Still he is new to the role and he is performing admirably in it.
  13. Showed many flashes of quality. Looked a little rusty. He will only get better. He knows he's loved here
  14. I found it funny looking at there forum. One of them said he was playing out wide when he should be upfront. Remember that all too well
  15. When you get players charging in that usually means red. Glad it went our way today. Playing by today's pansy rules though it just looked like a red
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