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  1. Greggs


    I get what your saying it looks bad. However the incident took place during the game so is to be reviewed like any other penalty Incident during the game. Just because the ref has blown the whistle doesnt mean he should have got away with a handball in my view anyway.
  2. Greggs


    I haven't seen the game I was just calling it based on the video I have seen.
  3. Greggs


    The incident happened before the full time whistle and it was a clear handball. Right decision.
  4. Looks very defensive. Where's Hyde and who's the other striker?
  5. I'd hope for a permanent option. Even with Stenson who sounds injury prone we only had 3 options. We need a 4th permanent centre forward.
  6. That's a good amount actually. Hopefully help teams who are struggling and us of course. Awaiting confirmation though.
  7. Greggs

    No fans

    I wouldn't pay for home streaming. Why would we pay to watch the same game twice? Agree regarding the away games. I wont be asking for a refund.
  8. I agree with that. However there has been a few on here that think it would be right for season ticket holders to pay for the same game twice in terms of paying for the stream after already paying for a season ticket.
  9. I said yesterday the only 2 options now are Cancel the season or start and find away for the government to support it for the season. Postponement isn't an option as you wouldn't get the season finished in time to allow promotion and relegation. Certainly not with a 6 month postponement anyway. Everyone has built a squad so we might as well make them play for the wage they earn. The government absolutely has to support this but it needs to happen quick before the league meet tomorrow. Dagenham chairman says 20 million is needed in government funding to support a behind closed
  10. Greggs

    No fans

    If you say so. Let's all get Labour back in. The did a cracking job of putting us in a recession last time the were in
  11. Greggs

    No fans

    Streaming is one of only 2 options now. It's either that or cancel the season. Cant start a season in Feb.
  12. Greggs

    No fans

    But those were the 2 options at the time of election. Any other argument is pointless now because there isn't an election at this current time since the new party leader came in Labour wouldn't have done any better because here's the thing. Noone saw this coming at the time of election. It's not something you can plan for.
  13. Greggs

    No fans

    I'm suggesting your probably a typical labour right that was looking for any excuse from the start. Anyone that thinks Jeremy Corbyn would have done any better needs there head examining.
  14. Greggs

    No fans

    I think they have messed up but I hope your not suggesting anyone else would have done better in the same situation?
  15. Greggs

    No fans

    Just seen something about an opt out thing for the season for clubs at this level. How's that going to work? Surely even if you opt out you still have to pay the players you have already signed..
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