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  1. Thing is these clubs need to be aware if its option 3 they want that it will most likely he null and void for them. Restarting the season really won't be an option. The fa will simply not want other competitions going on whilst the Euro's are on however low down those leagues are
  2. Apparently 15 clubs have said they wish to suspend the season. I wonder if that's all from the 2 regional leagues or if it includes clubs from our league
  3. Any of them. Whichever 2 play at the top they won't have ever played together before
  4. Think we will be looking at best a draw here. 2 strikers that will not have played together and no Hyde back yet.
  5. I was just saying what was said on Ollie Bayliss twitter page. If more information is to be found deeper I didn't look into that
  6. It will if the season hasn't been cancelled by then. Next 2 away from home now. Never confident away from home
  7. Be annoying if the season is cancelled after this game
  8. Slough town. Haven't and Waterlooville and Concord Rangers have stated they will not play their fixtures on Saturday. This is getting very messy considering the league has stated they expect everyone to fulfill fixtures this weekend and next midweek or incur a fine or a points deduction. I expect more clubs will follow suit though. So far all clubs are from the league below. Maybe our league will carry on and the league below will become null and void. That's what I'm feeling will happen early on. Of course things change if someone from this league states they won'
  9. No idea. Is the league even still going to be going by then is another option. I think the rain is supposed to pass through by mid afternoon today isnt it. There is no rain due then for the rest of the week. Hopefully there will be enough time for it to drain but its pelted it down for 2 days so who knows. I'm hoping it's on though. I kinda want to see us one last time if the plug gets pulled in the coming weeks.
  10. Problem is as someone rightly mentioned above. The furlough scheme that we would put players on won't be for their whole wage nor will it be till July when players contracts are up. So there is 2 or 3 months worth of wages that will be going out for nothing essentially. So we'd still have player wages to pay plus the sponsorship funds. And the streaming money. There are a lot of things on both sides of the argument to consider. It's difficult to see which way this is going to go.
  11. I told you not to tell anyone. The rumours that will start now
  12. So clubs have been asked for their opinions on 3 options. Clubs take on low interest loans with initial payment holidays. The league takes on the loans and dishes it out to clubs in grants. But then central league funding would be reduced (for next season I would have thought) Or Suspend the season. I can see the 2nd option being the preferred option. It would certainly be my preferred choice.
  13. That makes more sense to me than trying to restart this season at a later date. As I said last night though I can't help but think there will be a change of mind
  14. Yes but if they do carry on how do we get our season back in line with League 2 and above? As they will be on next season before we finish this season. That's the way I'm seeing it anyway
  15. Yes but your saying our new season wouldn't kick off until the middle of next year. If everyone else keeps going above. Their season would finish in May. Then in order to bring everyone back in line that Would mean the leagues above having a year long break. Unless I'm misreading what you are saying
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