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  1. Hopefully none it's not like Harrogate are a flash in the pan team that just happened to have found themselves up there one year, they are a club that have had the football league on their radar for a few years now and with that they should have known the rules and have taken steps to address that. Not get to March of that season and then use something like this as an excuse
  2. What's wrong with Premier league years 98-01 on a loop 3 times a day? Some people are never happy
  3. Well that's it. Finally he has got tough on people. Now these rules need to be enforced to the letter. The parents of little feral chavs need to be slapped with a fine time and again to stop them. For people like me though and indeed others in key work areas I still dont think it has gone far enough. Limitations of people in Supermarkets needs to be brought in aswell. Just because we work in key areas doesn't mean we deserve to put at risk. As tough as it may be people need to be given shopping slots. How easy that is to do I dont know
  4. Be interesting to see what the peramitors are of it if that does happen. What the acceptable reasons to leave the house are. Also how they will enforce it
  5. I am getting more concerned about the messages from the government. Every day they are talking further at people at risk But working in retail we are under extreme risk at these times and I feel like we are getting no protection.
  6. I highly doubt if you tell teams in strong positions up and down the line that naa last 7 months was pointless. There going to say yeah that's fine Jack. We didn't want that hundreds of thousands of pounds anyway. You think Liverpool would just accept it no questions asked? You think Leeds would just accept it no questions asked? Barrow they just going to accept it? I highly highly doubt it
  7. Imagine the legal ramifications if they just void the season. I dont expect anyone will just take it quietly nor would I expect them to.
  8. They cant spend money on what's not there. You can tell which items are shite at a time like this though an entire empty beer section with just 18 cans of special brew on the shelf I'd be surprised stores will be able to recover in under a month and that wont start until people stop taking the piss on a daily basis
  9. Doing better than us then we didn't have any milk left at 11 this morning.
  10. Well we have actually been hording it in the back so they are right in our case but obviously it's out of sight so they cant prove anything. The simple reason being we are open for 14 hours a day and we want to offer Toilet rolls and beans to everyone throughout the day not just for Rod and Todd between 12 and 1 for example Luckily I've managed to disarm most of the customers by engaging with them first and just trying to make a joke out of the situation most of them have bought it to be fair. The way I see it some of them want to just blow up out of nowhere and if I start it they cant really do that. Seems to be working for me
  11. So produce would come on a delivery wagon as there is significant amounts of it. Whereas the bread delivery would come on well a bread wagon, these are smaller but that's just because we are a smaller store. Both these items should be available at the start of trade, as would eggs and milk. However because the shelves are almost empty at the time of the delivery there is no way this delivery is even going to touch the sides of what is needed, all your meat and poultry items would also be on this delivery however it's the same problem it's just not touching the sides. The grocery items so your toilet rolls. Crisps. Tins (beans) etc would be a lunchtime delivery unless luckily they have managed to get it ready to go on with the fresh delivery as advanced. However this is Sainsburys specific I think. I couldn't tell you if this is the process in other companies I.e Tesco. Morrisons etc
  12. Problem is with our store and i think most Sainsburys is the deliveries come at different times so you'll have your fresh items first thing in the morning at opening times but the grocery items are a completely separate delivery later on in the day so there's no right time to do it. It is a good idea it's just implementing it to give them the best benefit is hard
  13. See we are still at 3 per person. But its getting roundly ignored to the point a member of staff is literally just walking round with a trolley of stuff to put back on the shelf that people have tried to buy in bulk. I have seen people disregarding this rule too but I haven't got involved because I dont want verbally abusing. It's really a crazy situation and the level of abuse you get from some people is just way out of line. We had our first day of the 1 hour for elderly customers today and wow there were lines of people outside waiting to get in. Every till was open at 7:10 this morning and I have seen photos from a security guard showing me lines of people down each aisle. I've been trying to help out people who I see are in distress by trying to give them the upper hand by telling them usual delivery times for certain items are just to give them the upper hand. We had many complaints that the shopping time for the elderly was too early and we should have it at lunch time. Its just not feasible too do that as boris from Jack's plasterers wants to come in for his lunch at that time. You simply cannot please everyone what ever we are trying to do is getting thrown back in our faces
  14. Becoming more and more of a joke at my gaff. Delivery was slightly higher than I expected but didn't arrive till 3pm so missed peak trade, However still by the time I went home. There was no bread. Eggs. Raw meat. Or chicken and other poultry. Freezers were nearly empty the wine was incredibly low. The bulk beer was almost now existent. All the tins beans etc were all gone. It's getting embarrassing walking around in my uniform now as the levels are just non existent and it's almost pointless opening. The managers claim we wont close which I hope they wont but I have been told if we do and it's there own choice the staff still get full pay, I cant help but think closing for a week and just pumping the depot excess stock into a major town centre store might be the best way forward. Until such a time the depot can supply each individual store to a more tradable level
  15. My sister is in this situation and she needed some today and there was non available however I have the advantage of being able to check when the next delivery is so I can plan and know when I can save some for her. Other people dont have that opportunity though and it's going to lead to some in store fights eventually
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