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  1. I'm in the same boat for the semi final but I wont be working I can assure myself of that. Not a cat in hells chance I'm missing it.
  2. Greggs

    Play off final

    Must be the only league in the world that can get official confirmation of when the final is before the Quarters and Semi's
  3. Well theres a few on here that cant see a shite striker when it's right in front of them and blindingly obvious. Why would they be able to see it when it's another team. Some people cant help being simple though
  4. And before anyone has a go. That was totally unprovoked. I merely had an opinion.
  5. Know more about football than you ever will. You just as usual choose to stick your head in the sand. About anything that's not all rosy and bright. Block me If you hate me so much or better still go play with traffic
  6. Dont think Leeds will care at all if they finish 1st or 2nd to be honest. 2 dropped points tonight though for Leeds. If they had Ollie Warkins playing for them they'd of been promoted ages ago.
  7. About 11k per club then. Happy to receive any sort of help
  8. At least we seem to now know what the hold up was/is Chester hadnt confirmed what they were going to do. Hopefully now we can progress at speed and get the sodding dates so I can arrange a shift swap. I know I'll be off for the Boreham game if that's midweek. However the semi final weekend 'IF' we make it I'm working the Saturday. Praying for a late kick off or hope we are the Sunday game.
  9. Does this meeting have anything at all to do with the meeting to decide the time of the next meeting so they can have the meeting to decide what's happening with the playoffs in that meeting?
  10. Got family down in Exeter and have been a few times so I hope they go up tonight.
  11. Greggs

    Deluded Darren

    Aspin had us down and out and cut adrift. Where's his criticism? Anyone but Aspin eh
  12. Greggs

    Deluded Darren

    What a surprise the people of Shaymen.net refusing to dish out some blame to the lord and messiah Aspin. How about we wouldn't have even needed a relegation battle that season if Aspin had of been sacked or left after the horrendous end to the previous season.
  13. Greggs

    Deluded Darren

    he nearly saved us. I dont see how anyone could have kept us up given the situation he inherited. Aspin and Kelly deserve more than there fair share of blame
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