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  1. That was until JF put him in his natural position at the back !
  2. Another JF master stroke !!!
  3. Have Stoke released Stan Matthews?...might be worth looking at?
  4. I was stood just to the right of the goal when Super Geoff sliced one in, it seemed a soft shot, bounced and took ages to hit the back of the net.... I said to my mate " I hope we get a better quality striker in place for next year".............and the rest is history!! That's why I'm not a football manager/coach LOL
  5. Just studied every photo.....sad, sad day that made it worse with the rumours of false score lines.... Strange thing is...there isn't a mobile phone to be seen anywhere
  6. A much under-rated player in a great Leeds team..
  7. https://www.football365.com/news/football-total-collapse-john-nicholson Does anyone else think it will change the football landscape...
  8. Still not sorted the drainage then? Heath out!
  9. Brilliant player on his day...but did absolutely nowt against us in the Watney Cup (apart from the penalty)
  10. "Hit and Hope" what was the commentator talking about.....it was beautifully executed
  11. What a game...what a team....remember it like it was yesterday. How we didnt win the play offs that year l will never know! Thanks Mr Funky btw
  12. Thanks Mr Stats....suitably cheered up while I'm self-chilling
  13. Don't forget the "filled to the brim potty under the bed" and the iced up, frosty single glazed windows....on the inside !
  14. I've got some left over from 1968 in the garage...inspected it the other day to see if it was still usable. Never noticed the small writing on it before.....it said "now please wash your back"
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