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  1. woody


    I wish l could work for 14 hours per week.....there are a lot of people out there working 50/60 hours a week for the same pay for 40 contracted hours because of the nature of their job. Im sad to see Matty leave but as people have pointed out the club moves forward. I was gutted when Les Massie our top striker at the time left years ago but we came within a whisker of being promoted to the old Division 2 (Championship league) without him. Good luck Matty!
  2. You'll not see nothing like the Might Quinn....my Dad was a Rotherham United fan and he used to drag me along when l'd not done my homework as a punishment. Saw him play for them many times and they always played that song as he ran out! Was over the moon whem he came to us as he was a class player.
  3. woody


    Wouldn't it be great if we started having pre-season friendlies against foreign teams again. The last foreign friendlies I saw at the Shay was against Montrose and Morton back in the early 70's......not sure exactly what year or month, but apparently Joe Jordan played for Morton...I think we won 2-0...someone please correct me
  4. woody

    Home Shirt

    Hahahaha.....is a medium a proper medium or is it really small?
  5. woody

    Home Shirt

    What are the sizes like?
  6. YAWN....YAWN.....and thrice YAWN !
  7. And the return leg!
  8. Wonder how many of those young men went to war 3 years later and never returned..............puts a game of football in to it's true perspective.
  9. You are absolutely right Hoddie because I was there and we looked shocking and absolute certs for relegation... The rest is history !
  10. You're absolutely cock on Tommy..and the mass import of oversea's players is, im my opinion, why our national side has not won anything for donkeys years! Our own grown players have never had the chance to come up through the lower leagues and develop, progress or shine in the Premier league.
  11. I think most genuine, life long fans would class raising the money as helping out the club when they desperately needed it to be able to take part in the play offs, not subsidising the owner!!
  12. Mine's a Black Sheep pal !! Any more predictions??
  13. woody


    Wish we had Big Bill in our starting line up for next season...what a player he was!!
  14. woody


    Proved wrong...you apparently know nothing. What is your next prediction??.....Wild to leave to manage Denaby United?
  15. woody


    Good player is King...come up from the lower leagues and knows how to look after himself which isn't a bad thing in this league. Good tackler, plenty of energy and he's got a sweet cross in to the box, which Hyde will benefit from. Bit more coaching and refinement he could be one of our stand out players this coming season. I like him!
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