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  1. I thought our commentators have been doing a decent job. To the people who are criticising them......put your name forward and have a go!!!
  2. Reason 4 - We forget to turn our under soil heating on. Reason 5 - TJA doesn't have his car heater on hot enough.
  3. But didn't we have an understudy to Alex Smith back in the day?.....wasn't it Barry White who warmed the bench for years? Turned out to be a half decent singer too lol.
  4. We used to have hot milk pobbs every morning, basically its a bowl of hot milk with chunks of dry bread mashed in....real poor peoples food. The thought of it now makes my mouth water as if I'm going to be sick. Thankfully my 3 kids never had to endure that stuff!
  5. When l lived on Martin Street, Boothtown we were that poor my Gran used to open all the windows so sparrows could throw bread in..
  6. King must have taken his penalty from the bench..
  7. The hartlepools fans (small h) wont be singhing his praises when he does pull the plug!
  8. What we all find highly amusing is that Stelling, club president of your club hartlepool united (small h and u intended),has had a public rant about the latest postponement of our fixture. If I was a monkey hanger fan (small m, h and f intended) it would be me who would be embarrassed to have this brain dead Drongo (large D intended) represent my club. I believe he once presented Countdown, so Jeff, you have 30 seconds to solve this conundrum... K, R, E, A, W and N (large letters intended)........
  9. woody


    As much as l like Wild and think he's doing a good job, however, he failed to sign a couple more strikers preseason when it was obvious to us all that we were light in that department. Big mistake and now its coming back to bite us!
  10. If we could persuade TJA to rig a few lengths of piping up from his car heater and just leave it running overnight?
  11. Now that actually made me laugh out loud and spill my brew....funniest comment of the night is now awarded to eddie!
  12. Quote from the Hartlepool knuckle draggers forum...."Just checked my front lawn and no sign of frost. They are taking the piss. We're as inland as it gets" Hahahahahahahahahaha..........oh dear, how thick and inbred does it get!!!
  13. Did you have the car heater on?
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