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  1. "Hit and Hope" what was the commentator talking about.....it was beautifully executed
  2. What a game...what a team....remember it like it was yesterday. How we didnt win the play offs that year l will never know! Thanks Mr Funky btw
  3. Thanks Mr Stats....suitably cheered up while I'm self-chilling
  4. Don't forget the "filled to the brim potty under the bed" and the iced up, frosty single glazed windows....on the inside !
  5. I've got some left over from 1968 in the garage...inspected it the other day to see if it was still usable. Never noticed the small writing on it before.....it said "now please wash your back"
  6. I went to the game too and I think the above is a fair assessment of the game. I also thought Cooper was not at his best today and played too many wayward passes. In fairness, Torquay for all their possession didn't really threaten our goal and didn't look like scoring until a free kick was given by a poor, biased ref in a dangerous area. The amount of play acting and time wasting by Torquay in the last 15 minutes was the worst I've seen for a long time and a decent ref would have sorted it out. Anyway, hopefully a blip and kick on again next week!
  7. It was partly sunny down here today, chilly but no rain!
  8. I'm going and I'm dragging along kicking and screaming the following - wife, son, daughter-in-law and 4 year old granddaughter......
  9. Made my eyes water that did.........I live in Retford and I was shocked to find out it happened here. Such a totally tragedy!
  10. And knows where the net is........watch his volley on SP..enough said!
  11. Many thanks for your excellent constructive reply. The end!
  12. Some people are suggesting we need to get on loan another midfield player with a good footballing brain, who can pass a good ball and can chip in with goals, and I agree. But do we really need to find this loan player? In my opinion and I'll probably be laughed at with this thought, but why couldn't Ducky fill that role? He has all the above qualities and we have cover at right back with King (who has done absolutely nothing wrong in this position) and Hanson who I rate highly albeit just lacking a bit of experience. Thoughts anyone?
  13. They all meet at the back of the south stand on match days
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