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  1. Mine are just uppercase random letters Steve. They sent me a txt and an email with the code on.
  2. Straight in no problems...given a streaming code and it starts at 1400.
  3. Hahaha, sniffing a lot....wish he'd blow it occasionally...moan over!
  4. We really do have the biggest set of moaning, whinging, peevish, grumbling set of supporters I have ever come across, even when we win!!! You've just got to sit in the East stand to witness it first hand....thankfully they are in the minority... Moan over😄
  5. The Commentator and player who were on the live stream against Aldershot were complete and utter biased tools, especially their player (out injured) who was a total muppet! Our lads are world beaters compared with them. I actually don't think they do a bad job to be fair. I wouldn't like to do it. However, that camera needs it's tracking sorting and it needs zooming in.
  6. Good riddance....total muppet!
  7. woody


    Obviously not as well heeled as you mate but l put a tenner on us earlier and like you rightly point out just lay us of against each team we play and still be in the money. Every year for donkeys years l put a bet on for Town to get promoted and guess what....the year we won the Conference l didnt. We were 66/1 too l think......dho!
  8. I wonder why Wild has changed a winning formula in defence....loyalty to Clarke perhaps? Tbh though, he played as well as anyone else today.
  9. I dont think theres anything at all with Woods in that position. Would be good to rotate them.
  10. Wonder if they've got any home shirts left?
  11. More than our fair share tbh Steve.
  12. Remember him well... absolute mercenary and not a very good footballer from what l saw of him!
  13. Honestly mate...you've well and truly blown my cover.....I'm going to get mobbed now in the South stand with people wanting me to sign their tartan scarves😂
  14. When you think last year we had Cam King who was our midfield specialist and top playmaker, he really comes nowhere near the midfield players we have now in Woods, Summerfield, Green and Earing (in no particular order). Tbh, if we do make the playoffs which lm confident we will, and lm not saying this lightly, l really do fancy us against anyone in a one off match. Lets see where this team takes us!
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