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  1. Matty Brown....Shay hero and legend, what more can be said of the man !!
  2. woody


    They weren't noodles, that was his real hair !
  3. Why is it some people are never happy........try savouring the moment !
  4. woody

    Liam McAlinden

    When TSS came off he when over to their centre back and offered him a handshake with a big grin on his face...... their CB pushed him away.... TSS will mix it and he will be a right handful this season....and he will score goals in a team which is far better set up than the dross served up last year, and that was all down to JF, not the players! Make you realise just what a control freak he was and the bull sh@tty buzz words he continually spouted.
  5. Then they've got to watch all the power point presentations....
  6. JF also made it difficult for us to score!!!
  7. One of the best........you need to get your guide dog a new pair of specs mate!! Fat, unfit and can't kick a ball in the right direct. I don't get this love in with this guy. Lee Gregory made him look like a mediocre Sunday League playing clown when we played Luton. If that's the player some fans yearn after then god help us.........................
  8. Hear, hear....total Judas. No loyalty to our fans or the club and at the time I predicted he would crash and burn sooner rather than later. If he had stayed, and with the form he was in and the partnership he was building up with Burrow and Peniket I doubt we would have been relegated. Deserves everything he gets !
  9. Love the kit colour....
  10. Lets leave all that to our scouting department...................on the other hand
  11. I hope we cheered him after his daft comments
  12. Looks like my outside log store....
  13. I don't think I can take anymore of Fullarton's coaching buzz word bullsh@t or how we as a team do not entertain anymore. Depressed,com!
  14. What I want to know is...what colour is blind pressure? Lets do the easy questions first....what the hell is blind pressure?
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