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  1. They all meet at the back of the south stand on match days
  2. woody

    Anyone else?

    Make sure you are using Google Chrome...it should work. Mind you after reading this - "The Shaymen go into the game with three wins and two draws from their last three matches" I wonder if its really worth it !
  3. Thank you Flea for capturing the moment (s)
  4. Totally agree. First half I thought it was quite even but second half was like a game of Defend and Attack. We just could not seem to retain possession and the ball constantly came out of defence and landed at the feet of one of their players. No wonder we were knackered. The only real chance we had in the 2nd half was a great ball across their goal and tbh should have been tapped in by someone. We really needed someone to put a foot on the ball and use a bit more composure instead of just leathering it out aimlessly. Our midfield seemed non existent second half and this needs to be sorted before we have any hopes of being playoff contenders. A great point though. Just my opinion.
  5. I turned and saw that....was that you flea?...you looked to be mid txt when you headed it back with your face lol
  6. Any ideas on the above please...thanks in anticipation
  7. Traveling down by car....any thoughts on decent parking and pubs? I'm a Hive virgin so never visited before. Thanks in advance. Woody
  8. Great run and a well taken penalty by Redshaw.............but had he missed would the penalty be retaken by an infringement in to the box by a Chesterfield player. He ran in to the D before the penalty was taken....I always thought players had to be outside the box and D until the ball was kicked.
  9. He certainly was Steve, he had hero status there...he had lots of clubs and always scored goals, but I remember him at Doncaster (my Dad was a Donny fan). He was a big, tall lad and a proper goal scorer.....maybe Tobi and the new guy Redshaw could fill that roll?.....clutching at straws at the moment...gone from free scoring to barely scoring.
  10. Everybody and their Grandmother knows we need to play 2 up front. I remember watching us play Kidderminster in a FA cup 3rd round replay in January '89. We lost 3-2 and they played 2 up front...big front man - Ernie Moss and a little diminutive striker called Robbie Cooke destroyed us that day.......longest ever walk back to my car with my wife who was 8 months pregnant lol.
  11. woody

    Wild Thing

    Didn't Aspin move the dug out to the Skircoat side?....but soon moved it back when he got drenched from the leaking Skircoat gutters
  12. Never a penalty in a million years imho
  13. Always thought Hogan was a bit of a liability at times, so for me it's got to be Matty
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