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  1. Cannot see us playing in October...Big lockdown on the horizon..
  2. The chant....you have seen nothing like the mighty Quinn...RIP..a very good player.
  3. nw3casc1

    1000 Fans

    Lockdown October...could delay season..
  4. nw3casc1

    1000 Fans

    No start to season then Greggs.
  5. nw3casc1

    1000 Fans

    Games will no doubt now behind closed doors for month of October..
  6. Plenty of supporters watching over the fences...hundreds..no doubt England fans still travelled. A few flags on the perimeter fences.
  7. Sunday league Teams are charged £570 for the savile park pitches...robbery calderdale council..That's why not many pitches have had posts put up..
  8. How old is he....
  9. I will be there..hopefully get in...mask included.
  10. Looks like he has played in scotland...
  11. nw3casc1


    Glad King has signed up...just sort your discipline out mate....
  12. That interview is brilliant.. Very confident manager...states he has some good signings on the way.... A 3 stage recruitment plan...good luck PW
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