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  1. Exactly..why bother.....when the final be 2022
  2. Hull home to Blackpool tomorrow...Hope Billy is in the squad..
  3. Reads both could be kicked out? How does that work..
  4. Saying that...Bet a few games are called off in the morning...this time due to the weather..
  5. The council have not cleared it...probably hoped snow and covers would protect pitch...it happens every winter Greggs..as you know...
  6. Good luck next week PW...looking forward to a couple of new faces....
  7. Is Jeff aware the game is off..?
  8. Pitch inspection tomorrow for beacon rangers...southowram has had a lot of snow today but we should be ok...
  9. nw3casc1


    He has always said he loves the shaymen....
  10. Welcome on board sausage roll..
  11. nw3casc1


    I would honestly take Cartman...does he not live near Halifax too?
  12. Or better Jeff sterling...
  13. nw3casc1


    They played at home this week..think it was one all...
  14. Thanks for your efforts at FC Halifax Town. Hope your playing for Hull City first team soon.... Be good to hear that idiot Jeff Sterling say....Billy Chadwick scores again for Hull City having had a great loan spell at Halifax.....
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