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  1. Tom...it's waterlogged in places.. been and looked.
  2. No way could have played today...it's rained all day...
  3. nw3casc1

    Game off

    Only three game still on....
  4. Nah mate...A bit of volunteering.. oh yes and a beer..
  5. Doing my bit today now game off..going down Calder valley to help....A few of those down there follow the shaymen..
  6. nw3casc1

    Game off

    Torquay away next...Hope the sun is out...
  7. Won't be having a beer in South stand..
  8. nw3casc1

    Game off

    BBC updated now....
  9. nw3casc1

    Lois Maynard

    Hogan is a great signing..his brother is coming good too...scoring a few recently.
  10. Good decisions 0800am inspection...stops Sutton travelling...
  11. We will end up playing three games a week in March due to postponements…..at least we will have games in hand.
  12. agree - postponed. Re arranged in late April - due to pitch concerns
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