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  1. New signing will change that.....
  2. nw3casc1

    Good news!

    Brighouse Town? probably tier 3?
  3. Give the bloke a chance....I bet there are not many forums who give so many negative comments when they sign a new player..
  4. nw3casc1

    Good news!

    Tier 3...for calderdale..
  5. Toby is on....is he better than kane or sterling?? I will watch toby...
  6. nw3casc1

    Peter Wild...

    Manager of the month...
  7. How much are PW out hats? Could be a top sell.....
  8. Never looked at the others final scores....chesterfield ended up losing!!!
  9. Agree....Sutton look brilliant....who do they play next week????
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