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  1. Goals galore...I will go 3 all....
  2. Green final...and then was it the pink final???? Loved getting them at the services on the way home from away matches...
  3. Looked good...but maybe waiting a while for a good run out...
  4. Definitely going down if they lose saturday...
  5. Still could go down...Birmingham got a good draw tonight...
  6. nw3casc1


    Still hoping my £100 at start of season comes in....
  7. Agree.....why do some members of this forum always pick on one player.....we all know how good our captain has been in his career...still can and will do a job for us...he did a lot of work in schools before lockdown hit us...I hope he does not read this forum..no doubt be does... NC thanks for all you do for the shaymen....good luck for the rest of the season..
  8. Sheffield weds five nil....
  9. Totally agree....don't change it PW..the two lads should have stayed on bench..
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