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  1. Wonder if they will have the game on v wood!
  2. No chance...season over...
  3. nw3casc1

    Our Squad

    up the Town....nice to talk football CHEADLE END!!!!!!!!
  4. I thought he was a good player for us.
  5. nw3casc1

    Our Squad

    Rodney`s wage is/will be far too high for FC Halifax Town.....
  6. Hope your well Trev...
  7. Glad the lad is OK...good banter in the Royal Oak and South Stand...is he poorly?
  8. Rumour only...to Rochdale..
  9. The prices were bound to increase....people want Rodders to sign for us..his wages are massive....~
  10. Football will return at some point. The question is when...This stop people buying STs
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