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  1. Surprised we had 2100 tonight A lot of Town fans stayed at home watching it on BT. A few hudders and Leeds at game..shame we were poor.
  2. nw3casc1


    1_1 Brown 1808 52 Away..
  3. Tom - are non league games off?
  4. nw3casc1


    Any news if game is on?
  5. BT Sport - does Royal oak have it or is sky...will go there Saturday when decision is made regarding playing behind closed doors..
  6. Notts to win and Woking too.
  7. Not even 2000 there today.
  8. nw3casc1


    On to next week...saying that Ebsfleet are fighting to stay up.
  9. nw3casc1


    C King cannot do 90mins..that's why he does not start..get off players backs..
  10. Let's hope for more celebrations today...with a bigger attendance...STID
  11. 2_1 Brown and C King. 2202 90 Away...
  12. Too early to say.... Let's just get the 3pts today..
  13. nw3casc1

    Why is it ?

    I agree 1600 was a good attendance.....end off.
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