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  1. tough game - Aldershot are generally good at home... lets go for it from the off. Hope Maher is back in the Team (would take a draw)
  2. Oh Dear - not good. Mr Wild will not be happy....
  3. South stand chant....Town are staying up!!!
  4. Aldershot will be tough - take a draw now Tom.
  5. noisy Shaymen - on to Aldershot.
  6. Take a point at Aldershot......win at home draw away....!!!
  7. great news....love Matty Brown.....STID
  8. nw3casc1

    Busy month

    Wrexham away....come on lets take 500plus....
  9. nw3casc1


    East Stand looked very busy...plenty of ST HOLDERS..
  10. I did apply. Again received a letter saying - no interview. They did thank me for applying. The CV was strong again but not good enough for the BOD. ------------------------ Beacon Rangers manager - under7S to under 16s level - no promotions Ovenden West ridings Reserves - no promotions Cock and Bottle 2 cups one promotion Ryburn Valley...one relegation Oh well, we awaiting the next time - I hope our new manager does well and gets the Shaymen promotion.
  11. season tickets going well....STID.
  12. Lets all get across to Oldham...nice away day. As Chadders has mentioned it was always freezing there on the open terrace behind the goals.
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