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  1. Charlton was on TV and a Sunday - I think??? No way would the crowd be above 3000 - we struggled to hit 2200 and we are top of the league.. The FA Cup would not bring in hundreds of fans.
  2. Great start to the season for Mr Wilder... Played really well tonight...
  3. Is that the shaymen sinking out of the cup..
  4. Close this thread..we lost to Harrogate. They now have Pompey at home..
  5. The crowd would have been 3000 at best. Anyway...it's didn't happen..
  6. Really nice gent the video proves that...good manager time will tell. He thinks this club is massive...big potential..up to you now Mr Wild.. my grandkids will hold you to it....
  7. Trev...when my grandkids had a photo before the game...we had a chat...he said I bet you have been coming here a few years pal.. I said nearly 50 years...wow he said...this club has massive potential.. I will do my best that your grandkids see league football like you have Steve... ....we will see...
  8. Oh and driving home...both grand kids singing shaymen till I die...says it all....
  9. Well grandkids loved it....pub before the game...photos with famous Freddie fox. Photos with Cameron King and the manager...pop and chips.....as for score ..well my grandaughter said.. Halifax did not try hard enough..she is only 7.. They want to come again.. What do you say!!!!
  10. Tom..just had grandkids have a photo with him..he is injured...
  11. Exactly Trev.....Just need Vardy back, replace Kane and things are looking good.
  12. Will the South stand be open?
  13. FA Cup...…..we should be well up for this....loads of money to play for..... admission prices lowered too.
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