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  1. I never understand this home or away thing whats the difference to how you shouĺd play someone with far more coaching experience than me should be able to tell me
  2. England only wins games from set pieces
  3. Are those of the mini type or fullsize as that could be the deal breaker the devils in the detail
  4. Based on brighouse allowing spectators tonight for a friendly with harrogate town does this mean mossley is open for spectators now
  5. Isthat the prediction for the bottom 2 next year
  6. Gets me the stockport supporters in know resented salford they now have half of their conference winning squad signed for them and are doing excatly the same as salford did
  7. Keep saying 2 holding midgielders that cant close down doesnt work in that formation hence the lack of goals
  8. Why the nerves we are the complete underdogs nothing to lose
  9. no i can pick up humberside and manchester better not that i need too
  10. Thought it would have been rented from rumbelows
  11. Would also save on covid testing too
  12. not supposed to be in bad taste but will some team try and get sponsored by corona beer to try and get some attention as per the terriers and paddy power
  13. You either offer your support or not I'll get one as i dont want to see my club die again
  14. This just tells you the season can't end properly if teams are letting players go
  15. When you get efl teams announcing who they are retaining think its cambridge it says a decision has already been made
  16. Cant see it mentioned anywhere but in the outer reaches group or what ever its called what about the puzzle hall sowerby bridge
  17. Underated by many i stiill believe one of the best live bands ever
  18. Would a void season also mean bury were never thrown out of the efl. i suppose the national league also need to take into account where altrincham finish too
  19. How when players contracts run out end of may dont we only pay wages durinf the season its all going to get very confusing
  20. where does it stop this week one team ihas isolated 3 players , next week another 3 etc for another 4 months approx,. think this is the end of the season but how does it pan out from here. Harrogate could keep saying each week a player is suffering then another 7 days isolation they are second and could easily say we deserve to be promoted. really can't see how this will pan out.
  21. sorry but rugby union is just as crap which involves lots of overthinking
  22. your sentence makes no sense just like the "sport" you watch
  23. sorry but rugby is not a game its just throw catch and run!!!! and repeat
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