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  1. No he will throw out the 'we'll put it right next week' b****cks
  2. No need for 2 defensive midfielders 4123 is the line up for me
  3. Watching bromley and yeovil having players sent off
  4. My issue is we didnt alter the system each sub was just a direct replacement when in my opinion we would have been better going to a 4 4 2 no bite in.midfield unfortunately
  5. Nolan off allen on then mcallinden more central and go 4 4 2
  6. Nothing compared to whitby
  7. Club statement put out is asking for more investment.
  8. 4 1 3 2 Defence picks itself Maher J king nolan cooper (all further forward) Mac tss
  9. Sat to deep dont need nolan and cooper there and allen playing right back alongside duckworth not helping we seem to be playing to suit them not letting them worry about us which i thought was Pete's philosophy
  10. Yet again biased southern to bt sport if salah had scored that second goal bt would be wetting themselves
  11. town 4 -0 harrogate silva,mcallinden,c king,southwell att 1750
  12. halifax 2 -0 barnet shosilva southwell Att 1844
  13. Im no expert but when they go 1 uo front with 10 men why not go 3 52
  14. Poor performance right it off and move on
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