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  1. if comparing last season to this then all our results better last year , stockport was the same but a better performance so taking a positive stanch we are 6 points better of than last year as a comparision
  2. Rather we are creatimg chances than nothing at all as there is hope it willall clock eventually
  3. Omatayo needs a rocket up his arse looks half hearted at the moment
  4. You mean radio leeds aren't covering our game again
  5. Suprised that as that would then stop teams reporting positive tests to avoid loss of points
  6. If my memory is right im sure the poodles got promoted to the premiership on a negative goal difference
  7. Bbc radio just said that town are a big side , considerimg that is.comimg from.borejam wood os that a good sign
  8. Is it too early for mom votes 8m going for summerfield
  9. Wife thinks shes green team leader told.me to stop.reclining the sofa as it looks like i have got my feet up on the seats in the row below
  10. Players look comfortable on the ball
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