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  1. 5 3 2 won us the conference if my memory is correct with patterson playing the king role just need to stop backing off and getting too deep becoming a 7 1 2 when other teams attack
  2. interesting question fondop or tss which would you have
  3. all did enough today to justify the same starting lineup against stockport. ducky has been our best player hence why he is keeping hanson out of the team so far but as wild keeps saying players have to take their chance when selected and they did so today. thin 1 0 flattered chesterfield apart from the save by johnson from dents header he didnt have a great deal to do
  4. keep saying 2 defensive midfielders doesn't work cant keep clean sheets with them might as well throw more players forward. get allen and redshaw in the middle
  5. But no midfield as both were sat just in front of the back four
  6. I think thats what we all thought about the away game
  7. No he will throw out the 'we'll put it right next week' b****cks
  8. No need for 2 defensive midfielders 4123 is the line up for me
  9. Watching bromley and yeovil having players sent off
  10. My issue is we didnt alter the system each sub was just a direct replacement when in my opinion we would have been better going to a 4 4 2 no bite in.midfield unfortunately
  11. Nolan off allen on then mcallinden more central and go 4 4 2
  12. Nothing compared to whitby
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