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  1. shots 1-3 town king,silva,brown att 1904
  2. One of the legends of the new and old clubs would like to see a thread that has the best 11 ever for town as browny would be my centre back choice
  3. Town 3 - 1 Dagenham c King, Sho-silva, Brown Att 2053
  4. People say goals change games but some of the saves he pulled off last year surely helped keep us up a keeper makes a mistake it usually leads to a goal but a strikers miss is usually forgotten hardest position to play for me
  5. Would suspect hartlepool vs Harrogate would be the Xmas games which might mean we get one of stockport notts County or Chesterfield
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48312832 Would Fullarton take any of these?
  7. Need to be on the phone to Mr Wilder
  8. If it was a case of supporters putting too would 800 be prepared to put in £2 a week to get him I would
  9. But also adds to costs too I guess
  10. Surprised hogan is ahead of him
  11. Must be our longest serving player and close to a record of appearances for the resurrected club
  12. choppiebinkie


    yet they then can afford employ juski what every his icelandic name is as a goalkeeping coach and the bench seemed to be overflowing with lots of other coaches physios etc, their overheads must be a lot higher than ours, the stadium looks like it needs a bit of tlc. Although we pay rent and don't get a lot back for it we at least don't have to pay out for groundsmen and upkeep, that maybe why they can't afford the likes of rodney
  13. choppiebinkie


    very good goal if messi had done that last night the press would be wetting themselves
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