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  1. Even this underrates our achievements, a fair few of the Conference North sides would train as much or more than we do.
  2. I will add one possible name if we want a first time coach - Collins, our present midfielder.
  3. May be and may not But each is going to face the query about how they are going to cope with a club of relatively fixed means that can not afford usually to splash out in the transfer market. Then there is the query about how they can improve the squad without the access to such monies. Now here are some facts to ponder. In the first 5 games of this season the following players played or were on the bench in those games. Johnson, Nicholson, Garner, Wilde, Brown, Hotte, Riley, King, Duckworth, MacDonald, Oliver, Clarke, McManus, Charles, Denton, Tomlinson, Dixon, Morgan, Mo
  4. Football IS a results orientated game but bad luck with injuries etc, is the curse of a manager
  5. Mr Heath has gone, Mr Aspin has gone, Mr Harvey has gone and that b*****d Kelly has gone. Issue is not about what was, but what will be.
  6. Just a little thought to ponder about management. How will that affect our disciplinary record. A few facts to ponder, Town have racked up 69 yellows ( including 13 in the first 30 minutes of games), 5 reds ( including 4 given by the first 66 minutes of games ) and 7 of our players have racked up 6 or more yellows in addition to the reds ( and Collins in 8 games has now racked up 5 yellows and Clarke in just over 1000 minutes of football has racked up 4 yellows and a red and Hibbs 4 yellows in 10 games). Whoever gets chosen is inheriting a time bomb with regard to disciplinary matters come th
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