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  1. I dont think they are below us in the table due to their one dimensional football. It may be that they have shipped 17 goals. Not suggesting that Tom Denton is a brilliant footballer but in a poor team he has scored 6 goals just one less than our total.
  2. What worries me is when he says that the players don't have "fire in their belly". Why not ? Do they not like the formation they are playing ? Surely that is down to him and his management. No one would like him to get it right more than me but he has to do it soon. His last 13 league games have produced 2 wins 4 draws and 7 losses. If you include the FA Trophy and FA cup then it is 9 Losses. So come on get to grips with the players and make it work.
  3. That was just poor. They had so much room in midfield and round the penalty area. Please don't make yourself look stupid Mr.Wild by suggesting that we deserved something out of the game. We got just what we deserved and lets not forget that they missed a penalty. Not sure what to make of Hyde. Appears to lack any kind of sharpness and looks well off the pace.
  4. Looks like we have scraped. Well done Jamie Allen kept going.
  5. There is no need for that language
  6. If we could get some better balls into the area I think that Hyde and Green will trouble their defence. Just does not happen enough.
  7. No. It has been fine. The stream that is. Football a little dodgy.
  8. Is that another 6 weeks for Stenson ?
  9. Was it the Watney Cup where they extended the Penalty box line and you could only be offside in the area beyond it. I am not a great lover of tinkering with the rules, the football should be the entertainment . I say that having followed Halifax for seventy years so perhaps we do need some changes. I have no problem with VAR if it is used to correct clear and obvious errors but when it descends to millimetres in the case of offside it has gone too far.
  10. I doubt that pre-season took its toll. Most only played 45 mins. Footballers spend most of their time resting. Couple of hours training then home to rest. Perhaps 90 minutes running around on matchdays. Most of the teams that rest players are the ones who can replace them with another international. If players are injured nothing you can do about that but to be having to rest after 3 games is ridiculous. I remember Geoff Horsfield saying that after being a hod carrier that playing football was a privilege and pleasure.
  11. Congratulations to South Shields. They outplayed us in every department. I know we have had plenty to say about our forwards but that was 4 games on the trot without scoring and how many chances have they missed. In fact how many chances have we created. I dont think we have created anything. Every ball that King put in today was straight to their keeper and nothing from the other side. At the other end our defending was poor. They could have had a couple more with a bit of luck. Briggs walked through our defence for the second and Clarke was the wrong side of their player for the first. Hyde
  12. I think Hyde has touched the ball once at that was in our half. Terrible being a centre forward at Halifax.
  13. Better start to the second half. Lets hope we can keep it up.
  14. It is played to a finish thank goodness. We dont want to watch another performance like that. I know we always have some one to pick on but Gold doesn't help himself. He strolls around and for a big guy he wins very little in the air. Thought he was just unfit at first but now he looks just poor. Having said that there are very few that have looked anything like today. Thought the defence has looked dodgy all game.
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