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  1. He was on 6 5 special but his group were the Frantic Five.
  2. Chesterfield now leading and Fylde have equalised
  3. If we could defend balls into the area we would be miles ahead.
  4. Chorley leading at Yeovil
  5. Harrogate 1-0 down but still 3rd on goal difference. Lets hope Chorley can pull off a surprise result at Yeovil.
  6. bolt45

    Dover Game

    Goal disallowed for Dover. Please dont spend 20 minutes defending the lead.
  7. They have only conceded 37 all season.
  8. Sounds like Chorley are coming into the game.
  9. Thats exactly what everybody used to say about the Shay.
  10. But straight back on
  11. As it stands need one more goal to be back in playoffs.
  12. According to commentary we are playing into driving wind and rain.
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