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  1. .... on clamimg the Premier League Golden Boot
  2. shayalive


    Nope, doing my nut in
  3. shayalive


    Who the hell is Cameron KINK !! God damn BT Sport
  4. Me! Too many shandys = The Bogs!!
  5. Wait till VAR have to get involved to see if a goal has been scored via the bonce
  6. Played Red Dead Redemption Online for about 8 hours straight....
  7. How many town fans made the trip?
  8. Did Maindenhead once beat us at home in the FA Cup in the Mark Lillis days or am I talking shite?
  9. That is currently unknown or undecided yet
  10. Newly formed club have applied for North West Counties League
  11. I never knew his name so god knows, always wore a black coat, grey hair, dodgy gnashers ha
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