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  1. Did Maindenhead once beat us at home in the FA Cup in the Mark Lillis days or am I talking shite?
  2. That is currently unknown or undecided yet
  3. shayalive

    Bury AFC

    Newly formed club have applied for North West Counties League
  4. shayalive


    I never knew his name so god knows, always wore a black coat, grey hair, dodgy gnashers ha
  5. shayalive


    Having watched Ricardo score for Leicester this aft, it straight away reminded me of that guy in the South Stand that used to chant Ricardo all the time, who was he? What happened to him? Does he still go to The Shay? And why the hell did he used to shout that ffs?
  6. I was coming back up the A1 from Doncaster a couple of hours ago and it's the worst rain I've ever driven in it was horrendous, hopefully it stays away from here.
  7. North West Counties League IF they reform
  8. One thing is certain, their fans will have some of the best away days they'll ever have!
  9. He's also due to be the guest speaker at our Electrical Charity Christmas Lunch so that should give him something to talk about!
  10. The good old Viking Index
  11. Was the Thundering & Lightning keeping you up?
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