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  1. First retainee I have to say I disagree with keeping, don't think he is good enough for this level but we know he'll always battle away and give his all so I hope he proves me wrong
  2. I wouldn't have had a problem had we kept Peniket this year however Gateshead signing him does seem a gamble on NAs part as his form over the last 18 months since the injury wouldn't warrant a move to a top half team in this league, how he gets on this year could indicate whether he has struggled to get over the injury or whether Aspin can get more out of him than Heath/Harvey
  3. Struggled after an initial good spell with us, little impact at Boston after, can't see it
  4. very similar style of player to Morgan so would have to be one or the other imo, will be on decent wages at Barrow too I imagine
  5. Big loss for Gateshead Hogan, sounds like he had a very good season last year
  6. I've no doubts that he is capable of playing for a full time team where he can get more money and possibly even play in a higher league than what we'll be in even with our promotion but hopefully the Gateshead experience will swing it our way with him knowing he is onto a good thing here
  7. the rumoured one we were after but didn't get due to not being able to agree a fee was Curtis Bateson, suspect if we got Charles in permanently he would then be off the radar as think he plays a similar role
  8. Hudson was awful at the Shay last time we played Wrexham, was scared of being given the ball in the end
  9. wouldn't even say its necessarily how BH planned to operate in the north, he started the season playing 2 strikers (or 3 including when it seemed he was maybe trying to shoehorn Penny, Denton and Burrow in the same team by playing Peniket on the left) but the way the season has panned out and our best shape we've ended up mainly playing with one, I do hope we can find a way to play next season that incoporates Morgan if he's still here as he has that extra bit of quality we're going to need going up a level
  10. You have to offer away supporters seating facilities so the only chance of seeing the North stand open will be if teams bring the amounts Luton and Bradford did
  11. the couple minute spell in the first half where both teams were kicking lumps out of each other and he gave nothing was really quite something!
  12. If we don't stay in play off contention at this level we don't deserve to have proper crowds
  13. yep. obviously being at the opposite end we didn't have the best of views on both incidents but I thought both looked like clear penalties
  14. yeah Shaq played quite well yesterday to be fair, was surprised to see him on set pieces as he didn't seem to have great technique or be a clean striker of the ball whilst with us but you got a couple of goals from them, I see him as the sort of player who will always be used as an impact player no matter what level he is playing at so will be interesting to see if he keeps his place in your starting line up He is by far the best of the strikers I listed, seemed at one point last season either he or Connor Hughes were scoring all our vital goals despite not being regulars but still one of
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