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  1. Bobbins


    Indeed that's what they've published up to now. It's almost like they're a bunch of incompetent buffoons who've no idea how to maximise returns other than to charge people rent/tax.
  2. Bloody pensioners with too much money and time on their hands.
  3. Bobbins


    Maybe that's why the 'annex' has been left with all the steel work exposed all these years.
  4. Bobbins


    Was circa £50k a year in rent I believe, may have risen slightly since then. Sounds like we also get charged additional sums on top of this for stewarding costs, doctors etc. Would expect the actual figure is going to be nearer £75k. Not peanuts, but not an insignificant amount either, especially when it also means we get nothing back from bar & food profits. Discovering the council pay out around £8k a year on the summer pitch improvements I think they're the ones getting a better deal than either of the clubs who play there.
  5. We are away to Rochdale on Saturday 24th August, before heading back to The Shay for food and to watch the Fylde home game. Address for the game is Fearns Community College, Bacup, OL13 0TG Please post your availability below: Bobbins - Food A Probets - Food Tom - Food Kevin Callum - Food Wiggy - Food Harry Possibles: Si Rambo Charlie
  6. Bobbins


    Unfortunately clubs need to live within their means, not spend money they haven’t got then demand Premier League sides donate their money to subsidise them. Bury seem a particularly unusual case, a club who spent money they didn’t have, then were bought for £1 by a bloke who appears to have made money separating off the money from companies and then winding them up. Looks very unlikely they’ll still be a league club this time next week. Unless financial rules are tightened and clubs are somehow prevented from running at an unmanageable loss and have to put together approved budgets then there are going to be more clubs who are relying on a wealthy investor to save them from oblivion. It’s still a real possibility that Macclesfield won’t see out the season, while the longer Bolton’s takeover drags on the more precarious their future is.
  7. 1 win since he took over 6 months ago. Amazed it’s taken this long. Shame though, was funny watching them implode.
  8. This is the sort of pointless post that I’d expect to appear in the close season to break the monotony of threads about a lack of signings. Absolute nonsense, an incident?? Bloke has a bit of an argument on a night out in town. There’s that much CCTV in town centres these days that if anything more happened it’d be caught and those involved punished. The fact nothing has happened should tell those desperate for a scandal that they need to look elsewhere.
  9. Guess it's a sign of how far we've come in a few weeks under Wild when a 1-0 defeat at Wrexham is seen as such a disappointment. Truth be told the better team on the night won, we were in danger of being overrun in the first 25 minutes. Getting to half time level and then just about shading the second half when it was 11 vs 11 is a good measure of the character this team has. Their goal came a couple of minutes after Wild moved Nolan further forwards to make more of the extra man, disappointing as the goal seemed to come from nothing but I'd rather have a manager who tries to make a positive change and win the game, than one who tries to settle for a point in those circumstances. The one thing last night did do was highlight the lack of squad depth still, Jeff King wasn't having the best of games so bringing McAlinden on was an easy call, but that meant when chasing the game our remaining substitute options were Earing, Odelusi, Hanson and a Keeper. Was a little surprised not to see Earing get on, but when we have to resort to Odelusi playing up front it's a clear sign we're a player or two short.
  10. Gav and josh can be added to the list (with food)
  11. They can offer any salary to any candidate as they see fit. There's no employment law or equalities act covering that. If a football club sign a player they negotiate a salary as part of that contract, the better the player the higher the contract. No different with appointing a manager.
  12. Rob Scott doesn’t have the initials DH or have a D and A in his surname.
  13. We are playing Salford on Saturday 27th July before heading to The Shay for food before the Halifax friendly. Please post your availability below and whether you will be coming for food. Bobbins - food Adam - food Gav Chris Wiggy
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