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  1. As a furloughed member of staff at my place there are strict rules about not doing any work at all. Not even accessing work emails. How would that work for a professional sportsman? If they do fitness work in their furlough time are they breaking the rules and making themselves ineligible?
  2. Bobbins


    So some Stockport fan posts claiming they’re signing Rodney and our fans just take it at face value without question? Worse than that, they spend the day filling all social media with rumour and scaremongering so as the day wears on the rumour becomes ‘fact’, so much so that people start bothering the player on a day off. You’ve got to despair sometimes.
  3. Let’s just be clear, however much of a pointless minority sport rugby league is, if the pitch isn’t playable for football on Saturday but is playable for rugby on Sunday then the rugby will go ahead. The referee will make the call in each case - given rugby is mostly played by those who were too thick, uncoordinated or fat to play football at school then it’s a sport that can be played in most conditions and on most surfaces. If a football club called a game off when the pitch was deemed playable they’d be charged with failing to fulfil a fixture. As long as the eggy flops are sharing with us it’ll always be the same problem.
  4. Bobbins

    Rodney & King c

    Don't disagree with the sentiment, would be good to have the big players in the current side signed up for another couple of years, but that might be put on the back burner while we're in the playoffs. This league is generally won by a side who are big, strong and hardworking. 3 or 4 players of genuine quality backed up by 7 or 8 solid grafters who are generally 6 foot plus, League 2 would require a little more than that if we'd hope to not just be scrapping for our lives all season. If we were to sneak up in the playoffs we'd have a whole new group of players who would be available to us, not to mention a much improved budget. I'd be surprised if player recruitment, commercial deals and season tickets etc aren't going to be a bit up in the air due to our unexpectedly good league position.
  5. Bobbins

    Dover Game

    Think the guy missed a game not long before Christmas after losing at least one family member as well. Wasn’t on top form but he can be forgiven that at the moment. Still scored a fantastic header and created the first goal with a brilliant ball out to King, so not a game without it’s high points either.
  6. It'd be confusing if they mentioned us when they pulled someone else out of the bag.
  7. We will be at home against the charity team we played a few weeks ago, in a not for charity game on Saturday 14th December. Please post availability below. Available: Bobbins Cas Callum Martin Ben Wiggy Adie Josh Nathan Harrison Hembers Wrighty Ash? Beales Adam
  8. We are at home to Queens Park in the IFA Cup on Saturday 30th November. We will be having food after - venue to be confirmed. As Queens Park are travelling down from Scotland just to play us it would be good for as many of our players as possible to come for food afterwards as we can get. Please post your availability and whether you want food below. Available: Bobbins - Food Adam - Food Martin - Food Ash Callum - Food Luders Wiggy - Food Hembers Gav - Food Adie - food Chris - Food andy - food josh ben harrison beales
  9. We are at home to Man City on Saturday 23rd November, then going on to The Shay for food before the Eastleigh game. Please post your availability and whether you want food below. Available: Bobbins - Food Adam - Food Cas - Food Luders Andy - Food Ash - Food Wrighty - Food Wiggy - Food Callum - Food Martin - Food Ben Beale Possble: Adie (first half only)
  10. The Hampton & Richmond game isn’t happening, but we have a possible away fixture at Preston. Please post your updated availability below. Available: Martin Luders Wrighty Possible: Bobbins
  11. Sadly unavailable for this - but I’ll gladly donate as well.
  12. We are at home to Chester this Saturday at 10.30, then on to the Shay for food. please post your availability and if you want food below. Available: bobbins - food Junior 1 Junior 2 Junior 3 A Probets Luders Charlie Matt Ben
  13. We will be away to Bury on Saturday 19th October, then back to the Shay for food before the Harrogate game. please post your availability and if you want food. available: Bobbins - food A Probets - food Cas wrighty - food ben adie chris Dawson Wiggy
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