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  1. Give it all to Borehamwood.
  2. Bobbins

    1000 Fans

    Doncaster racecourse just announced their test events with spectators present have been cancelled - doesn't bode well for any fans allowed on 3rd October, let alone 1000.
  3. Bobbins

    1000 Fans

    Will the club be allowed pre-match hospitality as usual and how do the restrictions affect those who'd usually hire a box? Are those numbers part of the reduced capacity? Doesn't make much sense to insist on 450 fans in a stand designed for 3500, then to allow 10 or 20 people from different households in an executive box. But this is the council, sense probably doesn't come into it.
  4. I believe in the past clubs had a preference form to fill out before fixtures were arranged, where they could ask for home games on the first or last game or no preference. I think we've gone for no preference most times (which has sometimes left us with away games for both).
  5. Maybe it's not really that much of an issue in the grand scheme of things if a handful of people cross the channel in the hope of a better life. Maybe we're not actually 'swamped' or 'overflowing'. Maybe if we genuinely don't have the facilities to cope with people who'd risk their lives to try and claim asylum here, after it being an 'issue' that's been ongoing for many years, the problem is more to do with us than those travelling here. Maybe it's only started hitting the headlines again recently as a way of taking attention away from some bigger issues.
  6. Can't see us getting any fee for Brown, teams with money are almost all going to be full time. If Brown could do full time football he wouldn't be leaving us. Realistically the best we can hope might be a swap deal, if he joins a Conference North or Northern Premier side they might have a promising player we can use Brown as a makeweight in a deal for.
  7. As a furloughed member of staff at my place there are strict rules about not doing any work at all. Not even accessing work emails. How would that work for a professional sportsman? If they do fitness work in their furlough time are they breaking the rules and making themselves ineligible?
  8. So some Stockport fan posts claiming they’re signing Rodney and our fans just take it at face value without question? Worse than that, they spend the day filling all social media with rumour and scaremongering so as the day wears on the rumour becomes ‘fact’, so much so that people start bothering the player on a day off. You’ve got to despair sometimes.
  9. Let’s just be clear, however much of a pointless minority sport rugby league is, if the pitch isn’t playable for football on Saturday but is playable for rugby on Sunday then the rugby will go ahead. The referee will make the call in each case - given rugby is mostly played by those who were too thick, uncoordinated or fat to play football at school then it’s a sport that can be played in most conditions and on most surfaces. If a football club called a game off when the pitch was deemed playable they’d be charged with failing to fulfil a fixture. As long as the eggy flops are shari
  10. Don't disagree with the sentiment, would be good to have the big players in the current side signed up for another couple of years, but that might be put on the back burner while we're in the playoffs. This league is generally won by a side who are big, strong and hardworking. 3 or 4 players of genuine quality backed up by 7 or 8 solid grafters who are generally 6 foot plus, League 2 would require a little more than that if we'd hope to not just be scrapping for our lives all season. If we were to sneak up in the playoffs we'd have a whole new group of players who would be available to
  11. Think the guy missed a game not long before Christmas after losing at least one family member as well. Wasn’t on top form but he can be forgiven that at the moment. Still scored a fantastic header and created the first goal with a brilliant ball out to King, so not a game without it’s high points either.
  12. Difficult one because based on the last few games they've all been a bit rubbish, despite Fullerton's comments that we dominated on Saturday. Presuming Macca is leaving and Garner & Hibbs are under contract then: Keep Johnson, Wilde, Brown, Garner, Collins, Hotte, Kosylo, Hibbs and McDonald (if rumours of serious injury are unfounded) Invite back Riley, Tomlinson, Duckworth & Moyo Release Nicholson, Denton, Oliver, Clarke, Barrows, Khan, Basic Of the loanees, I'd try to sign Mad Mike and Maher, rest haven't looked up to it. As tempting as it i
  13. After the Tranmere away game Heath said we were going to go back to being hard to beat. Possibly not playing the best players but playing people who would work hard and do the thankless jobs like closing down and breaking up play. Nothing wrong with the idea but in practice it's been a spectacular disaster. Up to and including the Tranmere game we'd played 18 league matches, scored 19 (1.06 per game ratio) and conceded 21 (1.16 per game) to get 24 points (1.33 per game). Since his efforts to be hard to beat we've played another 13 league matches, scored 13 (1 per game) and conceded 22 (
  14. Bobbins


    What you get up to in the privacy of your own home is no one’s business but your own.
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