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  1. Walk out to ac/dc "you shook me all night long"
  2. I'd love nothing more than to see us back in the football league however splashing the cash doesn't mean promotion...ask fylde..wrexham...look at macclesfield on a small ish budget...gateshead threw money at the dream and where are they now?
  3. I remember at the jf curry night last season jf mentioned we go in late 4 players due to the fact some players go on trial at football league clubs or clubs with bigger budgets than us and then we see what's available...he mentioned that scenario regarding Duckworth as he wanted a bigger club and probably better wages...same with fondop..he was offered bigger bucks...we are not in that position and wont throw money about like the other clubs
  4. I'm confused...I've bought my season ticket...if someone is a Halifax fan they'd buy one regardless of what players we have? Its thru good n bad times...down the road at htfc they've just about sold all their season tickets and their squad so far is depleted and their prospects for next season are bang average....
  5. Happy with hanson/Duckworth...rather not bother...spend money elsewhere within the squad
  6. Just heard Collins signing for bpa...missed out if true
  7. Why on earth did we purchase tickets for tranmere away this sat??!!!....
  8. We are poor...but maidstone actually playing football and even tho ref is poor they deserve to be ahead...our bench is weak and we look to have no desire...very poor
  9. Moyo gives his all but you know he has that mistake in him which could cost us...id defo bring in a better rb if theres one around...oliver ok but id bring in another creative midfielder...and id defo bring in another forward...morgan either unplayable or non existent...can be so frustrating...miles away from goal and shoots rather than easy ball....
  10. So very sorry to hear such bad news and had just done the copy of last Saturdays game for Colin,RIP they don't make them like that anymore,gutted.

  11. drench was like nuer at bayern...he played like a sweeper...set up their 2nd goal...very impressive
  12. Darren kelly ex oldham....i called this last week on this thread!!
  13. he's is or was on the shortlist...decent record even tho it was only in the welsh league....i wouldn't be surprised to see him appointed and id be happier with him than others mentioned
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