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  1. O really, thanks for the heads up mate I’ll keep an eye out for him lol
  2. John Hendrick for the Shaymen Mario Cercione at thrum hall (but preferred football at school )
  3. Can anyone else remember Mick Leonard once, at the Shay, collecting a ‘nothing’ ball right at the edge of his penalty area and just mucking about gently kicked the attacking player who was chasing the ball down on his shin for a laugh and the referee gave a bleeding penalty for it,which they subsequently scored from! I can’t remember who we were playing that day? He used to go out with my mate’s sister from Ripoffden!
  4. Steady - he might Dec you!
  5. I honestly can’t ever remember doing Lmao and also I think that picture of me with my arm round that young bird same age as my daughter must have been digitally altered somehow!!!!! Bleeding scrounger/sponger/waste of space
  6. Here you go big Mott, I've corrected it grammatically for you so we can all have a laugh,sorry, read! "How has the Shay been saved? If the rugby club leave, then the council's best option would be to sell it. Also, have you noticed the state of the corner - total eyesore? It would have been better run by Tony and Sepp Blatter!"
  7. Good post Mr Flea - just one question/observation : is that "Swifty" on the rugby pages one and the same councillor Swift ;-)) ?
  8. Charlie knows!!! Mmmmm websters pennine bitter 3.5% !!!!
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