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  1. Steady - he might Dec you!
  2. I honestly can’t ever remember doing Lmao and also I think that picture of me with my arm round that young bird same age as my daughter must have been digitally altered somehow!!!!! Bleeding scrounger/sponger/waste of space
  3. Remember singing “Bertie Mee said to George Kirby, have you heard of the North Bank Highbury? George said no I don’t think so but I’ve heard of the Skircoat Aggro” great memories
  4. yes he did work at Elland power station, along with two good old friends of mine - Rod Green ( another former Shayman, for a bit anyway) and his dad Norman. he then used to help them out at their furniture stripping business down Salterhebble occasionally and what a laugh it was with all 3 of them together!! some very funny stories came out! Rod also passed away earlier this year so two more Halifax starmen gone upstairs to join our other departed mates/family members up there - RIP Pete
  5. Never assume- it will make an ass of u and me! lets just be happy not to be struggling as we historically always seem to be
  6. Cheers Steve - pmsl at the number 5 of worst footballers
  7. Plus of course 'what shall we do with a drunken sailor' and 'South Australia' for all antipodean Shaymen and girls
  8. yes he was, a good all rounder if I remember correctly? Didn't he also play for Man Utd until a bad injury cut that stay short ( bad leg break comes to mind?)
  9. thanks for your patience in sorting it Hoddie, funny how it leaves a big void in the daily lives of shaymen and ladies, I would have given up yonks ago! had a look on the 'no negative posts facebook' site and p1ss3d myself at the 'no need to apply to join ' brigade!! Come on tonight Town!!!
  10. Why spoil a good,respectful post about one of Halifax’s genuine sporting legends by childishly trying to score brownie points! Grow up and respect the dead! RIP Maurice and thanks for the many great memories for us Genuine all sports in Halifax supporters, it’ll be a funnier place up there with you and Peter Fox joining the ranks!
  11. Here you go big Mott, I've corrected it grammatically for you so we can all have a laugh,sorry, read! "How has the Shay been saved? If the rugby club leave, then the council's best option would be to sell it. Also, have you noticed the state of the corner - total eyesore? It would have been better run by Tony and Sepp Blatter!"
  12. Good post Mr Flea - just one question/observation : is that "Swifty" on the rugby pages one and the same councillor Swift ;-)) ?
  13. Charlie knows!!! Mmmmm websters pennine bitter 3.5% !!!!
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