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  1. Both seem likeable, don't talk football jargon and not even a 6-1 win left them with a spring in their step https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2018/november/02112018-altrincham-u18-reaction/
  2. Aye, I liked the bit where he used his contacts to get a report on Port Vale at very short notice.
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p078r2pb Good interview here after his time at Oldham, comes across well, sounds like a decent fella. Don't know what role Chris Millington has/had at Oldham but sounds like he would be part of Wild's team, so maybe assistant?
  4. Andy Morrell - Billy Barr management team could be good. What about that Kevin Nicholson guy who was in the running last time, any of these guys available?
  5. In his interview with Thomas Feaheny he talks about being fortunate to have an insight into how the chairman sees us moving forward. In that Radio Leeds interview he talks likes he's been asked not to reveal certain info, saying behind the scenes they're working like mad and being privy to inside info and discussions he feels even more so that he has a genuine opportunity to be successful. Just seems like hints at going full time to me.
  6. Any idea who his assistant might be? Heard he wanted to bring Steve Coppell in at Notts County, don't think he would come here even if it was to get out of India
  7. Can't wait for Fullarton's Fish & Chips Night.
  8. Martin McIntosh is available, took over at Buxton 6 years ago and saved them from relegation in a worse position than us and has recruited well with the stand out being Robbo. Worked with Tuton before too. Flip side is - no Conference experience and no success, flirted with the playoffs but never got them there.
  9. People have mentioned Billy Barr, wonder if he'd link up with Morrell again, what would people reckon to that after being sacked by Tamworth? What are your thoughts on Morrell @Don1864 ?
  10. Looks like the lads in the South Stand crying after Billy gave a bit back.
  11. People have gone from - Heath is just hanging onto his job here to - we've shown improvements and with last seasons turn around in mind Heath could do it again. All of this in Trev's small deluded mind means they are blind loyalists
  12. Yes we know that. Not getting carried away by Heath after our bad run.
  13. Lets not get carried away by one performance. He had to produce that today.
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