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  1. Our chances just went from slim to none.
  2. Jumbo1


    I'm guessing they will simply allow more workplaces open (offices, shops, and dare I say it, football training grounds etc) but at the same time tighten the laws on people casually being outside, which have been very slack up until now. Deaths would tick up a bit from people going to work, but potentially be mitigated slightly from less people dying from just being out and about. That's what I think they will do. I don't think it's the correct course of action necessarily.
  3. Jumbo1


    It was initially estimated we would be locked down for roughly 12 weeks. The 6 week mark ends this Thursday, and looking at the death polls I would say we really need the other 6 weeks to just help ourselves along towards calmer waters. Some ppl are getting restless but if you're not willing to kick them up the arse (be more heavy handed in other words), this will inevitably happen.
  4. Jumbo1

    Ron Thrower

    Rest in peace, Ron
  5. Jumbo1


    I'm a bit confused about this new Premier League plan to complete the season in Perth. I have a holiday booked for Perth in August but have told will need to reschedule as tourists from outside Auz are barred until 2021.
  6. It's a shame about the extra cost of opening stands. We have the perfect set up to house 1500 fans at safe distances of a few feet/seats.
  7. Didn't Koontz also say it would start in Wuhan (maybe on a different page)?
  8. I'd much prefer regional, whether it be "league two north" or "conf national north". The games against teams like Eastleigh and Boreham Wood do absolutely nothing for me and I usually avoid them.
  9. Free kick specialists will be quids in! No walls allowed.
  10. I'm not too bothered if we don't play the playoffs. Don't think we would have had a chance in hell of winning them (unlike the last time we were in them, when we were many people's favourites). I would like to see Barrow and other such clubs get what they deserve, but at the same time I'm not in favour of relegating clubs who didn't get the chance to play all their games, so for me you either void the season or inflate some of the divisions for one season only by promoting but not relegating.
  11. Only away day to Curzon I saw in person was the lameduck 2-1 defeat. Think Gregory might have scored but not sure.
  12. If we didn't have ditherers in charge we might have stood a better chance. Everyone knew this was coming in January. By March, planes were still coming and going and Liverpool were playing Athletico Madrid in front of 50,000 packed like sardines (inc 3000 Spaniards).
  13. I don't have much interest in whether they void it or not, but what it should be is consistant. Absolute BS that Liverpool will still get their title when clubs like South Shields are being shafted.
  14. I stand corrected on the Conf North being included. For the teams below that league though, it's a very unfair decision.
  15. Yes yes yes. If this was us we'd be turning into bloodthirsty savages over this. Not right how they treat smaller clubs.
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