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  1. I stand corrected on the Conf North being included. For the teams below that league though, it's a very unfair decision.
  2. Yes yes yes. If this was us we'd be turning into bloodthirsty savages over this. Not right how they treat smaller clubs.
  3. What's the reason for that? York (among others) must be absolutely fuming. It can't be one rule for one and another rule for another! Time for them to give the lawyers a call asap.
  4. Just took the dog out where I live in Leeds and loads of ppl still out in clunps enjoying the sunshine, playing tennis in large groups, sat on the grass, this and that. Falling on deaf ears.
  5. I think my wife might have it but not sure. Bit worried now. We're under 40 though so hopefully not going to be too bad. I've lost interest in the footy though whilst this is going on. Work is a depressing place to be and I'm walking home an hour to avoid buses. Don't laugh.
  6. Sutton are hurting and it's great
  7. Wild is a decent manager and has done well for us. We actually still have something to play for going into March for the first time in years, which is something. The thing that takes some of the shine out of being 4th is that, barring a miracle, a smaller club like Barrow or Hartogate will be football league next season where as we probably won't. If Yeovil and Notts County were up top, being 4th would probably feel great.
  8. Far cry from the days Stevenage and Kiddie weren't allowed up in back to back years (94 and 95 possibly). You needed everything done by April 30th the same season you hadn't even yet got promoted in! Or something ridiculous.
  9. I was there. Pretty sure I was out in the club 'Quest' in Wakey that same night with the match programme down by the side of the dance floor as I pulled some moves.
  10. It's an absolute farce this has happened FOUR times in one season before Christmas. If it happens once, fine, sod's law, move on. But 4 friggin times????
  11. If Wrexham, Notts County, and Harrogate are anything to go by, we'll mess this up anyway.
  12. Imagine what the table would look like if we'd actually won a few of the last few league games.
  13. It's a worse draw the more you mull it. Probably 2500 home and 600 away (tops), with only 40% of the gate money. Pompey is too far away and their motivation would be small. Pretty sure Charlton only brought about 350. That said, I would still have liked to see it. Need to start treating these ties like they're life and death, not 'oh well, it's a distraction from the league, let's see who's fit and we'll throw a team out, see what happens'. Not good enough.
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