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  1. Its not working, get 3 kicks a game Maher out of there he only gets in the way. No relegation let's go for it.
  2. What a carry on, didn't try to log on while 6 50 yesterday i was working in kitchen. I used same login password etc I've used all season, it said it was incorrect even though its stored in my tablet and it's been fine. I had to re register in wife's name got on 7 05 missed first 5 mins. Usual poor camera too far away picture, players look like ants. In to second half it packed up lost play for about 7 minutes. It's a disgrace I'd love to know how many don't bother with stream because of poor quality compared to some away grounds. I'm sorry to say sacking it unless the club take steps to improv
  3. I've lost 7 mins, I'm not paying £9 99 for this shite again.
  4. Where was the marking from set piece corner. Sunday morning football defending.
  5. greg47 you've spelt Lanzarote wrong 🤣.
  6. Vinny and Rup The Proclaimers or should I say The Proshaymers.
  7. In one way l'm glad we are in lockdown, losing to The Dog Botherers. Living in Brighouse it's full of Botherers the crap we would have got. "You've lost to our kids blah, blah, blah". I'm still going to get it on FB. It's a sad day. Resign Wild.
  8. How much you loaned them Steve?
  9. It's not right is it Egg chasing on Easter Egg Sunday 🤣
  10. The Dogs are barking on Saturday so it will be their reserves or kids.
  11. I joined this forum in Oct 2011, and still don't know how to delete a post😆
  12. Peter Crouch on a step ladder would not have got to that cross. It was an accidental collision.
  13. Come on Oli the second one was never a fKing penalty.
  14. Best game I've seen on TV at any level all season. Pity about shocking homer referee. How did he not book Halls consistently fouling. Great goal from King.
  15. They were just interviewing Pete Wild on BT. The wife who's never seen him before thought it was Craig the copper from Coronation St.
  16. Playing with 3 centre backs isn't working. If Wild has any football sense at all he will change the system. So that team will probably be right Steve. Where is the Sheffield lad?
  17. All the best Nathan Clarke hope you are back soon mate you are badly needed. If you can read anything on the Courier website there is nothing wrong with your eyes, adverts flashing here there and everywhere. It's the worst website in the world.
  18. I didn't watch it on Tuesday couldn't foil paying £12 50. I've just watched the highlights on Barnet website. Apart from when the ball was in their box, on the highlights we were the better team. What non of you Maher loving supporters have mentioned is his part or non part in both Barnets (my Aunt Fanny would have saved the first one) goals. Have a look for yourselves. By the way my Aunt Fanny wasn't a bad keeper in her day.
  19. The truth is we are playing games with 10 men. I know there is an obsession with some on here with him, first name on teamsheet every match. But he hides, never has a kick, gets in the way of other players, totally overrated. If you don't know who I'm talking about you are not watching close enough.
  20. Can't believe you've got Maher in there after his last performance. Give the loan lad from Sheff Utd a run. Or even better is Clarke fit yet?
  21. Icke surely if you hear of a freebie you will let us very poor OAPs know🤫
  22. In the English Premier league when Arsenal subbed Smith Rowe their team consisted 11 foreigners. THE ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE. Did you hear that moaning, diving git Harry Maguire's post match interview today. Saying he was cheated out of a penalty. The pull on his shoulder would not have downed Ann Widdecombe. He was offside anyway.
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