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  1. The bottom line is we tried to win the game but simply we aren't good enough. Again silly substitutions, the Manager, I'll say it again and one day you will all realise I'm right is clueless. His signings again Mansell, dear me.
  2. I'm going to have to disagree with part of that Billy, Kirky is not a bad commentator.
  3. No you're right Billy he's been sh!te. We need Clarke back. The odd attack they've had we look dodgy at the back
  4. Its cracking the flags in Costa Briggus now. You can play on the lawn at BTM Manor. Bring the goalposts, use my garden shed for changing room.
  5. Just watched the Man City match on MOTD, the pitch looked like a bowling green. Let's play there.
  6. When I was a lad we were that poor, on Sundays my job was to go next door and borrow their joint, so my mam could make some gravy to dip our bread in.
  7. Where is all the talk of Town fielding a weakened team coming from. If Town aren't going to bother trying to win the FA Trophy, I and I'm sure many others won't bother paying £10 for the stream. I will be looking at the selected team before splashing my hard earned.
  8. I got told they are stopping all the buses in Halifax tomorrow. When I enquired why they said to let people get on and off.🤣
  9. I bet their streaming is better too.
  10. Looking at the weather forecast, wouldn't it be common sense to do what I think the groundsman suggested and move the Southport game back to Sunday. It looks like its warming up during the night tonight and through Saturday.
  11. I've been sent this on messenger and asked to pick out ex Town players. I can only make out James Stansfield. Who are the others? Help me please.
  12. Sorry for delay Nick, I'm going. Man City Liverpool Man Utd Tottenham Everton Arsenal Leicester 7th Chelsea 8th.
  13. We have had the money teams Salford, Forest Green, Harrogate etc who have bought their way up. But in general it's fair. Look at Barrow last year. Every man and his dog would probably predict the top 6 in the Prem league before the season starts and get it right.
  14. I've just read an interesting article about the Burnley v Man Utd game tonight in the Overpaid, Diving, Cheating Foreigners League. The Man Utd starting eleven cost £443,000,000 the Burnley starting eleven £43,000,000. Man Utd had a player on the bench who cost more than the whole Burnley team. Is that fair, what an absolute joke of a league. Let's stick to the National League it's a bit more of a level playing field.
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