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  1. All this Maher ranting does me in, next time he plays watch him. He rarely get on the ball, does a lot of running about trying to break up the opposition attacks but his positioning is awful. If you think Maher is an automatic on the team sheet we are in a bad way. Next time he plays watch him closely on the ball, that's what football is all about what you do with the ball. Maher rarely has a kick.
  2. That's where Fullartons off to, I thought so.
  3. Come on Kim Jong Lumb, this is all unsubstantial. Step in.
  4. Wrexham obviously had Town watched on Saturday and targeted Binman right from the start. I personally think there is potential there. He needs to get fit quickly.
  5. Last Saturday the lady referee got well earned good reviews. Can't say the same about last nights official. Don't want to sound like bad loser but he was poor, very poor.
  6. He can only pass when someone has run off him to receive ball, it's not happening that's why he holds on to ball. He's an excellent prospect.
  7. Tracey have you forgotten, your barred from the club buses for flashing your tits in the bus window when we went to Barnet.
  8. We have a corner in the 65th minute, Sho Silva has had a bad curry night before breaks wind and it's bad. No one picks him up due to smell and he is left in space to head in, turns out to be only goal of game 1 0 to Town.
  9. I've got a season ticket Oli, haven't noticed pay on the day prices. What are they? I don't think I've had a moan, just an honest assessment. Born to moan is only a tag. I'm a happy soul really
  10. I'm 68 Town supporter for 62 years, I am savouring the moment. But let's not pretend.
  11. Won today 3 out of 3 top of the league lovely. Now let's tell the truth. Cameron King, Michael Duckworth brilliant. Browny and Clarke brilliant. But I'm sorry we weren't good. Second half just sat back and let them dominate. I like Allen quality, Sho Silva I'd rather have Denton. Binman will cost us games. Maher how supporters can rave about him is beyond me. Staunton good today, really not seen enough of the rest to give opinion. First impression on Mclinden looks a bit lightweight although he took his goal well today. Jeff King ok. Manager still looks a scruffy git, but I can live with that if we are winning. I will be at Wrexham on Tuesday. Will you buggers who are going to moan about my opinion?
  12. born to moan


    Allen was the KEY to the first goal on Tuesday opened them up.
  13. Is there only Chadders and me on this forum with a sense of humour. It was said lightheartedly man. I wouldn't care if he stood there in a Kermit the frog suit, dear me.
  14. Great stuff top of the league, 2 games 2 wins. Great crowd last night. High Sho Silva looked good, so did Allan, King and Binman. Binman looked like he's emptied more pie wrappers than bins but played well. Cameron King was excellent, hope we can hold on to him league clubs will be sniffing. Lovely Jubbly as Del Boy would say, but let's be honest. For 75% of the game Hartlepool played better football, they created more chances and if not for excellent defensive blocks and the crossbar might have scored a few. I'm not a fan of playing both Maher and Staunton we lose creativity. While I'm in full moan mood something needs sorting with balls going in to The Skircoat Stand. It's not the poor ball boys fault when they've got to go looking under seats for the ball. Why not leave a spare ball over that side. Next moan players coming out start of second half where were the staff to shut the concourse gates and pull out the tunnel. The players had to walk through the crowd, very unprofessional. Welcome to FC Halifax Pete Wild great start Pete hope it carries on. But come on lad smarten yourself up a bit. I thought you were a Ball Boy stood there in your 30 Bob T shirt and shorts. Get a nice club track suit or suit and shirt and tie like Billy Heath did. Billy always looked the part pity he didn't act it. Well that's my moan over I feel much better now, you can't beat a good moan. UTT.
  15. Like everything Fullarton did vinny its top secret.
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