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  1. Didn't like driving traveled a lot with British Rail.
  2. Hows Gerrit Forad going to tell them to Gerrit Forad from his front room.
  3. Sorry chrisbo but that Starmer bloke worries me. Something a bit wimpish about him. I bet when he was at school at playtime he went skipping or playing hopscotch with the girls, instead of footy with the lads. You know the type.
  4. Lanzo get back to Halifax you're needed on the board of Directors. Just imagine having a brisk walk on the Ogden Promenade pre match.
  5. The streaming of games would bring in a lot of away fans money. If I could stream for £10 Towns away games I like hundreds of other Town fans would.
  6. born to moan


    Did Brown want more money? If that's the case why didn't Wild say that instead of saying he couldn't or wouldn't train an extra day. The truth is not out.
  7. Get the games streamed and charge to receive it. I'm not a geek don't know how it's done but surely these days it can be.
  8. born to moan


    Of course he wanted he wanted to play for us. Its obvious Wild didn't want someone with more influence than him in the changing room.
  9. born to moan


    It's not good news when you lose a quality player and club man like Matt Brown. Sad day.
  10. That's it wife is on the mower for next 6 months I'm injured.
  11. I've pulled an arse cheek muscle mowing the lawn chadders, how do I tell what grade it is?
  12. It's time Wild stopped fannying around and picked his best team for these friendly games. Let the players get used to playing with each other. The first competitive game will be on us soon. What's the latest news on Brown and Hanson?
  13. I don't usually watch foreigners football also known as the English Premier League. But watched a bit of the Everton v WBA game yesterday, the sending off what a joke. Gibbs gave diving Rodriguez a push in the face that wouldn't have knocked The Duke of Edinburgh over, Rodriguez went down like Frank Bruno had given him an haymaker. It was laughable but Gibbs got sent off.
  14. I've got an ex dog botherer in mind Dick Kryswicki good player but always injured.
  15. Arthur Johnson. He was the first Town keeper I can remember, my dad started taking me to the Shay when I was about 6, that's 1957.
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