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  1. I started the Mad money to NHS post on the Skircoat Shed many months ago. The stats speak for themselves it has been very popular. One or more for some reason have a moan about the post, the admin have now taken the side of the people who only want to talk about football. It's sad but if this forum is not allowed to fill in the gaps between football talk with good honest fair debate about life I'm out. Thanks to all who have contributed to the post it's made great honest fair and most of all friendly debate.
  2. Just been listening to an interview on TV, Adam Boulton interviewing a Labour MP called Wes Streeting. What an impressive young politician, says it as it is. He totally expected last nights result and he has got very strong opinions on the future of the Labour party. If the party have got a few more like him in the pipeline they won't be long in the doldrums.
  3. Staunton, Maher and Cooper it would be 0 - 0. We would never get into their half.
  4. They've won their last two beating Eastleigh and Solihull obviously hit a bit of form, just our luck. I wanted to go to Wembley again next year.
  5. Anyone else watch The Apprentice on TV, I would love to go back 40 years go on with a can't fail business plan. Pull a face and stick my tongue out at sour faced Karen Brady, call Claude a tosser and tell Lord Sugar to stick his £250,000 up his arse. Am I on my own?
  6. People with money who take chances and invest in businesses that employ people who pay taxes and spend money. What will these entrepreneurs do if Communist Corbyn crawls his way somehow into number 10, simple they will take their money and businesses abroad. Leading as always to mass unemployment. Corbyn is the worst thing that could have happened to the Labour party. The unaffordable promises he makes to lie his way Into power beggars belief. The man is a boil on the arse of humanity. The sooner British politics is rid of him the better.
  7. It says we've got the wind second half, must be having half time mushy peas instead of an orange.
  8. Chrisbo old love don't like using a football term on this topic but Ashworth has scored a massive OG. How dare he say the public don't like the lovely Jeremy. Also Jeremy a danger to security, what an utter, utter, utter clown he is.
  9. Put a full strength team out and keep same team for Saturday. Get them used to playing together.
  10. Love it when somebody really knows me
  11. If I moan too much I apologise. Does that make me a moaning apologist.
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