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  1. Loud and clear on Robins Radio, and it's free.
  2. I had a PM informing me Altrincham's stream is one of the worst in the league. It's got to be bad to be worst than ours. Anyone else heard anything?
  3. Anyone heard how good or bad Altrincham streaming service is, and more important to a poor impoverished OAP like me how much it is.
  4. A great Town chant back in the day. "We are Jim Vinceable".
  5. Just watched the replay of yesterdays game on Town website. Can't possibly tell who's goal the 3rd one was. But look which Town player was involved in poor defending on both their goals, and it wasn't Clarke.
  6. The stream is very very poor but to knock Kirky the commentator and his pundit is totally unfair. I think Kirky is very good. I've (although reputed to be the best Bingo caller in Brighouse) never had a go at commentating but I bet it is more difficult than people think. Ignore the criticism Kirky lad you are doing a great job, thank you.
  7. I thought we played well for the first period.
  8. Again unnecessary substitutions from the best Manager in the world nearly cost us. When will he learn if it ain't broke don't fix it.
  9. Kirky the commentator says they were watching replays of second goal at halftime, why the hell couldn't the rest of us watch it.
  10. Are you saying Stroller Maher is fast, agile and runs out with the ball. Are you saying Clarke who has made 542 league and cup appearances is very slow, no nonsense and just hoofs it. Well making 542 appearances he has fooled a lot of good managers then.
  11. I really do hope I'm wrong, but another poor managerial move Mr Bosomworth. Wild makes too many bad decisions and doesn't appear to be learning from them. Never mind I will still be paying my £9.99 and attending when we can. We live in hope.
  12. Tommy is it the only team to beat the league champions home or away or both in the season they finished champions.?
  13. Welcome Micah O be a hero 😇
  14. You are all looking too deep into this. 2-0 up looking comfortable and Wild made unnecessary substitutions. We don't have another game while a week tomorrow, saying taking Earing off as a precaution or whatever is BS. Wild made, like he has done in previous games a cock up.
  15. Wild has cost us that game with needless substitutions. If it ain't broke don't fix it.
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