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  1. Wasn't there today had to bowl, but after reading match reports on here its sounds like my observation last week weren't far of the mark.
  2. Wish the players were on the ball as quick as you Steve.
  3. Hope you had the mid day special?
  4. I'll have the pizza this time Steve, and it's my turn to pay.
  5. Happy Birthday × 3 its Steve Lanzarote birthday today.
  6. Unlike you I have other things to do with my life than reading to the word every post on here. If someone has mentioned it before good I'm not on my own. I don't remember commenting on Earing or McAlinden.
  7. As usual Bollox your comment has flown over my head. Are you related to the late Stanley Unwin?
  8. I'm sorry not having a go at Pete Wild, can't do that yet. But not bringing in a loan Centre Back while Matty Brown is out is poor to me. Staunton good at the defensive mid position but not a centre half. It could be I'm wrong and they've tried to sign one but not managed it.
  9. Your heart can only be in one place Rambo. I would have thought listening to Stanley Oates would have taught you that. Lightcliffe through and through even if Brighouse were winning.
  10. Let's not pretend we are an average National league team. Why? We are top of the League.
  11. Do we really want Huddersfield Town supporters, supporting us. They haven't watched a team in blue win on a Saturday afternoon for 2 years. We don't want jinxing.
  12. I hope bone idle Boden doesn't score.
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