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  1. Again no concession for OAP,s, Bosomworth thinks all over 65,s are millionaires like him. Stick your season ticket I will pick my games. I'm an OAP saying what I think, how many will just not bother and stay away.
  2. The next time I'm unwell I'm just going to post my symptoms on here. There's more Doctors on here than we got at our surgery.
  3. An Italian scientist is now reporting air samples collected in Northern Italy are carrying the virus. That probably explains why the Chinese fired mist cannons into the air in Wuhan.
  4. It's fine vinny I'm retired.
  5. So DJ likes biscuits, surely DJ favourite is JD,s.
  6. Nothing like that goes on in Brighouse mate, it's an honest law abiding Town.
  7. Fack orf Erik, I don't Adam and Eve that.
  8. When this awful virus goes away and things are back to normal. If you could choose who you want to sit and have your first pint with when your pub/club is open, who would you choose. I would love to sit and have a drink with Captain Tom Moore. What an absolute star that man is, he should be bestowed with every accolade available. Who would you choose?
  9. Sorry forgot I've been busy washing my hair. 1 Neil Redfearn. 2 Brad City and Bolton. 3 2008 4 1998 Fulham £350,000 5 WBA 6 Jim Brown 7 Northern Premier league division one North. 8 1990/91 9 Paddy Roche, Darlington. 10 The dugouts were on Skircoat side, due to East Stand being demolished/ built.
  10. "Who'd a Thought it" Southowram.
  11. Same again just for fun no googling. 1) Alan Little was Town Manager 2001, Chris Wilder 2002. Inbetween we had a caretaker Manager. Who was it? 2) George Mulhall managed 3 teams in his managerial career, Town and who were the other 2? 3) In what year was Halifax Town AFC dissolved. 4) What year was Geoff Horsfield sold? To who and how much? 5) Who did Peter Butler play for immediately before joining Town? 6) Kieran O'Regan was sacked in April 1999 by which Chairman? 7) In which league did Town play in the 2008/9 season? 8) In which season did Man Utd knock Town out in the league cup? 9) In 1988 Burnley beat Town on penalties in the Sherpa Van's cup semi final. Who took Towns last penalty and who did Town beat in the Quarter final? 10) 3 points if you get this. What was unusual about Mark Lillis term as manager for games at The Shay? Good luck answers in 2 days. Remember just a bit of fun no cheating.
  12. Did Malcom Macdonald win it?
  13. He wore them big Rugby boots that covered his ankles. Nobody ever went past him.
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