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  1. Going back to the UK Col? I fly back week on Thursday..
  2. We have seen it so many times before. Long may this run last.
  3. 3 points closer to safety.. Well done lads.
  4. 6pts safer from relegation....
  5. Actually looks a nicer cleaner page too.. Top stuff mate
  6. It's a results based business. Our results were shite under him. Scot was just here to try and make us believe otherwise. Both now gone.. Tick, tick In my book..
  7. I honestly don't get it.. Last season most of the posters on here tore strips of old mate for his relentless defense of one our worst managers ever.. Now that he's moved on to his next failure the very same people or sucking his c*ck.. Get a grip people.. The manager was shite and Scott was indefensible of his opinions and still continues to be.. Good riddance they will both be a memory sooner rather than later..
  8. Hoddie.. Got to agree with every single word there.. Bye bye JF.. Bye bye Scott.. Neither will be missed..
  9. Heard a bloke talking about it at the cricket today. Seemed pretty confident what he was talking about. An older bloke too not a young whipper snapper talking shite.. Lol I'm sure he said Ivante? Anyone know who it could be?
  10. Whitehead Phil Brown Martin Holden (of course)
  11. Any comms anywhere? Cheers
  12. Rick Holden


    Any commentary?
  13. All this talk about improvements is all well and good but, if he has indeed lost the dressing room as many on here were suggesting then, he has to go at seasons end. Can't get rid of the team and start the rebuild process all over again....
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