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  1. Do not mind banter but suggesting someone has mental health issues is a low blow even for you Shaytrev
  2. Tobi nowhere near as effective as Rodney but if anyone thought Allen played better than Tobi in tandem with Redshaw on Saturday apply to Shaytrev for a prescription to use his Anti Tobi Glare Beer Goggles
  3. Unbelievable conspiracy theories when all the club does is update the fan base on the club,s current status on and off the field.Just waiting for Donald Trump to denounce the statement as False News
  4. On Saturday PW had to use all the members of the first team due to injury,suspension and ineligibility which in my opinion posed or answered a number of questions. In defence we are sailing close to the wind asking Clarke to play time and time again with no experienced. Centre halves (Clarke should have scored with a free header) In midfield regardless of what formation we play if Cam King has one of his off days it is glaring re obvious that we have no creativity in the squad. At various times on Saturday J. King Hanson and Williams attempted to play in midfield with no success. Playing Redshaw upfront with Allen was a disaster as it is obvious that he needs a big forward to feed off preferable Rodney but even Tobi won six headers to Allen zero contribution. Allen is far better out wide using his pace. Once again in my opinion Clarke,s distribution was far better than any of our midfielders or Johnston. In conclusion we need another centre half and a creative midfielder if we are to sustain a promotion challenge which I hope we do
  5. Unfortunately I am by nature I am a ‘half glass empty’ person and I think that has been generated by watching town for nearly sixty years. I would love a return to the football league but based on our current and potential income I think residing in the National Conference is our club,s natural position. Any BOD including previous and the present one that can run our club without the asking for bailouts as in many previous regimes for ten years deserves plaudits and our support. I hope that we have a successful season every year but am a realist and am always relived to pass that 50 point mark. Whatever you think of the current BOD financial stability and working within set budgets appears to have been top of their priorities. Of course they have made mistakes with some of their managerial appointments but there again which club has not. Perhaps their financial acumen is not as good as we think but we have not had to have a bucket collection for a long time
  6. Wish we could get gates of four and a half thousand
  7. I think McAlinden got taken off due to a change in formation due to a sending off Messageboard for County complaining that Gannon played Rodney out wide and not up top Whereas at first their message board. Thought they had got the best of the deal it is now almost unanimous that they prefer Rodney
  8. Recently had a relative in hospital who needed carers on discharge and for the foreseeable future. A rehabilitation team of two visited morning and evening for six weeks FOC and not means tested. After six weeks private companies take over and charge if you have assets over 23k. The NHS needs to organise itself and take over all care and charge where necessary so that the money goes back into the NHS and not to private profit making companies. In an ideal world all care should be free. To properly fund the NHS we should start taxing Google, Amazon,Microsoft properly now we supposedly can write our own trade rules
  9. I thought yesterday Clarke was outstanding organising the defence and anticipating and cutting out crosses with exceptional positioning.Wish all the experts who think he is too old and slow were at the game. On another front Jeff King got bollockings from Cooper and Maher for not clearing his line and trying to play football on the edge of our penalty area
  10. Jeff King and. Browny put their heart and sleeve into tackling unfortunately it is sometimes mistimed
  11. Cannot accept all this criticism of our centre backs Clarke reads the game and positions himself accordingly If anything Brown gets caught out by pace because he is playing on the left of the three centre halves. Maher has got pace so he feels comfortable on the right side.I think the system will work better as time goes by. Obviously Duckworth is more suited to the system than Jeff King who only seems intent on getting a booking every match and yet at times delivers some incisive passes. Critics of Clarke should watch the game more closely and see who is organising the defence.
  12. Correct me if I am wrong we played a totally different formation against Chesterfield with two up front TSS has played up front on his own nearly all season. On one of the few if not the only one he had a twin striker he scored and had an assist. I am sure PW will use all three strikers in differing formations. And as for TSS cleaning boots that no different TJ than what you do for the other Chuckle brother
  13. County message board quotes the manager saying McAlinden is predominantly a left sided player who can play across all four positions in the front line or play in a number 10 position. They seem to think that signing a player who interested Ipswich shows what a good signing he is and they rate him above Rodney A couple on the message board thought they had signed Redshaw Worried that he only signed another short term contract I think he has been badly advised. If it does not work out for him at County he could end up at BPA
  14. Really should impose the rule three misquotes on statistics or. Radio commentary and you are locked out
  15. Oh not Greygoose you have woken up the other Chuckle Brother
  16. GCHQ have reported that a drone exploded over Torquay FC Plainmoor Ground during the second half of their match against. FC Halifax Town An analysis of the software on board revealed the following The drone was launched from a bedroom in Halifax covered in ‘I love Rodney wallpaper’ and launched from a cot (sorry I mean console) Cameras on board the drone were programmed to send images of a stationery object code name TSS back to Halifax Further IT equipment included a GPS monitor to record the number of times the object TSS turned an 180 degrees An altimeter fixed on the object TSS recorded the number of times the height of the subject dropped from 1.90 m to 1.0 m (I.e. the object TSS fell to the floor An infra red humidifier registered the amount of water absorbed by the object TSS when it touched the ground Unfortunately the drone exploded in the second half of the game and lost all its data GCHQ said the drone exploded because the drone’s software could not handle the object TSS scoring
  17. Whilst sharing everyone’s enthusiasm for our recent additions of Redshaw and Rodney I feel we need further strengthening with a creative midfielder. We rely heavily on Cam King who has fitness issues and Cooper,s weakest part of his game is his distribution.
  18. Where is he playing now
  19. No problem with you TJ I admire your passion but not all your utterances which sometimes state the obvious
  20. I would be surprised if TJ has got something wrong He never lets facts get in the way of a good story
  21. The fans forum for Stockport County seems to suggest that they do not have the funds to retain all their loan players having overspent their budget.Their gates average 4,,000 plus and the squad is part time. Thank goodness for our BOD financial acumen for running a hybrid FT squad on gates under 2,000
  22. RIP Mr Wild Senior Puts everything in perspective
  23. No problem TJ Remember. It is always better to be a has been than a never been
  24. You should have been a Rocket Scientist with your powers of observation I think we have all worked the above out.I am sorry to disillusion you but it happens to all sportsmen I used to be a fast bowler but at the end of my career ended up a medium sluggish, down hill bowler
  25. Waited a week for you to find a new punch bag now TSS is not in the team yesterday. If you watched the game yesterday Clarke was leading the back line and encouraging Brown and Maher plus numerous blocks and clearing headers plus his positional play is based on years of experience in the football league unlike the rest of the team.Who was missing on Boxing Day when we conceded five Brown or Clarke
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