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  1. Norm I believe we have two facilities for manufacturing vaccines but they have not the capacity to deal with a pandemic. We are currently building a state of the arch research/development and manufacturing plant in Oxford it will be ready in 2022
  2. All loo rolls are made in the Uk there is a big factory in Oldham (sure there is a joke somewhere) More importantly the UK does not have a facility for manufacturing a vaccine
  3. Just read on the Stainland and district website that the only shop in Holywell Green has put the price of milk up by a substantial margin. Profiteering should be punished with a massive fine and people should boycott the shop
  4. A bit harsh on Clarke who is playing and leading better on the field than Browny. In your list I would swap Cooper for Jeff King (Opposition have sussed him out and just try and wind him up so he gets booked)
  5. Do not disagree TJ but who are the ones you would get rid of besides TSS are Brown, Hanson Earing and Allen already on contracts for next season. In what will be a financial straightjacket for the clubs which survive regionalised football should be a must for League 2 and below
  6. Town,s squad should be OK as in recent weeks they appear to be unable to pass anything to one another
  7. Unusually for you TJ you have got your facts wrong. Graham beat the Governess but the team did not beat her
  8. I think you have summarised what everybody has already said
  9. Hope he is more in tune than Jack is at the moment
  10. Bill Atkins

    Danny Hone

    With the Beer Goggles society footballing brain
  11. The beer goggles society got their way and had Rodney Allen and Redshaw on the pitch and it did not work. Before I get shot down I have no plan B and am not advocating that TSS should play. It is obvious that Redshaw is not a number 10 and should be playing off a front man. Allen and Rodney did not win one header against their respective centre halves. Allen needs to play out wide with his pace and is too powder puff to play striker. Brown,Clarke and in particular Maher passing was dreadful. Going to get shot down again but Cooper was the one person who was making passes albeit with some misplaced but was always available. Someone earlier in this thread said he had no engine . Most energetic player in the team as far as I am concerned.Need additional personnel in midfield and a target man or else the season will just fizzle out
  12. Anybody know the revenue split re home and away
  13. The beer glasses controller has had to recall one of his androids because it has gone rogue and developed a virus However the virus has been contained and other androids remain on message
  14. I never knew you were related to Ashy1966 I thought Shay trev was your dad My apologies to all three of you
  15. Ashy 1966 remind me what moral high ground were you lecturing on about vendettas
  16. No not obsessed just correcting your flawed thinking occasionally but still admire your passion
  17. Never once used the word vendetta as TJ would say Calm down man
  18. You will have reprogram your clone Trev
  19. Shaymen0 called you a part time supporter, he did you a curtesy with a response like that. The posters on this board who think you have a vendetta against a certain player need no further evidence. I have never personally come across any supporter who did not watch a team because a certain player might be picked regardless of whether it was a league or tinpot game. You have made nearly sixty posts in this thread with numerous references to formations and selections and then we find out you personally did not watch the Halesowen game or the Torquay game (I did not go to Torquay so I cannot comment on selection/formations) All I know is the manager had his reasons which he divulged to a contributor on this board who had the honesty to say he agreed with PW I went to the Halesowen game when we played your favoured formation with Redshaw and Allen upfront.The striking force that day could not have burst out of a paper bag against a team three divisions lower. I totally agree that Redshaw and Rodney are our best strikers but to say that you do not have to assess the opposition betrays you lack of knowledge of sport.. I admire your passion but some of your shallow comments about certain players as per your response does you no credit During this
  20. Were you at the Halesowen game
  21. Could be wrong Hoddie but her parents can in the 1960,s before the mass explusion of the 1970,s but cannot confirm their status
  22. The irony of this proposed law by Priti Patel is that under this law her parents who are of Ugandan origin would not have been allowed into this country under her proposed legislation
  23. Think he listened to you T J when after the Yeovil game on Dec 8th you said in his interviews after the game he was getting more deluded and that he was tactically inept
  24. Fair enough if you catergrise it as banter then you will appreciate the soon to be realeased script of you and TJ ASTON interviewing Tobi
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