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  1. Eric Bending the corrugated sheers has knackered me I will take my chance with the shelter
  2. Just finished building the Anderson shelter any more news about Thursday ?
  3. Would thought your best bet would be the Shibden Valley Society who appear to object to any development near or in the valley
  4. Very busy today I am building an Anderson Shelter at the bottom of the garden ready for Thursday
  5. Watching something to remind me of myself,chriso61 and Trev. Antiques Road Show
  6. As usual an incorrect biased piece of news The new law decriminalised abortion in New Zealand and allows women to make the decision up to 20 weeks. After that an abortion can only be made on health grounds. The vote was taken on a conscience basis free of political posturing Shaytrev you should really do a little more research or else people might think you are a spreader of Donald Trump’s Fake News
  7. Greg 45 you are correct She worked in Blair' cabinet office in a team of 80 and never met Blair. She appears to hold far left views and disagreed with Blair's involvement in Iraqi. However in the press and political opponents call her a political aide to Blair
  8. FAKE NEWS (until verified by Shaytrev) New Zealand with a population of 5 million have declared that they are controlling the virus They closed their borders Compulsory quarantine for potential virus carriers Extensive testing Strict self isolating for everyone Female leftie Prime Minister formerly political aide to Tony Blair at the moment seems to be making the right decisions
  9. When the Corona Virus began Upsteped a wise and knowledgeable man Not craving adulation or Fame Shaytrev was our hero’s name Conspiracy theories began to flow Chriso61, Shayman v and Hoddie ridiculed then blow by blow Shaytrev first theory and well known fact Was that the virus’s source was a wet market bat The theories can thick and fast Including the dangers of a 5G mast Shaytrev said it was a mild version of flu Do not worry he said it will only kill a few (20,000 +) Fake news was singled out as the death toll began to leap Shaytrev said stop watching the media they treat you like sheep Bill Gates, Big Pharma and polio vaccines Had all made billions which Shaytrev thought obscene All leftis and weed taking morons were dismissed As more conspiracy theories were added to Shaytrev’s list The latest twist involved Shaytrev hero President Trump Who told us to drink Detol then give your chest a thump The virus will rumble on and on Let us all stay safe until it is gone Shaytrev will continue with his links By now no sheep are bothered what he thinks
  10. Sorry I did not pick you reply up Cannot believe you would live with the Poliovirus as opposed to a vaccine and what the hell a leftie answer has to do with A bit of advice Trev when you are in a hole stop digging I will leave you to your conspiracy theories End of communications
  11. Stop wriggling Trev answer my question vacinate yes or no I think everyone can draw conclusions from your lack of honesty in not answering
  12. Answer the question Vacinate or not. Yes or No Even for you yes or no is not too hard. Not bothered about links
  13. As soon as the truth is laid before you .You crawl back into your shell and start saying do not personalise something. How the hell can you not see the truth about vaccine STILL NOT ANSWERED THE QUESTION WOULD YOU HAVE GIVEN PERMISSION FOR ME TO HAVE THE VACCINE OR CONTRACT POLIO You obviously cannot answer because it does not fit your discredited theories
  14. Well Trev I will try and make this as unemotional as possible but I think you have overstepped the mark with your conspiracy theories As an 18 month old baby I contacted the poliovirus in the early 1950,s when there was no vaccine available. The virus attacked the whole of my left arm, right leg and back. I was lucky I did not end up in an iron lung and only spent 6 months in isolation at Northowram and then Pinderfields at Wakefield. As you will. Know a vaccine was developed in 1955 which eventually eradicated the disease from most of the world. A simple question for you If a vaccine was available when I caught polio do you think my parents would have refused to have me vaccinated because of the contents of the vaccine or because Big Pharma was making money. I think you should consider very strongly the origin and contents of your conspiracy theories
  15. Trump previously recommended using anti malaria drugs chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine which have revealed in early trials to increase the deaths rates in Corona virus due to irregular heart rhythms. Trump should be the one with a health warning stamped on his quiff
  16. Regional football should be the way forward. This would increase attendances home and away and allow supporters to travel away midweek. Local derbies would generate far more interest for the potential/floating spectator. Reduce the club’s travelling expenditure and eliminate overnight stays. As a golden oldie I fondly remember the old third division north and hardly ever missed a match (home and away) This pandemic has just shown how precarious football clubs finances are Remember early on in the season when contributors to this board were urging the club to blow the budget and go for promotion. Whilst some including myself advocated restraint and supported the BOD to balance the books. Thank you BD times may be hard but they could have been a lot worse
  17. The Health minister should be congratulated on reprising the comedy of Hancock,s half hourly cock ups
  18. Wonder if this is the way forward to reduce the workloads of GP,s and helps self isolators This morning I rang the district nurses to report that my wife,s foot had swollen overnight and had developed a rash.The nurse came within 30 mins and on inspection suggested I contacted our GP. I rang the surgery and was told that a doctor would ring back. Within 30 mins the doctor rang and sent msg to my IPhone for a link to download an app I downloaded the app which resulted in a two way video conference with ourselves and the doctor who visually inspected the foot which was swollen Zia the camera on my lphone. The doctor decided on a course of antibiotics which were delivered to home within an hour. Obviously not suitable for all consultations but very impressive use of technology. Well done to the NHS and all concerned
  19. Are you talking about Shaytrev or the author
  20. Just watched Look North and saw what the police were having to deal with in Calderdale People coughing in their faces, pouring vomit over them. Although I am not a right wing hang em and flog em (sorry Hoddie) I believe these offenders should be locked up in solitary confinement, no visitors, no privileges for one year or as a last resort tie them to a 5G mobile mast
  21. Were all in the team when I attended my first game at the Shay Also in the team Paddy Stanley Arthur Johnston Phil. Roscoe Alex South Gerry Priestley Those were the days when players. dropted. down the divisions to earn. a living
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