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  1. Wrong At the end of a Rainbow
  2. Playing. Staunton on bench TSS Southwell Rodney Cooper Missing McDonald King
  3. Always allow myself a cooling down period after performances like yesterday It appears to me that the overalL strength of the squad from the majority of comments Is totally dependent on Summerfield and Hyde being fit. Clarke got loads of stick yesterday regarding his distribution should not the midfield have been making themselves available to relieve him of the long punts upfield. Gold makes TTS look like a world beater,TSS at least gave 100% and offered more mobility even when on the floor. Allen has pace but is not a striker both him and Williams in full flight can beat men but often
  4. The challenge reminded me of Jeff Lee’s tackle on a current board member in a local derby match
  5. Fair comment Tommy if that is your honest appraisal of some of the messages on the forum. I must have missed them but do concur with you it is up to each individual to decide on their own what and when and how to make any financial contribution to the club I have decided not to claim my £100 season ticket rebate and will donate it to the club or supporters club whichever is most tax efficient My own decision no one has influenced me or co-Hearst me just doing my bit because I can afford to
  6. You do not offend me by your observations but presumably I am allowed my own opinion without being told I live in la la land
  7. Not attacking you just making an observation after analysing your posts regarding the current board over many years Would not want to get suspended like Erik
  8. Francis is correct The definition of Prudent Acting with or showing care and thought for the future Asking one of the Brothers Grimm to acknowledge that the current BOD has run the club in a satisfactory manner over the last ten years equates to asking Jeff King not to get booked
  9. Excellent report. Thank you. Steve
  10. can someone enlarge me on where supporters are being pressurised to make financial donations which they cannot afford. All I have seen are suggestions on this forum from committed supporters exploring different money raising schemes which are not compulsory to join I actually thought Woking approach of a three tiered streaming subscription was an excellent idea (No thumb screws involved)
  11. Surprised to see Senior on bench although Williams has started well No use lumping ball upfield with no target man
  12. Presumably number 21 on our team sheet Adrian Clifton is a mistake. Or Have I missed a signing
  13. Duckworth’s lnjury apparently quite serious additionally Redshaw out injured
  14. In Hoddie,s. defence he is receiving streaming that has crossed the English Channel and the images he is receiving may have been disorientated.
  15. Be careful an airplane may land on you
  16. Before commentating on today’s streaming and game I have to declare I have self isolating since March 7th except visits to hospital and doctors and collecting my season ticket seat allocation plus 4 visits to Tesco. So perhaps my views are biased towards the anticipation of witnessing a game of football involving FC Halifax Town Having never used streaming before I was more than happy with the coverage and commentary of the game despite the penalty coverage cock up. Some users far more technical minded than me have suggested various changes to the streaming which will improve the offering
  17. Hoddie footballing analytical skills have been distorted by the stress of moderating Erik
  18. Heard from a good source Ralph lost a six figured sum of his own money during his tenure at the shay. As a protege of Jim Brown he obviously did not adhere to Jim’s financial doctrine
  19. Wild says he. Pushed them harder than when they came back for play offs ((strange strategy) not pushing players for play offs when it began obvious we ran out of steam in second half. Looking at our pre season results I wonder what would have happened if we had taken our foot off the pedal
  20. How the hell brain dead on and off the field Kyle Walker is rated the best English right full back is mystifying I prefer Duckworth Or Walt Bingley ( who unfortunately is dead
  21. Bill Atkins


    Cannot understand all the drama about Brown leaving In the cold light of day he wanted more money for an extra day,s work (not an unreasonable request) The management made a financial decision that a 30 year old centre back with recent injury problems and gradually losing pace was not a good investment Browny quite rightly considered his options found a club willing to pay his financial demands regardless of location and moved on. In view of the latest virus News re crowds Town appears to have come out of the affair financially on top Fans quite rightly appreciate his tim
  22. Exactly the same for me BTM Paddy Stanley and Phil Roscoe as fullbacks we’re bigger than most centre halves
  23. Halifax Town not F C. Halifax. Vardy too easy
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