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    Cannot understand all the drama about Brown leaving In the cold light of day he wanted more money for an extra day,s work (not an unreasonable request) The management made a financial decision that a 30 year old centre back with recent injury problems and gradually losing pace was not a good investment Browny quite rightly considered his options found a club willing to pay his financial demands regardless of location and moved on. In view of the latest virus News re crowds Town appears to have come out of the affair financially on top Fans quite rightly appreciate his tim
  2. Exactly the same for me BTM Paddy Stanley and Phil Roscoe as fullbacks we’re bigger than most centre halves
  3. Halifax Town not F C. Halifax. Vardy too easy
  4. One of my heroes from the first team I remember at the shay. RIP. Lofty
  5. Disagree In my opinion Brown last season looked slow (maybe because of injuries) Clarke positional play and organisational ability is far superior to Brown. Having said that the current situation with Brown needs resolving amicably
  6. Hope my memory is not playing tricks but did he walk out of that theatre when Eamon Andrews presented him with the This is your Life book
  7. Agreed I only associated with one team
  8. Never realised he played for Barnsley
  9. That is in spite of me still shielding And self isolating with my wife. suspect I will Be allocated a seat with a Red Cross and a bell in Paddy Roche’s sweet shop
  10. Attendances at the Shay would increase dramatically if the young lady above sat at Chadders desk instead of Chadders
  11. I remember him playing at the shay with Hartlepool (had a quiet match) Surprised he only scored 27 goals
  12. Did John Wray from the local league play the odd match
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