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  1. Probably wanted to pick your footballing brain
  2. Bill Atkins

    J B W

    For the golden Oldies Is JBW the biggest fullback we have had since Phil Roscoe and Paddy Stanley Although not the finished article he put three passes in the first half to our forwards which was more than Sellars and Skarz did all last season
  3. Glad you got it done before NO DEAL
  4. On holiday till end of July what pick up arrangements are available
  5. Agree with you Shaytrev but the scenario is just not limited to JF reign as manager How many times over the years will you have been in discussion with friends,work colleagues,people in pubs and people in general who when you tell them you support the SHAYMEN they immediately say the team are rubbish and then you find out they have never watched a live match at the Shay but they can recite all the disasters that have befallen over the years. The club will continue to survive although I am at odds with people who think the BOD are using the club as a hobby. As a business man I set budgets and adher to them to make sure I am in business next year. Without knowing what is going on behind the scenes (I am on a month,s pre season training in Spain) I quite like the idea of giving Nathan Clarke a role in the club. Local lad,model professional but must be given time to develop. and in a way promotes Hoddie,s idea of a community club. I never have high expectations at the start of the season but welcome the opportunity to see my team play
  6. The board of directors of FC Halifax Town today at the High Court in London successfully applied for a gagging order against a supporter who has consistently undermined and thwarted their attempts to sign new players The supporter in question has been banned from using the vast databank of information and videos he has accumulated by reading any forum or blogs relating to non league football He unwittingly has identified over 1;750 potential signings on the THE SHAYMEN forum that FC Halifax had targeted which then altered big spending clubs signing 1;747 of the potential signings which has left FC Halifax able to complete only three signings He has demanded a Marque signing which has forced the board to consider a season long loan for Billy Smart,s circus big top Due to his leakage of the club,s salary structure the club can no longer depend on players signing on minimum wage or zero hours contracts During the hearing it became apparent that the supporter in question also distributed information gain from an employee of the club. Subsequently a car park attendant has been dismissed The club as a gesture of goodwill plan to announce more new signings at the End of Season ball
  7. Mentioned earlier by Richmond96 Freddie Hill who came with Dave Leonard on a double free transfer both sold on for 12k (Freddie Hill) and 30k (Dave Leonard) Another value free transfer first time round Mike Matthews
  8. Who is the old club,s only England Youth international Shaymus you are barred from answering
  9. Without been accused of being a disciple of Nick,s where does is your information TJ come from
  10. Quite a provocative statement from an innocent party who never claims never to start arguments
  11. Hoddie you occasionally still drop back into your grumpy old man/chip on your shoulder image Halifax RLFC have won the challenge cup five times watched with attendances around 90,000 I would have thought that outstrips our F A Trophy win which was the best sporting day of my life attainments both club should be proud of not rivals Any sporting team with the name Halifax will be supported by myself as I am proud of my town which is in economic decline due to successive governments industrial policy. A non related sports item, The statue to the Duke of Wellington regiment at the top of Woolshops is a credit to all concerned and restores a lit bit of civic pride
  12. Smith Pickering Carlin Atkins (of course)
  13. Mid aLate fifteen Arthur Johnston Phil Roscoe Paddy Stanley Lofty Lorenson Alex South Peter Tilley Andy McCall Conway Smith Hope my memory is not playing tricks
  14. First Time season ticket holder (1 Adult & 2 Under 12) not sure if I qualify as a newbie after 60 years
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