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  1. Played bowls and cricket against him. A true gentleman RIP Leyland
  2. I know you go by commentaries away from home but did not realise you did not watch home matches. Clarke since Brown was injured has single handily kept the back line in tact and scores from set pieces have revolved around Staunton. Of course he is getting slower but not signing another centre half on loan has done him no favours
  3. Fair comment but I did not realise you had such a laissez faire attitude to the BOD financial management
  4. You are on Hyperbole tablets again Hope you understood the answers
  5. With the information at your disposal are you suggesting we make an annual loss of 100k In that case we have lost £1,000,000 over 10 year Or are you stating we are using cash that we have made from profits in previous years Or are you on Hoddie,s hyperbole pills
  6. Did not say balanced the books I said financial stability
  7. Another. Quantum leap analysis by yourself Halifax Town have always struggled regarding cash flow during every decade Have you not noticed. So have every other lower league team The state of the Shay stadium is controlled by the council With the wages paid at the top of the pyramid filtering down through the leagues you would have to be an economic illiterate to not understand the budgetary pressure current non league clubs are under At no stage have I said that the BOD are ANYBODIES natural betters that is when the Chip on your shoulders keep re appearing We have not had to have a meat raffle for ten years to balance the books
  8. The chips on your shoulders keep re appearing. Your bias against the current board seems to colour your judgement have they offended you in the past Of course you can compare the 80s 90s against today’s set up. We are running a hybrid full time squad, we do not own the ground and rely on windfalls as does every other non premiership team We travel the length and breadth of the Uk and rely on promotion and relegation unlike the good old days when the old boys club kept us in the league. I much prefer a discussion/debate rather than your rather pompous Rees-Mogg like statement that anyone else but you talk nonsense
  9. Agree about the shite totally disagree about the 3,300 stated earlier in this thread. DB despite some opinions of certain contributors on this board has maintained financial stability for the last ten years despite the naivety of directing a business with a history of financial mismanagement and one of the lowest average attendances during decades of being in the Football League
  10. Earring on a two year deal should give him time Do agree that we should try and move Williams, Nolan and Southwell on but who would want them on their current form. We are very fickle A few week ago we were talking about our assets Johnston Great shot stopper but cannot command his six yard box McLinden Lost confidence and unsure of his best position Cameran King Struggling fitness and health wise with full time football Not a lot of saleable assets at the moment using the loan system would be the only credible way of rotating/improving the squad
  11. .It was more a double footed. Drop kick which caught Bobby.in the midriff. Who then feinted injury
  12. Flea What position did Hanson and Earing play in
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