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  1. Look on the bright side he has scored as many goals for Town as Hyde and Stenson together
  2. One minute you are spreading your left of centre political views and then you defend someone. Who has the same tax arrangements as Philip Green
  3. Any sportsman domiciled outside the Uk and not paying UK taxes should be excluded from Sports Personality of the Year
  4. Wing backs have multi functions an ability to defend, energy to power up and down the wing and the ability to cross a ball. If a player could consistently do that in our squad he would soon be playing at a higher level In the first game of the season Jeff King played his best game ever for Town and showed us how a wing back should play. Williams also has shown that he can play in a wing back position Unfortunately King after the first game reverted to type and became a liability. Williams despite his tremendous work rate still cannot provide the final ball (cross) Neither Jack Senior
  5. Wishful thinking Nathan and Tom forming a player/coach/ manager partnership at our club in the not too distant future might help re generate interest in the club
  6. Do not worry TJ. Trump says it is fake news
  7. Simple answer Did you have the right tools at both jobs Recent example Quigley different team, different formation now playing league 2 on a three year contract
  8. Another great Halifax Town icon passes away Thanks for the memories Les. RIP
  9. Have you sat in the sun too long Steve
  10. Does it cost the club extra to print his name on his shirt
  11. A friend of mine has a season ticket at Bradford City and uses IFOLLOW. Because he has a season ticket he gets IFOLLOW free for home games and usually pays £9.99p During Last Saturday’s game at Barrow the streaming was terrible and did not start streaming properly until the second half with a similar occurrence with their home game against Newport. Additionally IFOLLOW deducted £9.99p from his account for a previous home game which under his contract should have been free He tried to contact customer support at the weekend to his surprise customer support for IFOLLOW only opens
  12. Robert Jenrick as housing minister made numerous bias decisions in favour of his cronies
  13. I think the squad having Covid is fake news They did not pass anything to each other at South Shields
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