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  1. Come on TJ Your season would feel like an empty vacuum if you did not have your punchbag to comment on Seriously there will be hundreds of TSS and McAlindens and players from higher levels on the market. Some may have planned for a rainy day but many will be desperate for the security of a contract. Market forces will dictate.salaries with clubs having the upper hand over agents McAlinden should name and shame his agent who must be on a par with Chris Grayling in negotiating contracts
  2. Bought my first season ticket ever last year after supporting the club for over sixty years. Presumably we cannot substain a managed loss of 100k every year hence the season ticket increase Told my wife it was a 50% increase she said it was extortionate therefore I will not be buying one from our joint account I will have to use my own account
  3. Like on SHAYMEN.net could you block players out so that Shaytrev could not moan about TSS
  4. Both my in laws lifelong Bradford City fans attended the match. They were both in the stand that burnt down and both escaped by going to the front although they were badly burnt due to molten tar dropping off the roof. My wife was at home watching it on TV and did not know what had happened to them until they rung home at 09.00 p.m from BRI. The guy who sat next to them tried to get out at the back and did not survive. R.I.P
  5. An excellent retort full of facts and figures based on a detailed research of the English Language Very hard to respond Erik to such a colossus
  6. Very disappointed the R value (effective reproductive number) regarding Shaytrev has risen from zero to 1
  7. As I have posted before I voted for Ron as an independent Conservative (against my beliefs)due to his belief that the council should be actively supporting Town’s occupancy of the Shay RIP. Ron
  8. Just read a resume of the world press reporting on the UK response to the virus. Does not make good reading and continually points out we did not take advantage of the two weeks prior notice of a possible pandemic and the hesitation in making decisons
  9. Must be on the same drugs as Shaytrev
  10. Just what our oncologist told us that is why we are banned from going to St James Far better advice than from any right wing conspiracy theorist with no medical experience
  11. Do not think the approach was necessarily incorrect. The main criticism was that it was slow given the fact we had forewarning of what was coming. Bojo missed five Cobra meetings unheard of before Blair and Brown missed 3 meetings when on state visits in 10 years of premiership
  12. FOR SALE One Anderson Shelter. (used only for 24 hours) due to inaccurate information from a conspiracy theorist Good news is the three sheep with me have eaten all the grass on the front lawn
  13. ERIK Went into the Anderson shelter at midnight for a 24 hour lockdown with some Kendal Mintcake and a tin of Spam and was joined by three other sheep Wifi can reach the bottom of the garden so can you let me know if anything happens No more transmissions today from me as there is a suspicious mobile mast nearby
  14. Eric Bending the corrugated sheers has knackered me I will take my chance with the shelter
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