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  1. Saw Gilbert O Sullivan and the Searchers. Best of all Tommy Cooper who spent 10 minutes trying to get on the stage from behind the curtain Audience in hysterics
  2. Sub Lee Gregory who picked the team. Jamie Fullerton or Pete Wild
  3. Could be looking for Shaytrev,s sources
  4. If you were in my position giving palliative care to someone whose chemo was stopped today because if they caught the vinous they would die. You would not give a fig about what website says what or calling people sheep or Baaaaaaa or Baaaaaa and you would self isolate get food delivered to your garage leaving it for 48 hours and only allowing careers into the house You are pathetic
  5. Could end up longest period in his career without a booking
  6. Norm I believe we have two facilities for manufacturing vaccines but they have not the capacity to deal with a pandemic. We are currently building a state of the arch research/development and manufacturing plant in Oxford it will be ready in 2022
  7. All loo rolls are made in the Uk there is a big factory in Oldham (sure there is a joke somewhere) More importantly the UK does not have a facility for manufacturing a vaccine
  8. Just read on the Stainland and district website that the only shop in Holywell Green has put the price of milk up by a substantial margin. Profiteering should be punished with a massive fine and people should boycott the shop
  9. A bit harsh on Clarke who is playing and leading better on the field than Browny. In your list I would swap Cooper for Jeff King (Opposition have sussed him out and just try and wind him up so he gets booked)
  10. Do not disagree TJ but who are the ones you would get rid of besides TSS are Brown, Hanson Earing and Allen already on contracts for next season. In what will be a financial straightjacket for the clubs which survive regionalised football should be a must for League 2 and below
  11. Town,s squad should be OK as in recent weeks they appear to be unable to pass anything to one another
  12. Unusually for you TJ you have got your facts wrong. Graham beat the Governess but the team did not beat her
  13. I think you have summarised what everybody has already said
  14. Hope he is more in tune than Jack is at the moment
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