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  1. Can attend any chance of joining a team? Wanna get back in action.after been injured for so long.....
  2. Maybe this time,no goalkick from the.penalty spot....
  3. i have a fcht goalie top but blue shorts and socks...?
  4. Will be paying this weekend =)
  5. Lol Naa Rambo if it's taken fairdoos but it is tomorrow so let's hope something happens hahaa if not it's a table full of strangers
  6. i asked first come on you've got to give it us!
  7. YESYESYES!!! i have been at work and just seen this!! i have the money and can pay!! please response asap thank you!
  8. Sorry about not texting back,But yes I would like to go if you can get numbers! How much each?
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