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  1. Apparently a right back who can play left back.
  2. PhilMiboots

    Water Break

    Yes one each half.
  3. If you order at Face in the crowd store, I just googled it, it’s fairly straight forward. if you forget to write down your order reference, they email it to you anyway. see you all in the crowd .
  4. Put me down for Bournemouth, DM me how I can pay?
  5. You can donate straight into the Supporters Club Bank account, some supporters have contributed in this way. DM the Supporters Club if you would like to donate this way.
  6. He wants to sit in the stands and get a better view, Tobi definitely should have been subbed instead of Dave.
  7. Will have to catch up for a beer Woody.
  8. 2 of us going for 4 nights, prefer to sit in the stand.
  9. They did and he turned them down. Someone suggested Danny along side a number of others that dont manage clubs, I suggested maybe one for the future.
  10. Danny Forrest is at least a manager at the moment and a top of the table one at that. He also lives in Shelf. One for the future?
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