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  1. I’ll have the mighty Badgers Rob, that’s Retford United, I’ll send the money to Roger.
  2. It wasn’t Allen breaking with Earing, it was the lad from Oldham who didn’t appear to want the ball, hence Earing got caught by Minion or whatever he was called, he was Stockports standout player for me.
  3. Has anybody got live footage from the ground as all I have is the Broadcasting at 7-15 sign.
  4. Apparently a right back who can play left back.
  5. If you order at Face in the crowd store, I just googled it, it’s fairly straight forward. if you forget to write down your order reference, they email it to you anyway. see you all in the crowd .
  6. Put me down for Bournemouth, DM me how I can pay?
  7. You can donate straight into the Supporters Club Bank account, some supporters have contributed in this way. DM the Supporters Club if you would like to donate this way.
  8. He wants to sit in the stands and get a better view, Tobi definitely should have been subbed instead of Dave.
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