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  1. Used to play with a lad who regularly turned up in a taxi in his kit after staying out after a night in the Acca.
  2. Yesterday thousands of ale carts sat together on beaches on the taxpayers dime. Might seem harsh but in my view before too long the Government needs to grow a pair and get people back to work. In truth, many won’t fancy going back to work until they absolutely have to.
  3. Lammie


    Only three games at home out of nine. One of them Barrow. On our form going into those games I think our likely progression may not have been upward. But who can say?
  4. Lammie

    David Lynch

    Thought Eraserhead was his peak but Clitheroe? Now I’m not so sure.
  5. Lammie


    Plus side we get to do the Kosy yellow card prediction!
  6. Lammie


    Hope Chorley survive the drop. Nice club. Nice pies.
  7. Lammie

    Euro 1996

    It was a bad miss and right before their goal if memory serves.
  8. Not the first expert to be caught fiddling the Staats!
  9. Lammie


    Just read that in Spain there were more than 200 arrests and 25000 fines on the first day of lockdown being relaxed. Total number of fines now issued is 800000. Looking like a scorcher on Bank Holiday Friday, what’s the betting the idiots will be out in force ignoring lockdown measures?
  10. She puts letters on a wall? I’ve never noticed that!
  11. I think people may know that I am biased toward the NHS. In the past couple of weeks my dad has complained of chest and back pain. He is 90 and fairly fit, for his age. It got worse on Friday and we rang emergency services. They said it didn’t sound like cv and sent an ambulance. He’d had a heart attack. They had a slot on Friday afternoon and he had stents fitted. He is back home in front of the fire this evening with a care package in place.We are so lucky in this country to have the NHS.
  12. And the blokes are even worse.
  13. If the season is over I-guess we may not see Dave or Redshaw again? again?
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