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  1. Lammie


    Scores for Port Vale. 8 for the season now.
  2. Is the answer Steveonaroll?
  3. He was never right after that. Ryan Toulon stretchered off last night. The pitch is artificial so probably not a factor but seeing a player injured, ours or theirs is simply not worth it. Anyway, the ref called it off, it wasn’t our call to make.
  4. Crawley bring on 33 year old reality star as sub.....
  5. They think it’s all over.....
  6. Impressive. My TV only works with electricity.😀
  7. I grew up in Shelf where Frank lived and for a short time went to the same school that he did. I last saw Frank in Hebden Bridge on the day that England played their last game of the most recent finals. He was sat in a beer garden with friends and I was tempted to ask him for a prediction for the game. He was in conversation so I left it. His brother Dave is on one of the local Facebook groups and has said that Frank isn’t in a good way. It’s a real shame.
  8. Not much sympathy in Our House..
  9. Shame it didn’t work out. I agree with the general consensus that he didn’t appear interested. Good luck to him but I’m sure we can do better.
  10. Remember he played against us for BPA around 2013. James Knowles was playing for us and I sat next to his dad. He yelled out “Don’t let him shoot” but Town didn’t listen as Scooby found the top corner. Very underrated player.
  11. Reading today about the short time Pulis was in charge. Lots of problems culminating in Pulis threatening to call in sick. Presumably at some point, Pulis will get a pay out. One interesting comment from the Chairman about refunds to fans.Said they didn’t expect 50-60% of fans to want refunds. Seems a lot. I’d be surprised and disappointed if the percentage of our fans wanting refunds was as high as that.
  12. They did whinge and whine a lot. Particularly when Sam went into slo mo with the goal kicks near the end. That did in fact add an extra layer of happiness to the victory for me.
  13. Absolutely agree, always liked Kosy and in many ways was sad to see him leave us. Principally because on his day he could do that for you. But the truth is he is a loose cannon and their manager had to take him off for fear he was going to do something stupid in the second half. And that’s always been the trade off with Kosy and why I wouldn’t want him back.
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