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  1. Daley played in our big cup win against Citeh. I reminded Geoff Hutt when he came to the celebration lunch.. After our goal the ball was passed back to Daley . Geoff set off like a man possessed and slid him on the muddy surface. Daley dragged the ball back and Geoff missed him by miles.
  2. Can’t disagree with that Tommy. Saw Greaves live twice. A complete natural.
  3. Does the new away kit come with sunglasses? I like it and will be buying ASAP in time for my beach holiday. Oh, hang on......
  4. Not using the Webb?
  5. Didn’t know that Tommy. Great question.
  6. Sure he was a keeper. I remember footage of him letting one through his legs?
  7. Green team leader will go into meltdown sorting out social distancing and feet on seats
  8. Alan Ball played for both clubs but I don’t remember him managing anyone.
  9. That doesn’t narrow it down much.
  10. Lammie

    Footy Quiz

    Think that might have been the Wally with the brolly game. Horrible night to be making a debut in goal. Greasy surface, chucking it down as well. Carson did make an excellent save later but the damage was probably done and his confidence shot. He is probably still haunted by that to this day.
  11. Lammie

    Footy Quiz

    Didn’t know that Tommy. Bonetti was a good keeper but he was at fault in that game. The root cause was Ramsay taking Charlton off to save his legs. This freed up Beckenbauer who got forward and scored the goal. That was a really bad day to be an England fan.
  12. Lammie

    Footy Quiz

    I remember Labone in the 70 WC. He was at the back post and failed to stop the ball being headed back across goal for Seeler to notch the winner for West Germany. Back in the day when I was working, we used solicitors in Liverpool who were big Everton fans and had corporate facilities, so we went quite a lot. Labone was, and possibly still is, an Everton employee who meets and greets. I did suggest one day maybe asking Labone what he was doing at the back stick against Germany. I was assured that this was not a good idea. Up close he is a big lad!
  13. So our normal crowd then.
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