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  1. My opinion on the situation improving when Browny gets back? Or 3rd not being too shabby given our start? No. Don’t think so..
  2. Didn’t get to go today but Brown is an immense presence on the field and hopefully we will pick it up when he is back. Sadly, many are forgetting where we started from this season. 3rd isn’t too shabby and better, much better, than I was expecting at this stage.
  3. Bodell used to toe end the ball up the wing. Sometimes included the winger!
  4. Lammie

    Big sam

    After their second I was looking at the ref for a foul on Sam. To his credit, Sam appeared to accept that he was at fault. One of those things, he was mom for me and over the season must earn us a dozen points on his own. A great clubman that we are lucky to have with us.
  5. Lammie, that shirt tie combo is awful!
  6. Spoke with a member of Les Massie’s family lady year. He now has severe dementia.
  7. Like Bodell, if you can’t get the man, get the ball type of player. Remember him well. RIP Ivan.
  8. Hurst reported Dave Lennard to the ref after he threatened to kick him off the park!
  9. Enjoyable game. We should have gone three up and instead, seconds later it’s 2-1.Clarke my mom, solid throughout but particularly after Browny went off.
  10. Lammie


    Leaves the club. Things didn’t work out here but good luck to him going forward.
  11. I got a thesaurus for Xmas. It’s great, no other word for it.
  12. What about Salford FCManchester and Rushden and Diamonds. F c Salmanrushdi? I’ll get my coat.
  13. Had to turn Rowe and others round to go and applaud the fans who, to be fair, were applauding a poor effort. I’d like to think that Wild Pete would acknowledge a thumping and accept it with better grace than their manager appears to have done.
  14. A joy to watch. The whole team look comfortable in possession. Slowed it down with ole time before whacking in the fourth. Cameron King my mom but I couldn’t argue against any of the rest of the team. Bravo Wild Pete and his merry gang!
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