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  1. Really can’t beat rhubarb crumble.
  2. Fair enough but Clint wouldn’t have Count Basie playing in any of his films.....
  3. Wouldn’t argue but for me it’s High Plains Drifter.
  4. The Searchers on TV. Don’t make them like that anymore.
  5. Lammie

    Game off

    Ikea it is then.
  6. Clear as mud! Thanks anyway and good luck in the next round. Thanks also for the applause in the 25th minute. A nice touch.
  7. I’m not sure if this idea is feasible. We don’t own the ground and as such, cannot name a stand or any part of the ground after Jordan.What about the track that runs from the carpark and which is used as a exit from the East Stand.Assuming that it is owned by the council, would it be worth an approach to be allowed to name it Sinnott Way?
  8. Lammie

    Carl Rushworth

    We need commitment; if he prefers Barcelona to us good riddance.
  9. Semper “Up The Shaymen” nos citet!
  10. Another thought might be to name the Player of the season award after him. The Jordan Sinnot Player of the Year sort of thing. Or Young player of the year? Or the half time football competition.
  11. Lammie

    Dover Game

    Good win against a tough side. Difficult no doubt for the team on an emotional evening. Dover respectful of the occasion. Could have given it the big one after their second equaliser but didn’t and respect to them for that. Well done the fans who travelled up and safe journey home.
  12. We were at Chorley and Alfreton tweeted that their game was off after a tragic event. They said there would be no further comment. Shortly after, Matlock tweeted in similar fashion. We looked online for clarification and the only thing that appeared was our tweet. This was then picked up by the Mirror and Courier and also, I believe on the tv. We then saw a tweet from Notts police saying the story was inaccurate and unhelpful asking that further comment be avoided. Out tweet was then taken down.
  13. Going purely from memory, I recall Stoke scored at theirs in the 83rd minute and we scored shortly after. Massie had a chance one on one but pulled up as he thought he was offside, he wasn’t. Massie told me years later that on the day of the replay Ball had them running up and down hills all day and that they were knackered before kick off!
  14. Very sad news. Condolences to family and friends. RIP Jordan.
  15. Looked to me like they were trying to steal yards on the throw and King was trying to stop them.
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