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  1. Spoke to Hedgey last season in the final Sheffield fc at Brighouse. He said how he misses Town. Hope the admins will allow this non political post.
  2. A point I was trying to make to Chrisbo. I don’t think that a stand alone income of £50 K would be enough to qualify one as well off.its different from when I started out when my wife stopped work to raise the kids. These days it’s all about two incomes and more than one job each. £50k pa just wouldn’t do it in some parts of the UK.
  3. Your figure £50 k per annum. The point I was making is that would this be enough to service a mortgage in London. I do appreciate that the days of purchasing outright for this sum are long gone!
  4. Can’t argue with you. I’m retired and I have my house and pensions. If I was starting again, say living in London and wanting a small house to get on the ladder would 50 k be enough?
  5. Well, in truth, I have always voted that way. I do accept that as it stands, a Conservative victory is unlikely to produce another referendum, but you never know. So, unless any other party gives me a persuasive argument as to why I should vote elsewhere, that’s where I remain. I wouldn’t say that leadership is the total be all and end all, I have to say that as I feel at the moment, it would be a cold day in Hell before I would trust Corbyn to run a corner shop, never mind our country. But I’m just one vote. Nothing more, nothing less.
  6. I plan to vote the other way and vote Conservative as I normally do. I am also a strong believer in remain and voted that way. I respect the result of the referendum and don’t agree with the suggestion that there should be another. If there were to be, I would vote remain again. I’m not that interested in politics but it does seem that if this forum is a barometer for public opinion, the next few weeks could get very nasty very quick.
  7. Don’t tell DB that. He employs stewards to throw people in, not out.
  8. Green team incompetent? Are you insane?
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