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  1. In goal today. Jesus saves. I’ll get my coat...
  2. Maybe we could do the football cards again. Popular and raised a few bob as well last time we did it.
  3. Been to Skipton today. Market quite busy, outside so few wearing masks. People milling about and it’s difficult to keep distance always but you do the best you can. Hard to believe being at Brighouse in the circumstances described would be any more risky.
  4. Danny Rowe’s brother Heath.
  5. Only because you didn’t invite me!
  6. If you take pride in the Company you work for and value your co workers you would be bothered.
  7. Must be difficult for our hard working volunteers to put in the hours for the likes of scum like that. Thankfully, most of us appreciate what they do for us.
  8. Think “grown men”might be pushing it a bit....
  9. A. few teething problems meant I missed both goals but immense credit to all concerned for getting the stream up and running at such short notice. Team wise, loads of positives. Not a bad performance from anyone. King outstanding first half. Earring looks to have improved on last year. Wild looks to have got a pretty useful squad together. Dagenham are one of the fancied sides but really gave us very little trouble at all and were pretty much brushed aside. Well done everybody.
  10. I’ve got a timer as well. Not looking good.
  11. D & R feature today on football focus. Discussing how teams in lower leagues dealing with starting the season off. We may get a mention.
  12. Yes BPA are playing on their new pitch but games are behind closed doors, like us.
  13. Just reading the BPA forum and the statement made by their Chairman. Streaming is to be available at a cost of £5 a game. Season ticket holders have three options: 1. Use the season ticket as a season long pass for streaming games. 2.Request a full refund. 3. Defer the season ticket until next season.
  14. Mike England managed Wales. I don’t know how many times Rush played for him. I will guess at 11.
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