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  1. Lammie


    I have missed our Kosy yellow card prediction competition at games this season. On Saturday I will be going for a yellow in the 33rd minute as usual.
  2. Sounds like we have had two good chances we should have put away as well as two off the line. I know that it’s stating the obvious but we do need to stick these chances away. If Aldershot get the next goal I think we will be out of this game.
  3. Like the bit about making a run for it. Good to hear that he is keeping fit. Soon be back then?
  4. Duckworth mom for me above Maher and Cameron King. Defence of Brown and Clarke exceptional as usual. We missed a few chances and could have been made to pay with the two sitters that the Daggers missed second half. Good to see subs being used, it was a heavy pitch and players will benefit from sensible rotation. 100% record. Well done Pete Wild and players.
  5. Booked five of them for trying to disrupt our free flowing play. No complaints.
  6. A nasty foot left in. And the run of (mom) C King cynically halted could both have ended in early baths. Clearly, the number of cards shows how much trouble we gave them. Maybe with our manager change plus new players being brought in late they weren’t expecting it.
  7. Thought we were quite restrained on Tuesday. Hartlepool got four yellows I think.
  8. Hypothetically speaking, if, by mistake, credit card details were given to Lucious Lucy, what would be the procedure for obtaining a refund? Asking for a friend....
  9. Lammie


    Admittedly, I am what was called an “Aspinazi” but I’d have him back tomorrow. I will even drive up and fetch him.
  10. Lammie


    Lots tried it. Billy achieved it first go. Can’t understand why he doesn’t get the credit he deserves.....
  11. Lammie


    Wheat from the chaff, Wood from the trees!
  12. But will our new manager be here in time for a curry night. Billy’s Balti, Jamie’s jalfrezi. I like mine hot so I vote for the return of Jim Vince for Vince’s vindaloo.
  13. Have JGN1 and Shay ever been seen in the same room together?
  14. You only saw one game in 8/10 so it’s not that bad an average.
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