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  1. Don't know where we do our scouting but we need to look at recruiting young hungry players with energy and enthusiasm. Living in the North East I feared for us today. SS have decent money behind them and were always going to be up for today. We look second best all over the park.
  2. No press from the front. They can carry the ball forward without any challenge. We look half asleep.
  3. Good picture. Linked to TV and better quality than expected bearing in mind the Woking fiasco.
  4. Can't remember a game in which we have missed so many chances.
  5. After the initial problems the stream worked well. Bearing in mind the short notice I think the club did well to turn things around in time. Each home game is an away game for me (with 170 mile return journey and roughly 60 quid expense with train, entry, programme and a few beers) so having the chance to watch a live stream for 9.99 was good value. Clearly not the same experience as being there in person but the next best thing. Well done to the media team who did a great job under strange circumstances.
  6. Jack Earing looks a proper footballer. Much more confident and imposing himself on the game.
  7. Streaming ok after initial problems. No buffering with Virgin Media.
  8. Not the right time for a whip pan!
  9. We look much better when we play out from the back and through midfield, instead of the aimless punts forward we endured last season.
  10. Got audio but only a green screen.
  11. Upped the pace in the second half and PL class and fitness told.
  12. That's true. Brooks was the better of the two. Hamilton just been brought down by Becker and penalty given. 2-0 to the Seasiders. Liverpool have fielded a strong side too.
  13. Watching Blackpool v Liverpool stream and CJ Hamilton has just put Pool ahead. One of our better loan signings in recent years.
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