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  1. Well done, Hoddie. Great site.
  2. https://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/local/darlington/17789981.donawa-looks-likely-offered-deal-darlington/
  3. That's a bit of an arrogant statement. Perhaps people have fully thought through what appointing NC means and are enthused by the prospect of a well respected and committed individual taking the club forward.
  4. Darlington's No.7 that Archie rightly identified as the best player on the park is Justin Danawa, a Bermudan international. Chatting to a Darlo supporter in the bar at half-time and he said that Darlo had paid for him to come over. They'd done the same for Osagi Bascombe (the No.14 with the dreads) who is also a Bermudan international.
  5. Darlo edited highlights so what do you expect. We looked comfortable enough considering the number of trialists. Both teams tried to play football and as pre-season friendlys go it was a decent game.
  6. Experience of failure. Lots of those out there.
  7. Only NC there as far as I could see. If the board have any sense they'll give him the job. Then again....
  8. Item on News at Ten last night about our former sponsors. None too complimentary, to put it mildly.
  9. Some toerag from Barnsley on remand in one of the many hostels in Blackpool where they dump crims from all over the North of England burgled our house in 2002 and stole a signed Uhlsport gold shirt. Never got it back but he got 5 years. Karma.
  10. RIP Mick. A proper midfield grafter who could play a bit as well. Hope the club have the decency to acknowledge him on Saturday.
  11. Make that good luck today against the posh boys!
  12. Happy New Year from Vienna. No sign of Midge Ure. Good luck tomorrow against the posh boys.
  13. Could have been better, but still a winnable tie.
  14. First 30 minutes I'd agree, but second half we lacked drive. Codheads are a cut above Wimbledon and Guiseley are putting up a good show.
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