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    Darren Kelly

    I hope that bleep fails in everything he does-Total Prick,And bleep Scarborough as well
  2. I'd be dissapointed if he left,I think he's got a lot to offer FCHT,Grimsbys last Manager had no experience in Football-and was somewhat of a shock,so You never know

    Wild Thing

    We may be fickle fans-but in over a 100 years-we have not had a Team to be proud of,A few years in Division 3 in the 70's is the pinnacle of our success,3 points behind the leaders(who I think will win it btw) but we've 24 games(maybe 26/27) to create something special-and promoted teams from conference often do well in League 2-with 4 promotoin places,The likes of Yeovil/Burton/Doncaster to name a few have played recently in The Championship,So why not FCHT- are we to forever remain a joke club ? Never have we had a better chance to return to the Football League in this VERY inconsistent league
  4. How dare people try & create noise and atmosphere at a football match,Should be banned from ever entering the theatre of pain again..........that's The Shay btw
  5. And was not seen again for the rest of the day
  6. Being top of the League is not over-achieving,it's where all clubs should be aiming to be,Saying we can win the league is not being unrealistic,if finishing in the top half is success-then why bother..........WE'RE ON OUR WAY......................
  7. If we finish above Rushden & Diamonds-I think we'll win the League
  8. Fine a team where money is no object-pathetic
  9. While I agree-Cameron did wake us up a bit against Harrogate,Very poor till he came on...........oh and then we conceded in our best spell
  10. My Dad used to work with him in Elland,R.I.P Peter


    Get at em..........none of this happy with a draw bollox
  12. Pete Wild has said we dominated the game,think I was at a different game-we could have been 3/4-0 down at H-T,it was only when Cameron King came on that we looked as tho we was trying to win the game,Not a dig at PW btw-as he's done well since he's been here,engaging with fans & in a lot of games-got us playing some entertaining footballl
  13. Ah yes....Kingsley James-a player that thought Vanarama North was beneath him,which division do Gainsborough play in(below the North I believe lol)
  14. Wonder whatever happened to Salford-the whipping boys of the evostik north
  15. We're 3rd.......2 points behind leaders-5 points above 8th,but today we was worse than ****,slipping every couple of minutes-and ball was like a bar of soap-such was the inability to control the ball today against a no better than average side,Jamie Allen should have scored in first half and Silva nearly did-not an enjoyable game
  16. Think we was winning 3-2 & game was abandoned with about 15 or so minutes to go,think it was against Hartlepool.......or was it Stockport,My memories not what it was
  17. 703......would be 705,but a couple will miss the train
  18. I think this could be a tough game tbh......I'll take a 3-1 win
  19. When we win the league.....I hope Sam Johnson gets to play up front so he can join in the goal scoring
  20. Everyones saying we'll fall away,is Fullarton coming back..........in PW we trust.......all the way to the football league,start believing
  21. We go each week to be entertained,not to be bored stupid,we could go and watch Rugby for that
  22. And last game in 93,I know because of rather dodgy result in the other game-think Northampton came back from 2-0 down to win-it wouldn't have mattered,but should have given ourselves a chance
  23. Always nice to see highlights of us beating Hereford
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