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  1. Gerrit forrad Needham!
  2. Have we ever appointed a manager in the past who’d previously had a very short spell managing Oldham? Just wondering
  3. Correct And just so we’re clear the ref makes his decision based on whether the pitch is playable for that match only. He doesn’t consider damage that might be done that would make future games more likely to be called off.
  4. SteveM


    Football creditors being paid in full whilst others get a pittance in the pound is plain wrong. But its the FA making rules to look after their own I suppose
  5. It wasn’t him Thanks for the info The two abiding memories for me were (a) the ref having the balls to overrule his lino who’d incorrectly flagged Scooby offside for his first goal (the ball was headed back towards his own goal by one of their players so offside never came into it (b) being stood by the goal watching Scooby’s lob go over the keeper, thinking it would bounce up and over, then going mental when it went in
  6. Does anyone know the scorers and goal times including the Garforth goals?
  7. Did he actually play a first team game under Fullarton?
  8. According to the FA it’s a single block not bigger than 200 cm2. It’s a fake for marketing
  9. SteveM


    Farsley are only one division below us and have the core of their team with a lot of experience at conference and conference north level. They’re also 3 pre season games ahead of us They might not be world beaters but they’re not cannon fodder either
  10. SteveM


    Are you for real or just trolling?
  11. SteveM


    If King and Earing both start we’ll do ok.
  12. SteveM


    Based on listening to JF during this match, starting position is the new blind pressure
  13. SteveM


    Was Nolan number 17? If so I didn’t think he showed anything we haven’t already got plenty of
  14. SteveM


    Pitch is horrific. Bumpy, rutted, long grass, bone dry. Like the look of Earing, seems to be prepared to graft and can pass and run with the ball. Allen looks OK. Still playing one up front though
  15. I didn’t say final day. I said opening day and boxing day
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