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  1. Probably injured his thumb while doing it
  2. SteveM

    Retained List

    Not sure I understand the anti Riley comments. He got pretty seriously injured and at this level without top notch physio that means missing a lot of games. To say you wouldn’t be happy to see him offered a new contract because of the lack of return last season seems perverse If you think he isn’t good enough, other players are better, fair enough. But to say they shouldn’t get a contract purely because they got injured whilst playing for us is nonsense
  3. SteveM

    Retained List

    Look at the 96/97 and 97/98 squads. Some stayed on and were integral parts of a promotion winning team. Shows it can be done
  4. SteveM


    Not sure how they’ve managed that. To overturn it (unless the ref has admitted he was wrong) they have to prove categorically that he didn’t do whatever it was he was sent off for. Hard to see how they could do that given he was in the middle of a 15 man ruck and behaving like a dick
  5. SteveM


    Did anyone get a clear view of what happened to cause the ruck, and what did Shrek Jr do to get sent off?
  6. SteveM


    A crap game against a crap team at a crap ground on a crap pitch and a gale force wind into the bargain We were garbage but probably deserved a point Would need to see it again but I think Brown got away with one when Rooney got sent off (although their keeper could’ve walked as well) Ref lost his bottle big style when the chip shop players kept confronting him
  7. Interesting paragraph in that article; “We felt he would help us get back to doing what we’ve done since the club was formed, which is developing players to help us up the league and for themselves to progress into the Football League. That’s what we want to get back to.” As it’s written, it implies different levels of ambition for the club (“up the league”) and players (“into the football league”) Maybe it isn’t quite what he said, more likely it is what he said but not quite what he means, but at face value that’s worrying
  8. The last word just shouts Darren Kelly
  9. Underwhelming in the extreme. A Notts fan I work with is laughing at our misfortune
  10. What if you had to pay for your own suit?
  11. Just watched the highlights via Macc’s YouTube page. The offside for their first is inconclusive as the view isn’t wide enough to show the scorer at the time the cross field pass was played, but looking at his position when he comes into shot its marginal at the very worst not the “five yards off” everyone was saying at half time The second is just shocking all round. Even when the cross comes in the defender (Garner?) has time to clear it left footed at the near post but tries and fails to clear it right footed across the goal. God knows what that was about The third was poor from J
  12. That's where Trev lives isn't it?
  13. POSITIVES MacDonald - gone are the days of him being knackered after an hour, ran all afternoon and was our most effective attacker Moyo - didn't do much wrong and got stuck in Hibbs - tried to get forward from right back and influence play AVERAGE Garner, Wilde, Collins NEGATIVES Oliver and Tomlinson - headless chickens, and an awful penalty Charles - played like a man on a full time salary from another club Morgan - if I was given 15 minutes and wanted my place in the team back I'd graft non-stop. But no, our hero wanders around, pu
  14. Because Charles clearly doesn’t give a ****. And because Oliver is no good in a midfield two
  15. Effectively playing with9 men so hardly a surprise
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