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  1. Attacking midfielder needed we can't keep playing Staunton and Maher together and sitting them 2 Infront of the back 4 just invites constant pressure, and with all the constant defending and chasing is showing on the team with 20 mins to go. Tuesday and today highlighted the problem and the teams with more prolific attacking force will punish us. Well done the lads and the gaffer today we are on our way.
  2. Farsley Celtic postponed... Rotherham United's friendly against Farsley Celtic tonight (Tuesday 16th July) has been cancelled. Following the Millers' arrival at The Citadel, it became clear that the playing surface would pose a potential risk to players' safety and it is with regret that we have made the decision to cancel the fixture.
  3. Billy smart heard he's great at running a circus
  4. I don't know eney other council owned ground that would seed a pitch then allow aload of mr blobbys to jump all over it and expect a perfect pitch to mature.
  5. Brown had a fall out with jf away at Harrogate at half time and he took the half time team talk. We came from behind and won 1-2 and remember jf marching off without a acknowledge to the supporters but brown came over with squad and celebrated with the fans a top bloke.
  6. Ronnie Moore wants the job,that would be a great appointment and would shift some season tickets and players would want to come and play for him and the club.
  7. Redfearn was at Newcastle training the lads when raffa went.
  8. No he's got a new job coaching blind pressure.
  9. GET IN that will boost season ticket sales,now get on the phone Mr B and get bower in.
  10. Word gets around what a manager is like and it's no wonder players don't want to sign for us. The only players we are going to sign are players that are desperate for a pay packet and can put up with this clown of a manager antic's.
  11. shayman7

    The pitch

    It's a disgrace mate,I got into the ground as was chatting to the lasses from the food kiosk when it was called off and went and had a look at the pitch. There was a very small amount of standing water in places where the ball wouldn't bounce but with bright sunshine and 1 hour before kick off they should have given it a go.
  12. If he has smacked sellers a few weeks ago and Jf doesn't want to play him because of gross misconduct then why carry on paying his wages and release him. Maybe Mr B doesn't want our best prospect leaving the club on a free and wants a fee for him.
  13. Hanson in the bad books for apparently giving sellers a smack.
  14. https://youtu.be/jMLhbjhdZd4
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