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    Martial Law

    Saw a post from the courier site saying people in Siddal had been stopped and one person was told that a newspaper isn't an essential item. I'm not sure where I stand on that, for some people, particularly the elderly, that could be there only source of receiving 'current affairs', and help alleviate boredom with crosswords etc in.
  2. With the council now taking the decision to close the Shay for 12 weeks from this Friday (takes us to 12th June), surely that means that the football and rugby teams will not owe rent for that period? Shay Closing
  3. Will look like this again...
  4. It'll end up like this again...
  5. King picks another needless booking stopping a throw in.
  6. Cooper and Redshaw stay until the end of the season.
  7. fez

    Team Bonding

    Looks like the lads have gone away to Dublin., according to Instagram. Hopefully a bit of team bonding will bring them back raring to go against Yeovil.
  8. fez


    Cheers. Wasn't suggesting anything just asking
  9. fez


    Was hibbs injured to be replaced by hotte at half time?
  10. Heath trying to win this - moyo coming on
  11. Based on fleas 200k investment model, for me id of liked to have seen that invested in a multi use training ground that can make it's own income and repay the investment (bought in fcht name meaning we have an asset, and showing the directors long term ambitions by committing to the investment)
  12. TICKET UPDATE | If you have received an email from us regarding tickets & have not replied back with the info requested, please do so asap! Thought I'd leave this here as emails always seem to get lost in between the long lost millionaire prince from nigeria spam
  13. Tickets showing up on club shop now
  14. Not sure we still have one but I think the old club had to have one because they were an ex league club. I'd hope the club are reviewing footage ready for tomorrow night to issue banning orders and send they're info to all other clubs.
  15. Ticket 1050 purchased for the South stand just now. Nice steady flow of people
  16. fez


    Just how I remember him, he was more suited to the basketball court but we had some great laughs on them cold sunday evenings. Thoughts are with his family at this time and with robbo and quinny.
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