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  1. 3 minutes ago, TJAshton said:

    I would have played 4-4-3. 


         King  Bradbury   Byrne  Williams

                    Earing          Green   
     Allen               Omotayo       Nepomoceno

    Something different as recently it’s not been working and we ain’t scoring goals so we’ve got wingers and we aren’t using them right! 

    Replace Omatayo for a traffic cone and we'll do alright.

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  2. Fair play to South Shields, post game commentary still going on with replays etc. and bringing players in to chat. 

    If I hear that we gave 100% from Pete Wild then he's definitely lost the plot. We were bullied off the ball and didn't offer anything going forward. Time for a shake up and rethink.

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  3. Surely it was a pretty simple calculation of percentage of overall average attendance for each club for each league. Then split the amount for each league by that percentage. That would be a fair way of splitting it, rather than a 2 tier system. 

  4. 15 minutes ago, Flea said:

    I believe the £9.99 charged by us is going on the RRP that the league have set and that the majority of teams will be charging that. 

    I think the £7.50 County are charging is more reasonable but think they will be cheaper than average. 

    Also looks like they have a sponsor for the streams, so that could be subsidising it.

  5. 1 hour ago, vinnyweknuts said:

    Big Sam was poor with distribution IMHO

    I actually thought it looked like he'd worked on it a bit. Much better with long throws to the wing rather than kicking and looking for the sort pass at times . His long kicking still isn't great though.

  6. Thats the caluclated maximum attendance by the council according to the latest tweet.


    SEASON TICKETS | (1/2) The stadium capacity across the South & East stands has been calculated at just under 1000 under current Public Health Calderdale guidance - we strongly advise you to purchase a ST before the deadline tomorrow evening  https://t.co/HL1ImKWAni https://t.co/v4HwzXP1W3


    SEASON TICKETS | (2/2) We’re working with PH & the Council to get this increased, however at the moment this is the calculation. https://t.co/8J0w3H5N7e #fcht (MB) https://t.co/krxgq7JQOH

  7. PRE-SEASON FRIENDLIES | For clarity, all our pre-season games will be played behind closed doors. A further friendly will be announced later. #FCHT (RB)


    All Behind Closed Door.

  8. When you bring Redshaw on you can't keep playing it over the top. We struggled to get the ball down and play on the deck. Even in the first half we sat deep, didn't press from the front. Second half particularly we resorted to giving too much space on the edge of the area. 

    We need some fresh blood in and a bit of experience in the middle of the park to help control games.

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  9. 8 minutes ago, francisfirth said:

    Used to love those games,  a quick skive off work for the afternoon ones but more so the cold tuesday night in February with 80 or so other anoraks! 


    When Paddy Roache looked after Football in the Community, we used to ballboy for the reserve games sometimes.  I remember standing behind Mark Beeney, GK, and pestering him for his gloves; never did get them though. Probably season 93/94 if i remember correctly.

  10. 6 hours ago, kit said:

    Whatever does the "amounts falling due after more than one year" (£102k) consist of? 

    Its a 'long term liability', often a loan but can be any amount that is owed over 1 year. So for example, if we've agreed to pay for a player over two seasons, the second year of payments would show in this category. Its really hard to know what they are but I assume the 30k in the previous years is the directors loans, so this could be an increase in directors loans, or a player, or something else. Without seeing the p/l its difficult to say.


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