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  1. fez

    Team Bonding

    Looks like the lads have gone away to Dublin., according to Instagram. Hopefully a bit of team bonding will bring them back raring to go against Yeovil.
  2. Seems such a strange way to go about things. Asking for investment seems like we desperately need it, especially after all the cloak and dagger 'imminent' takeover talks back in the plan a v plan b days where there was a wall of silence for what seemed an eternity. Maybe we have used our reserves and DB now wants out before we go into the red so he can keep the promise of leaving us in the same position he came in with?
  3. fez

    Josh MacDonald

    Being saying needed to go out on loan, get proper match fit and needs to take a proper tackle to instil the confidence in his body.
  4. Cheers Terry, will let him know, can he sit anywhere in the East Stand or is it on the platform at the top?
  5. Does anybody know if the club still does Audio Commentary for Visually Impaired spectators. One of my friends who used to watch town when he was younger, before his eyesight degenerated, wants to get back to watching the Shaymen but would need audio commentary.
  6. Good to see us joining the National League Academy. http://www.thenationalleague.org.uk/club-licences-granted-for-national-league-football-58369
  7. fez

    Walk out music

    The cub have tweeted 2 'semi-finals' that will go into a final 2 poll for the walk out music. Semi 1 Right Here Right Now / Two Tribes / Seven Nation Army Semi 2 Sandstorm-Darude / Pour some sugar on me / Insomnia - Faithless Not one original shaymen song on the list.
  8. fez

    Sin bin

    Went to an information session on this for coaches and referees and it's going to be so confusing. Sin Bins will only be used for dissent and it will be possible to get 3 yellow cards, as the yellow card will be used to represent sin bins. We got a credit card style card with all the different scenarios and the punishments, I can just see the ref stopping the game and getting the card out to have a look and check. One of the oddest things apart from using the yellow card is there is no designated sin bin area, so in theory the player could just go stand at the end of the pitch next to the keeper, or in front of the oppo fans to wind them up. Its been introduced from grassroots, under 7s all the way up to step 5 and one of the trainers from the FA said in the next 3 - 5 years could see it in the premier league.
  9. fez

    Shay Hotel?

    I dont disagree in the lack of sporting facilities across Calderdale, as a committee member on a local junior football club we see first hand the lack of facilities. I also know from personal expreience how needed the additional space the sixth form created. Finding a suitable place for a building to house students with multiple / variety of disabilities and additional needs was never going to be easy, but the fact was the current school at skircoat which was built for 100 pupils was having to accomodate 200 pupils, with intake growing yearly. The school has a host of adapted cycles that are used on the track and a great little cafe that is open throughout the week, where you can be served by some of the students.
  10. fez

    Shay Hotel?

    That same school that is actually built on/into a hill? The only flat area that has been taken is the tennis courts which were in disrepair.
  11. fez


    Noticed last week the BMW Sandal signage on the East Stand has been removed and replaced with CMBC Healthy Living advertising. Could be just the end of the agreed advertising period but has DB decided instead of re-advertising, the money could be put directly into the club via other advertising and not on the playing pitch and the council should take responsibility for it? All in all its a great offer and I'll be taking up the junior clubs offer for my u7s and promoting it throughout the 14 junior teams at our club.
  12. Kosylo tends to drive at players and come inside, where as Josh Macs game is more knocking the ball past and beating the man down the wing to the goal line.
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