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  1. The National League’s board and chairman Brian Barwick are facing a ‘vote of no confidence’ by its member clubs. All 66 clubs have been asked whether will they back a no confidence motion because ‘football at our level is in a major crisis at present’. The proposal has been made by Maidstone United and seconded by Dorking Wanderers. Clubs have been asked to submit their views this week. https://www.derbyshiretimes.co.uk/sport/football/national-league-board-and-chairman-facing-no-confidence-vote-due-to-major-crisis-3182297?amp Wonder if we will vote an
  2. South Shields have announced they are moving to a full time model from a hybrid model. https://southshieldsfc.co.uk/club-statement-transition-to-full-time-training-model/ That's madness at NPL level.
  3. It's like a forking party out there
  4. Clint Davies. Stood on his line at every ball that came in the box.
  5. It's Null and Void, already built into the vote: shall immediately end on the date this Resolution is passed and be declared null and void and subject to the approval of The Football Association, those Regulations that provide for promotion to and relegation from Step 1 and Step 2 be suspended for the 2020/21 Playing Season.
  6. How to vote, followed by whether to end the season early.
  7. I read it as q 1 - Do clubs want 1 vote each or not? If yes, q 2 & 3 come into play If no, q 4 comes into play using the current vote system where NLN and NLS clubs only get x votes between them.
  8. Hartlepool twitter says they lost 1 nil.
  9. Whole of national league North & South now suspended for two weeks https://www.thenationalleague.org.uk/national-league-statement-two-week-suspension-to-n-65013
  10. Billy Chadwick recalled according to our twitter. Massive blow that. https://fchalifaxtown.com/news/chadwick-returns/
  11. There's no way this will be on!
  12. Just come back in as they celebrated the goal ffs
  13. Looking at hartlepool twitter, it's every game they are having issues. Wish I'd of know before wouldn't of bothered buying today.
  14. Amazing what putting more than 1 player in the box does.
  15. So the nationals have now picked it up, and even quote Nicky Chance-Thompson. The images are that badly photoshopped, its embarrassing. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/big-cat-spotted-prowling-uk-23094876?fbclid=IwAR3aZbwab9n1xLqSKTHPvGkgCBnrXrU6HdJduYSQsvPBXTTcLXIp6Roypp8
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