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  1. I thing Allen’s from Manchester isn’t he ?? Thought he moved back up here to be closer to home think he car shares in with earring redshaw an maher that’s just from what I remember seeing on social media last season I thought it was silva king and binnot who house shared , hopefully Allen signs on unfortunately for him he’s a great impact player to bring on with his pace but then when starts games never seems to do so well
  2. Clarke for me in the middle of a back three with pace either side of him in maher an hopefully another mobile defender will work well brown got caught out a lot playing on the left hand side Of a back three not his fault mind where maher on the other side works fine with his pace , my guess is brown will end up at Chester teaming up with his old pal robbo part time football must suit him better
  3. Another centre midfielder for me one like Collins type of player can get hold of the ball and play a decent ball forward and find a man ... stauton to do the dirty work Other one the play maker not a fan of cooper to be honest gives the ball away far to much
  4. We could and wild knew this but didn’t have enough spare cash in the budget to get him in... could only work with what he had at the time ,once few players been shifted out big earners like Southwell then the money has come available
  5. Nope wasn't taking the p##s was just asking so I could look this player up everybody keeps going on about cheers flea
  6. What's the first name of this Osborne lad everyone is on about ?? I can't b bothered too look through the whole thread too try catch his first name
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