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  1. What a change in tone so many last year were so Critical of him and wanted him let go glad to see some are waking up to what a good player he is nick
  2. Nick


    It’s a pound off each supporter per game add to that the vat man takes 20 of the gate money and the game cost another pound per supporter to stage .. so not a lot of money left over to run the club
  3. Nick


    Few I would like to chain there and just leave
  4. Nick


    And yet the council still lose money on the Shay. I believe
  5. Nick


    These days when it comes to news you really do get what you pay for ... the courier does not charge it makes money through advertising and that means it can’t afford a lot on journalism.. hence the poor quality they need to get their stories for “free” to make a living.. ask yourself how often do you pay for your news .. probably a lot less today than a decade ago while the internet gives access to free news .. it gives access to a lot of poor quality
  6. Nick


    Got to admit it .. the league should have pulled the club on the first day of the season many clubs have had to start from scratch.. find it odd the the national league is tougher on clubs than the football league
  7. Nick


    Read back through my postings I have always been critical as to the communications from the club I don’t believe they should comment on some of the wild speculations that occur on here I just feel a steady flow of information is necessary.... that will not stop some complaining like those who missed the season ticket deadline..even though that was well publicised however on the comms side the club have been poor... now hopefully that will improve nick
  8. Nick


    It really is I might even start subscribing now to the shayplayer as it should get better coverage and I have just subscribed to a UK VPN so I should be able to get the uk price rather than the more expensive international price all in all feeling better about the club than I have since the early glue league years nick
  9. Ok going for it 3-1 Sho Silva, Brown C.king att 1950
  10. Nick


    Could of video articles on the courier site add to that the captains column and just generally more articles ..this is great to see .. is this the courier upping their game or is the club giving them access cant help but think this is the manager engaging more and giving the courier the access it has wanted either way its good for the club and good for the courier well done to both nick https://www.halifaxcourier.co.uk/sport/football/fc-halifax-town-we-ve-got-a-mutual-respect-between-the-staff-and-the-players-pete-wild-on-his-first-month-in-charge-at-the-shay-1-9947102 https://www.halifaxcourier.co.uk/sport/football/video-fc-halifax-town-boss-pete-wild-issues-injury-update-1-9946395
  11. Never begrudge anybody moving up the ladder if by being good for us enable them to progress it’s a win win
  12. So does that mean you would have preferred 1 win 1 draw and 3 loses the opposite of what we have only a halifax supporter can find a negative in our start
  13. Nick


    Still not a country fan ..
  14. Nick


    All supporters want is players to give 100 percent and managers to tell it as it is .. no excuses no funny phrases .. but when we are bad .. just acknowledge it then get it better next time
  15. Never had that sense that everybody was really excited last season .. we didn’t expect the plummet down the table .. but at the same time nobody was happy with our style of play so like most I hope for good things this season .. but it’s only a hope play off place is very possible .. just less draws and more wins than last year
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