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  1. Plus we won’t fill wembley .. so can still have social distancing
  2. We lost four players ..but have brought two in and wild says he trying for two more ... kiwomya impressed you but mansell is unproven .. yet both players scored in that game .. give them a chance .. and let’s be honest finances are still uncertain so can’t exactly go splashing cash we don’t have
  3. dont worry, we will get someone better in
  4. What use are solar panels in Halifax .. only good for that day in June back in 1964
  5. So who will be the top six ? Liverpool Man U man city... who then, well no longer arsenal leicester, Tottenham last one Chelsea or Everton ... ? your thoughts
  6. Exactly rather win 5-2 than lose 1-0
  7. Thank good you are not our grounds person (man)
  8. Agreed it’s not where their priorities should be
  9. My sense is the eye injury is stopping him from training.. meaning he is steadily loosing fitness and while the scratch on his eye will heal he will then have to spend several weeks getting back to fitness .. result he is effectively out for much of the season.
  10. While the pitch/drainage needs fixing and that will continue to be an ongoing problem ..frost protection covers is a direct solution to this problem of a frozen ground .. regardless of the other issues so investing in covers now is a good idea.. and will serve the club for years to come the rugby girls couldn’t careless and the council hasn’t the money So I for one would support some form of crowd funding
  11. Not hit a clue on this so have gone for a draw
  12. Not sure how to view this think it will be a more open game than against kings Lynn. Hartlepool will come wanting three points. that will give our quicker players more space and opportunity to run at the defence.. but like wise that means Hartlepool will also creat chances and they certainly have the belief. I believe win draw loss are all equally likely .. but we need to keep 11 men on the pitch .. will call it as a draw because I simply don’t know
  13. It just goes to show that more rules wouldn’t help ., it about using existing rules and common sense.. here it’s not about the trip to Dubai it’s what they did while there also I thought football clubs were short of money and looking for bail outs .. taking trips to Dubai
  14. Always think it worth looking at clubs like Rochdale and Accrington, even burton or Stevenage and looking at what made them successful.. firstly I think it’s been a board that has made funds available consistently over a long time to build a growing and successful club only under DB has this started to happen .. definitely building .. but not really putting in the money levels needed secondly local support .. for some reason we have never built that local pride in the football club .. possibly because the town has lacked any real civic pride during my life time .. we have had
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