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  1. Current league top scorer Scott Quigley with 11
  2. So agree with you I have many different opinions with others as they do with me .. thank god it woukd be a bit boring otherwise but I would want to set next to any town fan and share a joke and have a beer life is to short to fall out with people.. happy to buy a pint and I bring a lots of paper straws so you can all have a drink nick
  3. Nick


    Think the clue is U19s
  4. Tough one this Harrogate really going well .. but that should suit us .. no sitting back behind the ball HTFC 2 -1 Harrogate McAlinden and C King att 1850
  5. Is there an age limits to being a mascot would want to do it myself .. maybe we could organise a pensioners mascot day
  6. Happy with the starting 11 good attacking flair hoping for a win
  7. Great radio Leeds interview too
  8. Also this obsession with youth you should be picking your best players regardless of age and you should be picking form players
  9. 3-1 mcalinden, c king , Allen 2,207
  10. Don’t need a wake up call they need a reality check.. they got to the semi finals of the World Cup by nit beating any decent team this team is very light weight no back bone and certainly no world beaters time to put ego aside .. England globally are not in the top ten and certainly not in the top five in Europe clueless
  11. Courier quote from Pete ”We looked at Devante, we put an offer in to Salford, but with the greatest respect, the money Salford wanted was way above our pay scale and what we’re prepared to pay for players,” Wild said. “So in that respect he was way out of the budget for us.”
  12. Acknowledges what he inherited .. but importantly has built in that .. the some should always be to improve
  13. Nick

    Matty Brown

    Serious ..I don’t want brown doing match day commentaries I want him in the dressing room and on the touch line .. encouraging the players
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