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  1. I want Wild to learn .. I think he can be successful.. he knows something needs to change .. now he needs to do it our next league game is the first match he can pick the early season side since browns injury nick
  2. Not sure I would go for every two or three months but maybe a year in Cardiff a year in Edinburgh/Glasgow Birmingham/Manchester year in Belfast yes I know the cost.. but doing democracy properly is worth the cost ... Perhaps balancing that with a reduction of MPs down from 650 to say 300
  3. Back to an earlier comment about MPs outside jobs i think they should get one decent salary ..not allowed outside jobs they should, those live outside the M25, should have a government owned and provided apartment and be provided with a secretary .. so above salary all they could claim is travel expenses ..again only they live outside the M25 lastly they should consider moving parliament.. to outside of London to lower cost
  4. Great result for Sheffield U as well your rubbish wilder
  5. Subs need at half time bring on king and the new guy
  6. Wow .. it’s comments like this that stop me voting labour.. the Labour Party in its current guise is about hate and spreading social war New Labour for all its faults tried to work for the whole of the country
  7. To me a referendum based on a customs union deal (half in) and staying in ..would not solve the issue ..as exit totally was not on the table the referendum if held should be transferable vote remain, half in, totally out .. the Tories if they have a majority ..will be out ., the question then is what trade deal is done.
  8. Didn’t have a majority.. labour stated position last parliament was to support brexit but was to oppose anything the government proposed so the outcome was obvious ..stalemate
  9. Rugby league is caught in trying to broaden its appeal to enable survival versus alienating its local grass roots support base. league should not try and compete with its more glamorous union cousins and really stick to keeping its local support happy first
  10. The thread police will be after you for starting a not footballing thread
  11. Would take a draw if offered now on paper it’s a home win but town have been showing more backbone of late so with the bounce of ball a win is actually possible will settle for a 1-1 nick
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