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  1. Expecting a win 0-2 Rodney C. King 1600
  2. Nick


    I suspect we have had to subsidise his wage as I can’t see kings Lynn taking it all on
  3. Nick


    I feel we need a creative midfield for the simple reason Cam King does not seem able to play 90 mins on Saturday and do it again on Tuesday
  4. Nick


    Would be surprised I can’t imagine there are loads of good creative midfielders floating around just waiting for us the ring
  5. Why do we need segregation .. both sets of fans are true supporters..
  6. Must be hoping to be 5-0 up at half time
  7. Play 5-3-2 can leave you light in centre midfield but I see Staunton and Cooper just improving with every game onwards and upwards ....
  8. It’s odd how some players in the supporters eyes can do no wrong ... while others can’t do anything right
  9. So playing for a contract ... always brings out the best in a player
  10. Staunton has always been an honest player ... last year learning his craft in midfield.. but did not okay enough having to fill in when brown was injured was a mistake .. in hindsight we should have got a loan centre half and not distrusted things in the middle he is growing in stature in his current role and as he does he is letting cooper play his natural game this give time to cam king .. so good all round strong bench says it all glad wild used his subs ... it keeps them engaged and pushing for a place
  11. Nice to hear the praise ..Cooper has a decent pedigree.. just think he need to find his rhythm
  12. Yessss Rodney starting pretty much everybody’s starting 11 ..more or less great to see now let’s win this ..
  13. Waiting for team news before I go for a run nick
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