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  1. Redshaw has shown he is a journeyman chasing the money... good for him that’s his choice what we need is young guys chasing the dream of playing football at higher levels ..
  2. Just away of getting 10 season tickets sold .. that was the thinking
  3. The other option is say 150 players you buy a player for two pounds each week from now to the start of season each week a season ticket is raffled. The chance to win one of ten? season tickets two pounds a week for ten weeks just a thought
  4. It would be great to see if it’s possible to get them digitised so the club continues to have access to them .. still hope that one day we are able to display photos from key moments in our history in the main lounge area on match days .. even if they are taken down after the game
  5. Nick

    Staunton Gone

    Staunton was a good holding midfielder .. he could not be a CB as he could not head a ball
  6. Nick

    Staunton Gone

    The problem with king Ducky and brown, potentially our 3 best players, was you were only ever going to get 2/3 of a season out of each .., we need plays who you can hope to get a full season out of ..
  7. Great initiative for those town supporters like me who live away from Halifax and only get to a few matches.. but still want to help well done
  8. Will be signing up for this great idea .. think it was a flea suggestion well done supporters club
  9. On Facebook.. but not confirmed
  10. Can only have been about money ..certainly not ambition if true
  11. Whatever happened to Martensite
  12. https://www.halifaxcourier.co.uk/sport/football/fc-halifax-town-theres-massive-amount-work-going-says-assistant-boss-millington-2933554
  13. Nick

    Pete Wild

    You must be in the wrong messageboard.. you talk too much sense .. everybody talk about some crazy money being paid to play at this level .. Wild said he was shocked at some of the pay levels maybe we have someone now who is trying to use to use our budget wisely. remember there is basically no money coming in .. Dover transfer listing their whole squad time some of you had a little reality check ..
  14. Nick

    Pete Wild

    We old inherited a decent squad .. what eight players and less than two weeks to go ... wake up
  15. Nick

    Pete Wild

    Rubbish our season finished two weeks ago .. most clubs .. those not involved with the playoffs finished two months ago when it was decided no further games would be played they should be further ahead
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