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  1. How about all those who buy a season ticket before the end of June get a free entry into this raffle .. might encourage a few to part with their money now nick
  2. King got “injured/ill” therefore nobody was creating for him brown got injured so the mid field as restructured to accommodate for that .. with the team be restructured due to illness and injury .. his service stopped and he was unable to create for himself
  3. What developments are those who ticked that box waiting to see before they will say yes to a ticket
  4. Sorry link hadn’t worked ..so posted a screenshot
  5. Now the club needs to add signed match balls, framed shirts, hospitality fit two and the ultimate a day training with the lads ..preseason there are lots of examples .. the club could do to promote it
  6. The richest part of football is the players !
  7. It’s really simple the club did the maths .. they can look at the total gate revenue per season .season tickets plus pay on the gate I therefore assume... but it is probably a good assumption that even though attendances went up last season, the amount of revenue went down compared to the previous season .. so let out the season tickets back up to something between the two seasons and while we might lose a few we should end up financially ahead.. having said that last season they said they wanted to sell a lot more ST ...didn’t tell us how many and also did not tell us much about how many were sold .. apart from repeating the same message they did little to creat a sense of support around them ..and then finally the preseason fiasco stopped many committing.. if things had been better I think we would have sold significantly more than the around a 1000 we did .. so while dissatisfied with what was sold DB should have re of used the failings from the club side so to me the timing of what they have done is poorly judged and the use of the last season ST sales as a reason ignores the fiasco of last seasons person following the previous awful footballing season
  8. Suggest last year a counter on the website that at the sale of 100 tickets those ticket holders go into a draw for a signed football at 200 a free hospitality lunch for two at 300 a framed shirt those who buy early get to play in multiple draws anything you can do to create interest, club weren’t interested think it were have sold a few more and had people buying quicker still hope the club do it this year
  9. Think some of you miss the point it costs a lot to run a club.. the more money we get in the more the club can afford last year we ran with a controlled loss..still not enough for some people who wanted us to go for bust .. well I am glad we didn’t theY have announced it now with all the uncertainty to give five months to pay it ..they could have waited for more certainty but then you might only have had a couple of months to pay for it.. Its simple do you want to your club to have a decent budget to compete next year then buy a season ticket do you want your club to run on a significantly smaller budget and just hope we are lucky then dont buy a season ticket as I only usually get to one or two home games I won’t buy a season ticket which includes VAT instead I will increase my monthly subscription to the supporters to 25 pounds..thereby the club will get my money free of tax you want a competitive club ? Well if you can afford it buy a season ticket or like me do a monthly supporters club payment if you can’t afford it . Then I hope you land in better times soon nick
  10. A good talk .. also great to hear how well the club is run by the staff and the chairman keep the club being run well and we will get there
  11. Nick


    After what has happened, there will be slot of players on the market looking for contracts and nit many lower league clubs with any cash so what the club needs is the supporters to buy season tickets and then the club can really know what it has to go into the market with. an offer for Rodney..yes but he needs to be realistic on wages
  12. Nick


    Off bbc correct ..then only possible for barrow to go up ..I hope they do
  13. Nick


    From the bbc it is understood League Two clubs want to use a weighted points-per-game system to finalise the table, which takes into account the average points won both home and away. That method is intended to remove any bias towards sides who have played more home games than their rivals. It has also been proposed that nobody will be relegated from League Two to the National League - meaning Stevenage, who are set to stay bottom of the table, would remain in the EFL.
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