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  1. Amazing that you are going this the history of the club is important .. fans will supports the club the whole of there lives .. which is also history
  2. Noooooo .. is this FA cup tv rights driving this .. will just give it a miss then and donate to the club instead
  3. Except most clubs in the National are full time and most clubs in the North or south are part time in the end it’s difficult to do something fairly ..think they tried hopefully this will help the whole league survive
  4. So was I .. we must have been stood next to each other
  5. Nick

    Exhibit 1

    This has been going on for years they alway talk about the big 4 or six .. but then who are they depends when you make that choice now Liverpool Man U man city Tottenham arsenal chelsea.. but not many years ago it would not have been man city .. not much before that Chelsea wouldn’t have been on the list and what have Tottenham done to be a big six and looking at the league table this last season it’s nit that obvious but in the end it’s greed.
  6. The answer is yes ..copied from a news paper article 1988 to find the first example in the English game of a footballer being convicted in a court of law over on-field violence, In this case, Sky Sports' excitable pundit Chris Kamara was the culprit; 'Kammy', then of Swindon Town, caught Shrewsbury Town's Jim Melrose with his elbow, breaking Melrose's cheekbone in the process. He was fined £1,200 for causing grievous bodily harm and also ordered to pay £250 compensation.
  7. Rarely does a keeper get carded for an offense
  8. Probably the worst even “challenge “ German keeper Schumacher on battiston never even got booked
  9. Remember that one .. you could hear the break all around the ground
  10. When people talk about needing to speculate.. this to me is it .. taking on what we believe are promising youngsters .. get them training with us but also out on loan getting experience .. we need to developing players for our own use but also with a view to lifting them to higher things through transfers .. well done town and Scarborough
  11. Nick


    I don’t think he does .. like all he hope we can start turning draws into wins
  12. Nick


    Ignoring the stats ..just watching the evidence ..we are playing better football .. that is what will make the difference I also think some of our players will seriously improve with games under their belts
  13. I was not trying to take into account ..some people seem to think that paying at the gate or a season ticket covers the cost.. it doesn’t probably around half the cost the other money comes from sponsorship. Merchandising golf days .. cup runs some league hand out .. gifts and donation .. in short getting people to pay in or buy things over and over again ..
  14. How much do you think it costs to run the club? DB has said clearly that we have been running a controlled for the last few seasons .. think it’s been around 6 figure sum each year then we have the fans .. god knows how many times I have read here that we need to speculate to accumulate.. we need to splash the cash .. we needed more players need better players need to spend more.. the comments are endless... the Vardy and Gregory money will have gone or very little left .. but that has been done in a measured way ..if we lived purely in our revenue we would be a smaller cl
  15. Great rant ., your opinion
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