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  1. Just reading the comments ., does the club really want to talk too so many miserable old buggers :)
  2. Well if the criteria is Top player .. then the media won’t be interested in us
  3. https://fchalifaxtown.com/news/supporting-you/ great initiative
  4. Especially as most contracts run to the end of may..
  5. There is still a month of the normal season to run ... why rush it
  6. Just keep the players tested it only means a few games played ..as we have more or less played the same number already.. then draw it to a close and make decisions on who goes up or down all possible to do by the end of June Nick
  7. Play behind closed doors so that all the clubs have played the same no games .. then the leagues stand as is and promotion and regulation based on that table nick
  8. in a month or so Play the remaining games behind closed doors .. every game streamed on to the net with players and officials being regularly tested to make sure they are clear or the virus apart and from manager and back room staff no other people including directors etc banned from attending clubs could charge a few quid to watch .. season ticket holders free might not be ideal .. but it could be made to work with very little risk if properly planned
  9. This was before my time ( I was only 3) but my father told me they got the fire brigade down and used their hoses to flood the pitch to get a better surface
  10. Then with 3 home game ..out budget short fall is even less ... the point is if clubs need help ..which some/all will then they need to honest about the numbers ... or they will get nothing
  11. There are some numbers being chucked about how much the shut down will cost football at all levels... saw one that the national league would need 20 million .. crazy most clubs have about 5 home games left to play for us that probably like 5x 1000 x20 which is 100,000 pounds before games day expenses and taxes ... which means we are less than 80,000 off budget .. with small clubs short far being less and a few bigger clubs missing more. think there needs to be a bit of a reality check amongst clubs in the lower leagues now I don’t pretend it’s not important .,but some clubs need to get real nick
  12. Well I would have a gone for a 1-1 think we would have put in a better performance than the last two games .. well we could not have been worse About time a defender scored so I will go with Brown from a corner .. he seems to be the only player who can score with his head Nick
  13. Other good news... with the shay shut and no fat lardy lads rolling around on it mud wrestling.. the pitch should fully recover and be back to its fully grassed best ... ready for our fast flowing passing brand of attacking football when things resume
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