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  1. Can’t criticise our commentators after listening to these two
  2. So how many thousand of pounds for a system that is due to be disconnected soon should the club spend ?
  3. Just shows how much better .. we are this season that people can discuss whether to have Clarke starting or on the bench .. not a bad place to be going into the last 12 Games
  4. Disagree.. has that ability to create time and put his foot on the ball, which is currently missing..
  5. Same here .. Wild says Wood was fit to play on Monday .. but just felt he could take the option of giving him further time to recover against Weymouth think against Altrincham wild will put out his best team .. I expect woods in the bench as a minimum ... but I think a good chance he will start .. with summerfield on the bench .. giving an easy man for man swap .. to get summerfield in a position to start against wrexham
  6. I don’t expect to see Chadwick .. not sure what happened there hope woods start with Maher dropping to the back three and Clark to the bench hoping that Obiero starts with Allen on the bench
  7. No woods ? And Clarke playing and on the bench ?
  8. Can’t we just be still at war with the French .. a 1000 years is still not long enough cheese eating surrender monkeys
  9. Wouldnt swap the queen for a macron a trump a Biden ., nope you can keep your presidents .. executive or constitutional .. but each to his own
  10. Always have a lot of time for the archbishop of York .. another mind who speaks his mind but knows how to laugh too https://www.bbc.com/news/av/uk-56687381
  11. Hoping chadwicks back ., hope all is ok.
  12. I know this is a daft idea .. but at times I wish players wore microphones.. would stop both insults and accusations
  13. I am sure she will pass a 100 .. does she send herself a telegram then ?
  14. I know ..but I couldn’t help but laugh at your laugh examples .. but I agree with filter comment .. but so many don’t
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