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  1. He started as a good striker for us... He got injured out for a year .. then we never let him play his way back to being a good striker that my worry with macdonald .. it takes time for a player to rebuild their confidence after a really serious injury we need to give him time
  2. Everybody says we are missing a top striker a 20 plus a season last year there was five Ironically Boden was one of those .. can’t remember anybody on here describing him as a top striker shows how much we know about football
  3. Yes you are right confused Peterborough with Northampton the thread was in response to comments on another thread about JP where we t got into a discussion on who were our successful managers mans my thought was simple I could only think of two of our managers who had been poached and in reality both managers had success at the club one being the only manager to get us a league promotion and the other took us to 3rd in the old third division out highest ever league position no other post war manager has been poached So fine that you find it pointless.. but in reality town have only had two managers that other clubs would classify as a success
  4. Not being poach does make you a failure But being poached mean you are judge a success
  5. Perhaps but compensation was paid in both cases .. and both were successful at their clubs
  6. Kossy a certainty to get booked and the most likely player to get sent off
  7. Is it ? What better test of success is there for a manager down the leagues when clubs higher up come in and tempt you away Man U went for solskjaer from molde chelsea for lampard brighton for the guy from Swansea Villa took the guy from ? Brentford Sheffield took wilder from Peterborough even Halifax took heath from north Ferriby it goes on all the time.. clubs look at a club that is doing well and try and takeaway their manager
  8. Yes but none of them were spirited away by other clubs no one coughed up the cash to take them away
  9. Add to that the shop owner had put up the prices
  10. When it comes down to it we have not had many successful managers and by success I mean that their/our success has caused other clubs to come in and tempt them away the only two I can come up with is alan ball who quit us to go Preston and George Kirby to go to Watford cant think of any others who bigger clubs came in for, any one else I am missing it just goes to show how unsuccessful we have been as a club hoping Pete Wild makes that very short list nick
  11. Well said to say he did nothing for the club is so wrong .. he left it stronger than he found it add some positive but also failing in some areas and hopefully Pete will add on to that .. and not start a rebuilding of everything nick
  12. What a change in tone so many last year were so Critical of him and wanted him let go glad to see some are waking up to what a good player he is nick
  13. Nick


    It’s a pound off each supporter per game add to that the vat man takes 20 of the gate money and the game cost another pound per supporter to stage .. so not a lot of money left over to run the club
  14. Nick


    Few I would like to chain there and just leave
  15. Nick


    And yet the council still lose money on the Shay. I believe
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