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  1. Many people leave jobs and go to another company for more money and a easier ,less stressful job
  2. Yes he was , remember a game when he got a player to man mark a player and this was at under 11s, and won the game
  3. Just read his interview in courier and the 2 things that stand out is how he loved working the management and then how he speaks about how he thinks Jack Earing is a really good player
  4. Sorry but that's the home of the mighty Beacon Rangers
  5. Do we get any money from the Geoff deal?
  6. I told my lad if he didn't behave down the Shay I would make him walk through the Skircoat bogs
  7. eddie

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    Some players and their agents will hang on to try get best deals and when they realise they can't get what they want they've got 2 option the 1st is play football for what a club can afford or the 2nd get another career
  8. eddie

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    The overall budget is the same but that doesn't mean that some of the players won't get a pay rise, we might have a smaller squad this year so the budget a shared out on less players, we've got Benn from the under 19s signed who probably won't be on the same money has Jacob so that gives the manager spare money to give other players if he feels they deserve it ,
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    Who told you they're on the same money for doing the extra day training, and last year it was optional but this year they've got to do it
  10. eddie

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    Not sure what any of our players earn,
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    Since Jacob signed for us on a permanent contract he hasn't made the team with either JF or Wild,
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    Thought yout didn't like sho and cooper
  13. eddie


    Nobody has said that Wilde was poor, and best left back I saw was Geoff Hutt , but nothing will beat Macca's goal at Wembley
  14. eddie


    Thought you was going tell us he was signing for us
  15. That doesn't matter people comment on games they don't attend, just make something up
  16. eddie


    Was it coach and horse?
  17. Jon Stead took his 2 Jordan cut outs to Wembley today and there's a photo on his twitter page of them
  18. Kit matters because without him who would do bucket collection at south stand turnstiles
  19. There's more plastic leeds fans in halifax than true shaymen, but how many so called leeds fans go to Elland Road?
  20. I would rather be on limited crowds in the football league rather than the national league
  21. You'll be getting a season ticket and 2 juniors for grand kids , see you in East stand or royal oak before game.
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